Can You Guess How Old My Little Ones Are?

rape phone sex fantasies (23)

Everyone wants to know the truth…how old are your little ones? Well I can’t tell you exact ages here, but I can give you hints that will drive you wild. My oldest is old enough to get pregnant. She JUST started her period. She dresses like a whore, wears whore makeup and begs to be just like her Mommy. My middle baby is almost that double digit number, but not quite! She’s a curious little one, but quite whiny! She definitely needs to be all used up…and my youngest is…so young. Diapers included. You can’t even expect this one to sit up by herself…but why does she need to stand up if she’s getting fucked? She’s getting treated like a slut like her whole family. They all have bald cunts. Puffy, pink and shiny. I love to kiss those pussies knowing they are all mine to use anyway I want. I can’t wait to use bondage on them, so they can learn to get turned on by being a submissive whore just like their P Mommy.

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