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Gangbang Phone Sex Whore Ripley!

Gangbang Phone Sex

My ex-husband pimped me out to his drug dealer so I divorced him and became a gangbang phone sex whore! My ex-husband was really my first master, he demanded that I be submissive in ways I never had been. He gave me bare bottom spankings and made me watch the nastiest extreme bondage porn. I let him dominate me sexually and mentally for so long, that by the time he pimped me out to his drug dealer I had no idea what was going to happen to me. I was at dinner when I thought my wine tasted a little off, I ignored my stomach and kept taking care of things in the kitchen when everything went black. I had the feeling of being lifted, like I was floating and then I crashed back into my body, when I opened my eyes, I was surrounded.

I had no idea who these men were, all I could see was hard cock and all I could hear was the sound of loud rap music but I recognized one face, that of my husbands coke dealer. Suddenly I knew why I was here, the debt he had told me he would take care of was now being paid. I was scared, my attention went to my legs, they were tied spread eagle so I couldn’t get away. I was tied up like a bondage whore with my ass and cunt completely exposed. The ball gag in my mouth was making it impossible for me to scream, all I could do was moan and gag while my pussy got used like a flesh light. I felt two dicks inside me at the same time, then three, then four… then I squirted harder than I ever had in my life before I passed out again, of course they didn’t stop. I was transformed that night, from an obedient housewife to a submissive slut cum dumpster. After that experience I couldn’t ever forgive my husband, so I divorced him and became a gangbang phone sex submissive whore to get my revenge!

Submissive Whore Breeding Practices…

Submissive Whore

Being a Submissive Whore means that now that master has begun training my girls, I know it’s only a matter of time before he breeds me! Master has been taking his time slowly but surely turning my oldest daughter into a filthy little sub slut. My youngest is getting ideas about serving him too, which is all a part of Master’s plan to subjugate them both. I know Master is thinking of breeding me because I saw the sex swing back up in the Livingroom when I got home from my errands. Master calls it his “Breeding sling” because he loves to pound my Milf pussy hard until he leaves a hot steaming nut deep in my fuck tunnel. Master will then shove a plug in my cunt while I hang upside down, letting my womb absorb all of his sperm for hours. Master will surely fill up the cunt baster with his cum too, he likes to baste my twat with his cum even when I’m already full of his cream to ensure that I get knocked up once again.

Son Of A Submissive Incest MILF!

 Milf Phone SexMy son is the hottest fuck that a submissive mommy could ever dream of! When my oldest boy comes to visit me and his sisters from Chicago, he makes me take his cock like I’m the best mommy cum dumpster! We do all the normal family things you would expect; a nice family dinner out, a trip to the mall with the girls and even a family movie night. By the time we are all alone my son’s cock is rock hard for me, he’s already leaking precum by the time pop it out of his pants. My mouth gets sloppy as I slurp on the head of his fuck stick teasing him with my tongue; mommy’s favorite flavor is always her own son’s cum! My cunt is slippery wet as I feel him hold the back of my head down on his cock dominantly, making me drool all over his heavy balls. After I submitted to my son’s cock fucking my throat he picked me up and spanked my ass a few times. I kissed him deeply as I wrapped my legs around his young hips feeling him force my thick ass against the edge of the bed. Just as my son buried his throbbing cock inside my needy Milf pussy, I looked over to my bedroom door and saw my two sweet little girls standing there watching us. My pussy pounded like a drum when my older daughter walked in to help her mommy cum hard on her brother’s cock. She stroked my clit expertly just like I showed her sending me over the edge, I creamed like a complete whore all over my own son’s pulsating cock right as he unloaded deep inside me.

I’m The Perfect Submissive Fuck Pig!

Female Bondage

All my life I’ve been waiting to be used and dominated like a real submissive whore! Ever since I was exposed to my daddy and his belt I have been addicted to submissive acts. I ran away from home and I ended up was working as a teen prostitute, I loved being able to sell the one thing my step-father cared about the most. I craved making money on the road and eventually I ended up in a Master’s dungeon, tied up and completely vulnerable. When I submitted completely to a real dominant, I felt whole for the first time in my meaningless existence. He taught me how to let go of my fear, he taught me how to be free of my desperate need for control. Giving that up meant I could obey and serve, making my master a god in my eyes, he owned me absolutely. That is exactly why I am the perfect submissive fuck pig, I love giving up my body, my mind and any control I have over myself. I want to be used in any way Master sees fit, I want to be your perfect submissive fuck pig!

Master Left Me Tied Up All V-Day!

Submissive Sex

I don’t know what I expected for Valentine’s Day from my master but all I got was a brutal spanking! Master left me tied up all day once I got the girls off to school, I was tied up tight because Master was in a bad mood. All day I had been on edge about the holiday because Master hates anything romantic, I had to make valentine cookies for the girls to give out at school but I knew Master disapproved of me indulging their sweet little ideas. After we finished our crafts Master locked himself in the girl’s bedroom while I cleaned up. I could hear him using my little angels for their tight little fuck holes, I was helpless as they cried out, I could only imagine what Master had them doing. Once they left for school, he tied me all the way up so I couldn’t move a muscle, he bent me over his lap and started spanking my ass with his bare hand. I couldn’t help but get wet, I always loved being spanked ever since I was being abused by my step-daddy. Master felt my dripping wet cunt and laughed at me as he shoved his cock down my throat, denying me pleasure and using me like a cum slave.

Hardcore Bondage

Diary of a Submissive P-Mommy!

Cum Slut Phone Sex All these years of guiding my little girls along mean that I’ve seen them blossom from a tiny little baby to almost full grown cum whores! My life as a mom has been so fulfilling, truly I’ve given every resource I have to my girls and their lives. I take special pride in using them as fuck toys for Master because I’ve seen them in all their stages. My cunt throbs when I see my girls taking the initiative to please Master’s cock in the special ways I’ve taught them. Master rewards me for being a good submissive p-mommy with more of his cock, I go crazy when he fucks me like his slave instead of a good woman. I can’t wait to see what Master makes out of my sweet little angels once he has them addicted to his cock like their mommy!

Sub Mommy Sadist Slut!

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

I may look like your average submissive MILF slut but I’m also a sadist mommy too! I love seeing my young daughters used like fuck toys by my any man who owns me. My girls know that I only had them to satisfy my sadistic urges for cunt training. When my dominant master comes over to fuck me in front of my little ones, I know he is only doing it to entice them into being used as well. They watch as mommy gets her ass brutally spanked and her sopping wet cunt gets filled with cum. They watch in horror as I squirt from master’s abuse, I laugh and tease them, telling them they will be next to feel Master’s wrath through his forceful hard cock!

How I Became A Submissive Whore…

Submissive WhoreHow did I become such a submissive whore that I’d let a man use and train my own young daughters? I think it all goes back to my father, he was so strict and religious, I was afraid of his judgement and his punishment. Daddy never let me wear the things I wanted or choose my own friends; he was so controlling even mom was afraid of him. I remember once I put on red lipstick at my friend’s house and I forgot to take it off before I went home. Daddy dragged me by my hair to the sink and washed it off, calling me the devil’s whore while he pulled my skirt up. He bent me over his lap and spanked my bare ass with his belt, I felt him getting hard underneath me and when I rubbed his cock, he slapped me hard across the face. He punished me because I was a temptation to him, he eventually started letting me suck his cock but there was no relief for me. He punished me even worse when I made him cum, I started to enjoy the punishment almost as much as I enjoyed sucking daddy’s cock… I know letting Master fuck my girls and breed them is wrong in some way but I truly love being his slave, I love letting him own me and my girls.

Stretching My Youngest!

Submissive Sex

Master loves training my daughters right in front of me and I think I’m starting to get addicted to seeing my girls used by him! It was my idea to offer my girls tight young cunnies up to Master for their official training. I debated the decision for months because my motherly instincts told me to protect my little angels but my need to submit to my Master’s cock overwhelmed me. He already has my oldest daughter wrapped around his finger, he’s got her addicted to cumming on his cock. Now I know his attentions are reserved for my youngest daughter, her bald wet pussy hasn’t even been fucked yet. Master told me to prepare her for him by stretching her cunt to take my largest dildo– All 12 inches. I felt bad for making it hurt but Master says it’s my duty to fuck her open for him, by the time I was stretching her wide enough to take all those inches, she was screaming into my cunt while I sat on her face!

I Always Get What I Deserve…

Bondage Whore

Master came over in the dead of night to fuck my daughters and there was nothing I could do to stop him! We were all asleep when I heard the door slam open, I knew it was Master but I was so groggy with sleep I didn’t move. Next thing I knew I was being dragged from my bed into the cold shower, Master stripped me naked and tied my wrist tight around the shower head as the freezing cold water drenched me. I could hear my girls screaming as he got to them, I couldn’t move at all, my hands were tied so tight they were changing color. Master brought both my girls into the bathroom and began force fucking them right in front of me. Watching his dominant cock sliding in and out of my daughter’s tight cunt made me wet, my youngest cried for my help but I was too turned on to notice. I knew if Master was doing this, I deserved it…