Boyfriend moves in

submissive whore

As any young woman moving in with their first live-in boyfriend should be a fun experience. My boyfriend had no place to live. His roommates evicted him. Still,, I believed his side of the story. Supposedly, my man was fucking around with his roommate’ss girlfriend,d who I knew was total bullshit. I received a dm from his ex-roommate telling me to pick his ass up. He doesn’t have a car,, so of course,, I did. For months,ing the idea of moving in together. My daddy bought me a fantastic condo years ago that I was ready to renovate and call home. The concept of doing couple of things had my mind going to great places. As doubt did fill my mind,, once I picked up my boyfriend,, I asked him If it was true. As a proper submissive whore I allowed him to manipulate me and make me believe other wise. My parents were pissed off and told me he was only using me as a free meal ticket and that a white girl like me has no business messing around with a thug. Well boy oh boy I found a whole new meaning of what that meant when i got my ass handed to me and he took his time using me and doing whatever the fuck he wanted.

All I wanted to know was which pattern of decal would look best in the foyer instead i got a beatdown and was told to stop being a clingy ass bitch. 

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