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Serving Master Is My Purpose!

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I’m a submissive whore who needs tons of cock and cum to feel like my life has a purpose! There is no higher calling than to take all my Master’s cum loads in whatever holes he decides to destroy for the night. My Master is an amazing dominant fuck who uses me like I was born to take his cock, he fills my throat with his shaft and relentlessly fucks my face until I’m a mess of spit and snot. His favorite thing to do is spank me hard until my ass cheeks are a violent red color and I can barely sit down. As I lay here tied up to Master’s bed, I wonder what delicious torture he has planned for me next, my exposed cunny is throbbing in anticipation no matter what because I live to serve!

Sub Spanking Torture

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Master was upset with me this weekend and I could hardly stand the punishment he had planned for my holes. When I arrived to Masters torture chamber I was stripped naked and bent over onto the fucking bench with ropes around my ankles and wrists. I was completely exposed and vulnerable just the way Master likes me, when he blindfolded and ball gaged me I knew I was in for a brutal fucking. I was wrong… I felt the paddle hit my bare ass roughly and It hurt so bad I nearly teared up. Again and again he slapped my ass, I couldn’t help that my pussy started getting wet with the spanking. The more he spanked me the more I got wet and the harder he slapped my ass the more I wanted a cock inside me, it was such cruel punishment. He left my ass red and my pussy untouched driving me mad with desire.

Master’s Cruel Moods!

Hardcore Bondage

A Submissive slut like me knows exactly what to expect when I’m all tied up and spread out! Master is a merciless torturer who really enjoys seeing fear in my eyes, when he sees me look like a sheep to slaughter his cock pulses with excitement. I learned a hard lesson about masters cruel appetite for my fear this week when I came over to help him around the house. Master told me I had to keep all the towels separated and I completely forgot like the dumb slut that I am. When he saw what I had done he spanked me good right over his lap with a belt like when I was a little girl. My pussy got wet while he lashed me, he was aware that I was enjoying it so he slapped me hard across the face and dragged me by the hair to the kitchen. I looked up at him with a wild fear in my eyes when I saw that he turned on the stove burner. He took my hand and held it to the flames making me scream at the top of my lungs. Master saw my fear and he rammed his cock in my mouth as he pushed me onto the floor. My hand throbbing and my mouth full of his big hard cock.

Blindfolded Sumbissive Cumdump!

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All the best things happen to me while I am tied up and spread out with my cunt exposed! Sir likes to toy with me the same way a lion stalks his prey before going in for the kill. He is an expert at tying all kinds of knots that leave me struggling to get free. I’m his, completely helpless to whatever torture makes his cock hard at the moment. This morning he left me tied up, blind folded and unattended for hours before I finally heard the sound of lots of footsteps, it sounded like at least 10 people were in the room. With the ball gag in my mouth I could say nothing as I heard them coming closer, it got quiet for a while but then I felt some hot liquid shooting all over my face, then another, then another and finally by the way it oozed down my cheeks, I figured out Sir must have invited some group of men over to cum on my face! It was so thrilling never knowing if they were going to use my holes or if they would just leave me there covered in cum!

Serving Master On Thanksgiving

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I get nervous on thanksgiving when Master expects a perfect meal and a satisfied cock, I know I will inevitably disappoint him and end up getting my little submissive twat pounded as punishment! I know I deserve nothing less than what Master gives me, whether it be a black eye or a thick cock in my ass without any lube. Master knows I’m a slutty little cum dump who needs to be punished again and again. When he puts the mouth spreader on me and fucks my face, never stopping no matter how hard I gag, I know he is showing me affection. Even when he puts the cattle prod against my cunt and shocks me until I pass out, I feel so completely happy to serve him!

I Want To Be Punished!

Erotic Submissive Stories

When master is upset with me I can’t help but get wet knowing that he is going to punish me soon! This morning I was making master breakfast and forgot that he doesn’t like pulp in his fresh squeezed orange juice, maybe I forgot a little bit on purpose. Master got so upset he threw the glass against the wall and dragged me to the bedroom by my hair. I screamed in pain but really my pussy was throbbing, Master threw me against the wall and ripped my dress open, I fell hard, scraping my knees. Master whipped out his hard cock and forced it down my throat, I gagged so hard I pissed a little in my panties. He force fucked my throat until he came all over my face. Master slapped me on the ass for good measure, I nearly came, my pussy was soaking wet and in need of a good pounding.

On Daddy’s Fucking Bench

Cock Worshiping

Being a sexy submissive slut is all about taking as much cock as I can while completely surrendering control over my body! This weekend I got bored and went over to my favorite Dom Daddy’s house for some fun. He greeted me with a hard slap across the face before he tied me up to a fucking bench, with my ass and cunt exposed he spanked me and forced a 10 inch black dildo into my ass. I loved feeling it stretch me out completely while he jammed it in and out of my tight ass, I screamed and cried from the pain but the only relief if got was when he shoved his own thick cock into my pussy. Being double stuffed and force fucked is a submissive whore’s deepest pleasure!

Vibrating Panties Of Torture

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When my Mistress is feeling extra wicked she makes me wear ‘the vibrating panties of torture’ all day long as I meticulously clean her house. She makes me organize her closet, clean her kitchen and bathroom with a toothbrush and any other menial tedious task she can think up all while wearing the vibrating panties. When she toys with the remote and sets the vibration high, I’m likely to mess up on my chores… she punishes me with a cock in my ass without any lube or a hard paddling on my soft ass. I’m cleaning all her crystal glassware when she turns the vibration on the panties all the way to pulsate, I break a glass because she left it on for three minutes straight, My orgasm overpowered me wildly and the glass shattered ruining my release, I knew Mistress would be down any minute to punish my ass for the mistake.

Hot Sub Whore With A Mistress

Bondage Whore

As a submissive slut it’s my job to make sure I am used at least twice a week as a cum whore for the right dominant partner! I have a Mistress who loves to play wicked games with me, she is cruel at heart and loves nothing more than to see me tied up and taking any pain or pleasure she decides to dole out to me when I am under her complete control. This time I am laid out exposed in her sex swing with a ball gag in my mouth, she invited a stud with a big black cock over to use my cunt while she watches. When he shoved his big dick in my tight pussy I heard her laughing as my pussy started to tear and bleed a little, as I’d never had a big cock like that before and I was not used to the size. I know my pain and my tears make my Mistress so horny, If I’m lucky she will let me lick her sweet pussy later.

Forced Gangbang Bukkake!

Bukkake Phone SexOn my way home from work this week I was a victim of a forced gangbang in the parking garage! I was walking out to my car with a bag of dry cleaning when I suddenly felt a man behind me, I turned around expecting to see one person but Instead I saw a group of guys all wearing masks and hoodies. It was late so I knew no one would come by for hours, I got on my knees on the ground with my hands in the air hoping to avoid any violence. I was met with a hard slap across my face and a gag in my mouth, before I knew it my clothes were being ripped off me and cocks were being shoved in my face and in my hands. They all came at me forcing their dicks in any available hole that I had open, the used me like their submissive fuck slut leaving me drenched in their sticky cum.

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