Break me down and abuse me.

Submissive phone sexThere’s nothing like a little Submissive phone sex to make a girl feel loved. Sometimes I think that I defy you just to get your attention. You nearly killed me last time that I was disobedient. It was just a little thing but your red face made me realize that I had gone too far. I had already blown many of your party guests and my stomach ached from swallowing so much cum. You pointed at one more man and I shook my head. He was a huge obese pig known for his cruelty. I’d seen him put his cigar out on a slave’s back, laughing at her pain. I’d also heard the rumor that his cum was like spoiled cream, foul, clotted, and smelly. One of my fellow slaves compared it to eating pet jizz. So I pleaded no.

Master was angry. He dragged me back to his den and locked me in my pet crate. Hours went by and then Master and the Fat One burst into the room, all fucked up. I was dragged out and spread wide open. Master shocked me with the electric dildo until my back arched into the air. Then the hog towered over me, squatted and flopped his fat belly right over my face. The stench from his sweaty underbelly made me choke. His tiny penis barely protruded from the fat roll below. His hairy balls tasted of sweat and filth. I gasped her air as he poked his tiny pecker at my mouth. “Suck it.” he bellowed. I felt Master lash my pussy hard with his crop.

“Beg for it, slut.” I heard Master growl. I begged that lard ass to give me his cum, even as I gagged. His fat little fuckmeat quivered and began to spurt. I stuck out my tongue as it rained all over my face. I swear I heard my hips crack as master spread me wide and fucked me with the Budha still sitting on my head. I felt the vomit rise in my throat but gulped it back down. I knew what my punishment would be if I dared to puke on his vile cock.

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