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submissive phone sex

I’m a dirty little slut that Master just fails to keep in line sometimes. In a way I actually really get off on being a naughty little submissive whore that needs her Master to spank her. Sometimes though, I really piss Master off and he gives me far more punishment than a spanking, I will be hung from the ceiling by my ankles with his gimps cock face fucking me while I Master fucks my ass with a stainless steel dildo that gives voltages inside my wet twat. It will numb me and reduce my pleasure when he fucks me in my pussy and makes my asshole more sensitive to the sensations of the raging hard cocks of Masters’ friends that will line up to fuck his bad little slut. I love fucking so normally it would be really exciting for me but when Master ruins my pleasurable sensations with his torturous means of electronic interference via a tens unit type device then the pleasure is not felt and I’m just a used up fuck doll for demented perverts to get off on. I suppose I deserve everything Master gives me after all I do purposefully act out and get fucked up which leads me to fucking strangers, and Master really hates that. Master hates when his Submissive is out of control and sometimes will cage me up and keep me in the dungeon for a few days as punishment. He lets me out only on his terms and under his supervision on those days and I really love when I get Masters full attention.

Bondage Whore Ripley


bondage whore

I am a complete bondage whore. Whips and chains excite me deep in my soul. My Submissive pussy just drips down my legs when I am ties so tight and intricate. Sometimes the rope cuts into me and I bleed. But My master gets so hard at the sight of my pain. My throat is strangled with his hands and my face is slapped. He asks me if I am ready. I nod and my mouth opens. My whore mouth is stuffed, and I feel the hot tangy tastes of his piss forcing its way down my throat. This Is my life and I am wet beyond my own control to see the delighted look on his face. I don’t dare look directly at him. I am immobile and restrained as I swallow all of my master’s piss. I feel him get hard again as he tells me his ass is dirty from his last shit.  He squats over my face and gives me his brown eyes to clean with my slutty tongue. Suddenly the ropes on my legs are cut and I feel another man enter me. This submissive slut is being fucked by a stranger for the pleasure of her master!

Hot cum dripping out my cunt

Bondage phone sexMaster, you tied me up and sat me in the corner all naked left me there for 24 hours just ready for your use. For whenever you are ready to bust a nut! That day all you wanted to do was party get fucked up and bust a nut! You would do a couple of lines the would walk towards me with your huge cock hanging out pointing right to my mouth! You would just grab me from the back of my head and start to tonsil fuck me so hard not letting me breathe! Then you would bend me over and start drilling my tight pussy so fucking hard reaching over to my tits and start pulling on my nipple rings really hard you would stretch my fucking nipples make them bleed a little! I made you cum so hard in my tight pussy! Don’t you love it when all your hot cum drips out my pink pussy?

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings are what I deserve Master. Sorry, I disobey you, I’ll never fuck anyone without your permission! Yes, I promise Master! Now I deserve bare bottom spankings with a wet hand! Yes, daddy yes I deserve for you to leave your hand marked on my ass! You grabbed me and shoved your cock into my ass with no lube. It fucking hurts Master but I know I deserve that and more. You take that cock out of my ass then grab me by my neck and ram that cock deep down into my throat making me choke and gag on your cock till I start turning purple and pass out with your dick in my mouth! Then you bend me over again to wake me up with some pain by shoving your cock in my ass really hard and spanking my ass really fucking hard you start making my ass cheeks bleed. Yes, Master, I deserve your big monster cock in me!

Gag me

Bondage and submissionI sat down on a chair looking all sexy for the master, and he gave me a bling fold to put over my eyes. Then he handed me some handcuffs to put by my self behind my back, then tied me up to a chair. Made me lean forward grabbed me by my head and started to face fuck me so fucking hard I was slobbering all over his dick like a bitch in heat! Yes, master fuck my throat harder! He makes me get on my knees and starts to face fuck me in deep, taking my little dress off. Then he makes me lay over a chair and comes behind my head and begins throat fucking me pinching my nipple with one hand and putting a massager at full speed on my clit calling me his fucking slut! When he took his dick out my throat, I came so fucking hard while he grabbed me by the neck!

i offer you my slut

Submissive slutSubmissive slut Ripley offers her little slut in training! That’s right daddy if I’m yours my little daughter also belongs to you! You could do as you please with her. Daddy you want to have her sleep with us every night in the middle so we could both use her and keep an eye on her? I over heard you telling her that every single guy that she wants to fuck she needs to ask daddy. You are not letting her fuck guys her age! No exceptions. You want her to get the big cock in her little pussy and get her used to her pussy being all stretched out at least once a week by 5 different guys. I cant wait to see her get all full of cum inside her tight cunt and all over her body! I love the idea of her not being able to shower every day only once a week!

Bondage whore

Bondage whoreBondage whore Ripley and her little cum slut in training love eating older men cum. Master it’s all thanks to your thank you so much we love older men’s cock! My little slut in training is not able to fuck guys her age. Only old mature men with huge 10 inch plus cocks! Master and I love to watch her get fucked here at home by all those nice big cocks. We love watching how her little pussy starts stretching out when big huge black dick penetrates her pink little cunny! She always has to ask you for permission if she wants to fuck and it has to be at home so you and I could watch her little pussy getting stretched out! Oh Master that’s why I love you! You take very good care of me and my little cum slut! Love the way you punish us when we do something wrong!

Submissive Whore Ripley

Submissive Whore Submissive Whore is what I’ve been trained to be. I love Bukkake phone sex! I just fucking love when Master ties me up and penetrates all my useful little fuck holes I have. He starts by face fucking me with his long long fat cock. He puts his cock deep down my throat till he makes me pass out a little. Then he wakes me up by shoving his big huge fucking cock in my ass. I fucking love it. Then he switches to fucking my pussy! I love feeling his tick fat mushroom head go in and out my cunt. Then he pulls out and shoots his cum all over my body! He also loves for us to send our little girl to school full of his cum! Call me lets get dirty you could tie me and my little slut up while you cum all over us. I love Bondage phone sex!

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankingsBare bottom spankings is what daddy gives me and my little girl. Daddy loves it when we moan for him really fucking loud! He keeps spanking our little asses harder and harder till his dick is hard as a fucking rock. I love that huge throbbing cock. He slaps me right across the face with it and ties me all up like a good little daddy’s bitch I am! Then in front of me he gets my little girl by the back of her head and starts to face fuck her really fucking hard making me watch each and every inch go in and out her throat! I could just see my little one gagging and slobbering all over daddy’s big huge cock! I love it when me and my little girl get Bukkake by daddy! He makes us walk around in public wearing his cum all over us. He loves for us to show it off! Don’t you want to force fuck my little one and fill her all up in her tight little fuck holes, and all over her little body!

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submissionBondage and submission little fucking whore will be your good little Cum eating phone sex dumpster! I love Submissive phone sex daddy! Mommy taught me how to be a good little cock sucker. She would always make me watch her suck on your cock and all of her other hook- ups. Now I know you did put rules daddy. I need to sleep in daddy’s bed every night and get fucked, used and abused by daddy at any time he feels like using my pussy tight fuck hole. Daddy loves cumming all over my sexy little body. I am not allowed to wash it off. I have to go to school rocking all that cum all over me. Smelling like sex and cum. If the stupid guys start teasing me in school or wanting to fuck me, I need to let daddy know immediately so they could get interviewed and see if they will be a good fuck for me. That way we put on a good little fuck show for daddy. If any teachers or students feel like fucking me they go through daddy first!

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