Buried in Ass and Balls

I love being let out of my kennel, even if it is to service your friends as you watch them rip my tight ass open with their fat cocks!

So when they had left after the poker game and my ass was red and overflowing with warm cum, I was all to happy to curl up at your feet, wearing nothing but my collar!Submissive Whore

When you went into the other room and asked me to follow, I crawled behind you, practically leaping like an excited puppy as I imagined the reward I would receive for being a good little whore!

Would I get to suck that yummy hard cock, swallowing all your delicious cock spit?

Would I get to lay in the big soft bed while you fuck my sweet pussy until I cum?

I was getting that twitchy feeling in my pussy just thinking about how good that would feel!

You ordered me to assume the kneeling position and I immediately sat bare-assed on my heels with my hands behind my back, my nipples growing hard with anticipation!

I watched as you emptied your own ass into the toilet and then looked up as you pulled your cheeks apart, ordering me to clean that tight round puckered ass!

I was only to happy to lick that sweet hole until it shined!

Then as you turned around and I saw the golden shower that was about to blast from the head of that perfectly hard cock, I eagerly opened wide to gulp every last drop!

You see, a good submissive whore knows that serving her Masters every desire is not a demeaning chore, but an honor and a privilege.

Besides, there is nothing better than having my face buried in Masters ass and balls!

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