Bare bottom spankings with Naomi

Bare bottom spankings

I love watching porn. Porn helped me become the submissive bitch you see today. Watching porn made me realize the sound of Bare bottom spankings made my pussy wet. I started searching porns with spankings and it turned me on to BDSM. I because a sub. I love losing control. Not making any decisions and being told what to do. After experiencing so more extreme bondage, I was in love. I want it nastier, I want a master who can degrade me and make me feel worthless. I want to get to that level of extreme submission. I want a master who is incredibly dominate. I am willing to take it all master. Treat me like your fucking slave. Make me worship and clean your feet with my tongue. Make me beg for your cock. Tie me up and whip my naked body. Force me to fuck random things as I am tied up. Please master do your worst.

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