At last, you found me! Just the submissive whore you’ve been looking for to fuck and impregnate! I am constantly on the search to get my pussy fucked until you cum deep inside of me, making another little one I can have fun with! I sure do love my current little one, and I want more! I think the more the merrier and the best way to get close with your family is to teach them the ropes to all things sexual. Who better to learn from than someone who loves them more than anyone else, right? Can you just imagine all the family fun we can have?! I’ll be your on the side breeder girl, here only to do what YOU want, and of course only here to make another little brat or two to play with! We could have an entire army of submissive whores if you really wanted…and I of course would love to give that to you my master. I am in desperate search of someone that will want to control me and everything I do. I want to give you the best gift of all which is the gift of life and I’ve already got one here for all our family fun needs until you get me pregnant and ready to have another for you. I promise to stay quiet and watch you fuck the little ones, and whoever you want. I’ll help you and won’t say a peep when you find the need to beat on me. I know that I deserve it, and I know that this is what you have to do. I understand, master, I just hope you understand just how badly I want you to cum in me, to make me another little angel. I promise to be a very good girl for you, and I promise we can make many other submissive whores just like me…

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