Caitlin’s Cum Walk Competition

Submissive phone sexI finally had the chance to redeem myself with my new owner!

He told me he was taking me to a very special party and that I needed to be perfect!

He had to prove to everyone that he had the best submissive whore in town!

He had the servants bath me. It was the first time my cunt had been cleaned since I got there. The slippery soap felt so soothing as it lathered up my used cunt!

I was dressed in the fanciest lingerie and fitted with a collar and lead that attached to the cuffs that pulled my hands behind my back.

Finally something that made me feel like he was proud to own me!

We arrived at the party and there were several man standing in circles around whores that were kneeling and crying, each man stroking his hard dick and forcing it in her unwilling mouth!

He yanked my chain and pulled me closer, angrily whispering that I was to be the best Bukkake whore here, or else!

I took my place in my own circle with 6 or 7 cocks at eye level.

I looked up at each with a smile as they fucked my face and played with my tits.

My owner was so impressed with my eager compliance and soon men were leaving their circle to come to mine!

Then several of them splattered that dick spit all over my face and tits! I was completely drenched and it just kept coming!

I held my tongue out, begging for their cream like I was catching snowflakes!

As the men finished draining their balls, my owner came over and removed my cuffs and held out his hand to help me up!

I smiled at him through my cum blinded eyes and turned, holding my head high as I proudly walked through the room!

As cock cream dripped from my face to my tits and I saw the beaming face of my owner

I knew…


Would always be

The Cum Walk


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