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I’m Master’s Mommy Whore!


I love being a bondage slave for Master, the more he uses me and abuses me the harder I cum! Master has a very special relationship with me and my girls; I satisfy his every desire with my slippery wet mommy pussy and he trains my girls with his cock. I love seeing my girls take to his instructions, his strong demeanor makes my cunt throb. Master makes me take his cock while my little girls watch, I tell them every night that one day it will be their turn to be used by Master. My little loves make me so proud when they submit just like Master tells them to, I know Master will use them well one day just like their mommy! I can’t wait to see what Master has planned for my sweet little angels.

Mommy Loves Training With Her Girls!

Slave Training

My girls understand what must be done when mommy and Master are playing together at home! My little girls are the sweetest and most submissive little cum whores you’ll ever encounter, why? Because my Master is training them to be perfect little submissive wives just like their mommy. My Master treats my girls like his own, he punishes them and trains them to take his cock and his instructions as if he were their father. My little angels love making mommy proud by sucking and spreading their perfect little fuck holes for whoever mommy or Master says. Just this morning Master came over with two big black cocked stallions for us to entertain, me and the girls got right to work sucking them hard and guiding their big dicks into my asshole and pussy. My oldest loves helping lick my pussy and making my creampie the perfect place to shove her fist, I love getting fisted by my little angels after taking two hot loads of cum in each hole. Master is so proud of us when his friends leave with their balls drained completely satisfied!

I’m Master’s Throat Whore!

S&M Porn

Now I’ve done it, I’ve upset Master so much with disobedience that he tied me to the edge of the bed and fucked my face like a pussy! Master was so upset with me when I forgot to shine his shoes that he decided to invite his friends over to torture me. He hog tied me and left me at the edge of the bed with my head hanging over, just the perfect angle for him to slide his cock down my throat over and over. Master lined up with his pals and started fucking my face brutally, I gagged and gagged but they never stopped pounding my throat. With Masters balls pressed against my forehead I felt him slap me again and again before he shot the first hot load down my throat. From that angle I had no choice but to swallow what I could and leave the rest dripping down my face as the next cock slid in my mouth. That night I was Master’s throat whore being punished with a belly full of cum!

Off To Masters Dungeon!

Bondage Whore

Master commanded me to drive to his place in my slave clothes and my mask all for the purpose of displaying my obedience! My heart was racing as I drove through the busy downtown on my way to Master’s house in broad daylight. I hoped I would get pulled over, that I would be forced to parade my ass in the street in my slave clothes but I arrived to master’s place without any trouble. When I got out of the car, he told me to kneel on the ground until he came to me, with my hands behind my head I waited. When Master finally came out, he hooked a leash on my collar and I crawled behind him into the house. He bent me over his lap and began to spank me, God, I was getting so wet, I could feel my ass turning red. He slid his finger down between my cunt lips and I was amazed at how good it felt, how gently he touched my cunny. Master said I was a good slut before he jammed his cock in me. He rode me like the worthless fuck pig that I am, I finally felt complete.

Master Beat Me Senseless!

Slave Training

I got punished violently by master for being a greedy cum thirsty slut! Master made me cook for him and take care of him this morning, he used my holes to satisfy his needs all last night. My asshole was gaping so much that while I was cooking, I accidentally released a hot squirt of shit onto the kitchen floor. Master got up and punched me right in my face, he called me a filthy animal and made me get down on my knees so he could rub my face in the shit like a puppy. I knew this was only the beginning of my punishment. Master kicked me and punched me in the gut over and over, I curled into a ball, hoping he would finish soon but all he did was drag me by my hair to the bedroom. Master beat me so hard both of my eyes were swollen shut and I could hardly walk, I was so grateful for his stern punishment!

Fucked And Freed By BBC!

Submissive Whore

Today my submissive MILF Pussy got me in serious trouble with five big black cocks! I’ve been so horny since master left me all tied up after he edged my pussy with a vibrator for hours never letting me cum. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t untie myself or make myself cum at all that I got up from the bed and hopped out into the hall hoping my daughters would be up from their nap, they weren’t so I did the only thing I could. I hopped into the main hall outside of our front door thinking I could get my old lady neighbor to untie me, I certainly did run into a neighbor but not who I expected. My other neighbor down the hall, a big tall handsome black man, was coming home with some friends. When they saw me, all tied up and helpless, they stopped and stared at me like I was a trussed-up chicken and they were starving for a meal. I asked him to come help me so of course he and his friends followed me into my apartment. What I didn’t expect was for them to all drop their pants and start stroking their cocks. I was shocked and utterly delighted that this situation might relieve some of frustration from my throbbing cunny. I dropped to my knees like a good little submissive slut and let them slap me with their big hard black cocks. It wasn’t long before they were face fucking me and making me gag on their meat. I felt them lift me up and bend me over my kitchen counter before I was suddenly being stuffed full of cock. Their massive black rods took turns penetrating me and fucking all my holes until they began to burst. I took the first load in my cunt and the next one in my mouth before they all decided to cum on my tits. Once I had satisfied them by completely draining their balls, they untied me and left.


Master Owns My Girls!

Extreme Bondage

Master violated my girls right in front of me again! Master told me to get all dressed up and I automatically thought he would be taking me out for a romantic date but I was terribly mistaken. Master showed up with ten of his friends and gangbanged my sweet little angels while I was tied up on the couch. I watched them get their tight little holes filled with cock, those men couldn’t get enough! They fucked my daughters faces and taught them how to gag on a dick while getting pounded deeply from behind. I couldn’t help that my pussy got soaking wet watching my little angels get cum dumped and completely filled with cock in every hole! Seeing them get fucked like little cum whores with their cunts pulsating hard around those massive dicks made me so fucking wet!

When Mommy Is All Tied Up!


My master left me all tied up on the bed with a gag in my mouth again, he said I needed to be more patient so I would have to practice my patience by waiting for him to relieve me of these ties. Meanwhile my girls know what to do when mommy is all tied up, they care for themselves, do their school work and wait for master to come over. My submissive little girls know that if mommy is all tied up they have to be very extra good for Master to show him that mommy raised good little sub whores for him. They know that if master gets hard from watching them play naked together then they have to care for his cock just like mommy would, they suck on his big mushroom headed cock until they make him fuck their faces. When Master covers their little eager tongues in cum maybe he will be merciful to mommy and let her free.

Life As A Submissive Mommy!

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

My life as a submissive mommy is full of so much joy! I’ve been watching porn with my daughters to train them to serve Master and it brings me such happiness to see them become submissive whores just like me! My very young daughters have become addicted to watching porn and cumming with me. The best part of my day is when the girls come home from school and we strip naked to watch some filthy perverted movies on the TV. We get naked and try out all my toys, my oldest is just learning how to fuck her tight little cunt with a dildo. My little angels get so wet that I just have to invite Master over for a fun night of probing their holes with his hard cock. The girls love it when I take Master’s cock in my ass and bury my tongue deep inside their sweet little cunts! Master loves tying me up and making me watch him violate my girls, he knows just how to make me submit to him!

My Home Invasion Fantasy!

Submissive Phone Sex

I crave complete domination in every way possible! One of my deepest longings is to be force fucked by a stranger in a home invasion. I want to wake up tied up next to my daughters, all of us completely naked. I want so badly to be forced to take a cock while my young daughters watch me get violated over and over. Then when I’ve been cum dumped by the thugs I want them to fuck my young daughters violently while I watch helplessly. I want to hear their screams turn into moans of pleasure as they get turned into cum dumpsters just like their submissive mommy. I want to witness their little pussies squirt all over those cocks as they get fucked and forced into submission just like I was at their age. Yes a home invasion rape fantasy is exactly what will turn my girls into submissive whores just like me!