Bind Me Up

bondage whore

Bind me up, Master. I’m a cock worshiping, bondage whore and my sole purpose is to please you.

I love waiting for you to come home from a hard day’s work. There on my knees, waiting to please. Waiting with such anticipation I might add. My tight little cunt dripping with desire to serve you, Sir.

What does my master have in store for me today? What would he like to see me wearing? If anything.

I’m dying to wrap my wet lips, covered in whore lipstick around that throbbing cock. I would like the honor of spending a good amount of time massaging your balls that feel so incredibly full and tight. Kissing on the head of your dick and stroking softly. That is until you decide you’d like to ram it down my throat *blushes*.

“Yes please” I’d say with a mouth full. “What was that, little slut?” you reply. You can see it in my eyes that I’m begging for you to give me your worst.


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