Bratty Girl Gets Punished

Sexy Bondage

Sometimes, I can be a little too bratty for my own good. I was with this guy at his house and I just could not drop the attitude that day. He asked if he could take my jacket but I told him if he wanted to make himself useful, he could go get me a drink. Clenching his jaw, he went and brought me back a mixed drink, which smelled of vodka and pineapples. I scowled and demanded something else! The sweetness would surely give me a headache. He grabbed me by the throat and said I was such a brat and I needed to learn some respect. He slapped me across the face and tied my wrists together after pinning me down. Dragging me down to his basement, my ass hit each stair with a loud thud. He threw me onto this table, which wasn’t long enough to support my legs, meaning I had to keep them held up. Securing me to the table, he put a metal rod in my mouth, which also locked into the table. I couldn’t lift my head or turn it very far either. I was completely helpless! My wrists were hooked up beneath the table, behind my head. With brute force, he entirely ripped off any clothing still left on me. I did not have a spare outfit with me. Unbuttoning his pants, he took out his rock hard cock and started railing me with no mercy. My pussy took the beating as he slapped my perky tits, telling me what a stupid whore I was. I needed to learn some manners and he was going to teach me. Pulling my legs up with his arms, he then fucked my tight, dry asshole, ripping into me. I screamed in pain, but he did not let up what so ever. I couldn’t beg him for forgiveness with the metal bar in my mouth, so I hoped my pleading whimpers would be understood. But they were not, or, at least, went unacknowledged. He spent hours doing whatever he wished to me. By the time he was done, it was dark outside and he made me walk home in my tattered clothing.

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