Taking It To a Hardcore Bondage Level

Things took a turn into hardcore bondage between us recently and I have been wet ever since that night. As I lay bound and gagged, my heart races with anticipation for what’s to come. The rough ropes dig into my skin, leaving behind a sting that only serves to heighten the sensations coursing through me. My body is on edge and my cunt is throbbing and wet.  I feel the weight of his presence looming over me – his dominance palpable in every move he makes. He’s taken control of this situation, and I am helpless under his command.

We lay there naked as your fingers thrust inside me.  Then out of nowhere you take me by the hand to the basement and you put me onto this newly built wall. Suspending my naked body in the air.  Playing with my clit in between tying my limbs tHardcore bondageo it.

As if reading my thoughts,  you stars tugging at the knots binding me tighter than before – making sure there’s no escape from the bad things you have in mind tonight.  It hurts but also feels so good – like an exquisite pain that only amplifies how bad I want and need your cock in me. I keep telling you this  when you finally pulls out a ball gag from nowhere and forces it into my mouth which shut up my questions. The rougher you get the harder your cock becomes.

With each thrust against me later on (and trust me there were many), I could feel how much control you had over both our bodies – how completely submissive I The next morning, as we lay tangled in each other’s limbs and remnants of our bondage gear scattered around us like discarded confetti from a raucous party, I couldn’t stop thinking about when we would do it again.

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