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My Daughter’s Innocence Ruined by Gangbang Phone Sex!

Gangbang Phone Sex

My girls walked in on me having gangbang phone sex all night long! I became a submissive whore when my master moved in and I began training my daughters to be complete sub sluts for hard cock. Master also made me his phone fucking bitch because I had to pay the bills by having gangbang phone sex with complete strangers. My girls heard me moaning and came in while I was cumming with my caller. I should have known it would not end there, it was only a matter of time before Master was filling my house with strange cock and expecting me to take care of every last pair of balls. It was on a night like this when I was getting fucked in the sex swing by ten different guys that my youngest daughter’s innocence was ruined. She walked in on her mommy getting pounded by a group of hot hard horny convicts. I was in the throes of complete submissive sex ecstasy with four cocks inside me when I noticed my little daughter in the room. Her eyes were wide with shock, I could tell she wanted to run away when master came in and made her continue to watch me. Master whispered in her ear and took her to the bedroom and that was the last time I saw my youngest daughter as an innocent young girl.

Extreme Bondage Broke Me!

Extreme Bondage
I know it was extreme bondage that broke my will to be a good mother and save my girls from hard cock! All that time after my stepfather would give me bare bottom spankings I started going online and engaging in bondage chat with much older men. I had something inside me that wanted to be dominated like a submissive slut, I was begging to be owned by a real dominant master. As a single mother I fell into a trap easily when a dominant man came into my life and took ownership of me and my little girls. He paid the bills; he fed us and eventually exposed my sweet innocent girls to evil bondage porn. I had no choice but to let him use them for his new fuck toys, I had to let him begin teaching them to be his cum slaves  with his thick 9 inch dick!

I Sold My Girls Into Slave Training!

Slave Training

I never knew what a bondage whore I was until I did the unthinkable and sold my girls into slave training. My Master only paid the price of owning me completely, that meant my girls were his to discipline and train. The girls were surprised when Master moved in with us, they weren’t used to having a dominant cock in the house. Things changed so quickly once he started giving them bare bottom spankings while I was tied up. They would beg and cry for their mommy but I couldn’t disobey my Master’s wishes; I had to let them experience the throes bondage and submission on their own. My cunt was throbbing as Master forced his thick hard staff inside their young virgin cum tunnels, they cried for me but I could only soak my panties. Master barely fucked them for a few thrusts each before they were getting their first submissive bondage whore creampies right before my very eyes.


Submissive Slut Addicted To Degradation!

Submissive Slut
The truth is, when I’m being used as a submissive slut, I savor the feeling of being humiliated and degraded! My XXX bondage training with a real domination master made me even more vulnerable to the seductive thrill of being completely degraded and humiliated. I remember the first-time master tied me up and inspected my cunt with his fingers, poking and prodding as he said the filthiest things. I was so weak to his touch, so helpless that I didn’t even realize he had taken his cock out and aimed it right at my face. He jacked it furiously telling me what plans he had for my bondage submission. Master christened me with his cum all over my humiliated face; he told me that I was prettier with his load drying on my worthless whore mug than I’ve ever looked. I came in my panties just from squeezing my thighs together as he degraded me!

XXX Bondage

I’m A Bondage Submission Gangbang Slave!

Bondage Submission

The best part of being a total bondage submission whore is being used as a cum slave during a wild thirty-guy creampie fuck fest! My master has been instrumental in getting me addicted to freaky gangbang phone sex, he has truly made me his submissive fuck doll. All day and night while he trains my two young daughters to be submissive fuck sleeves just like me, I’m having submissive sex chat with all kinds of hard dicked perverts. I knew it would end up with me getting force fucked against my will because master warned me that being too good at submitting would make me the victim of one of his sadistic rape phone sex fantasies come to life. I didn’t know how serious his threat was until I woke up tied to a cheap motel room bed with my naked body on display. The room smelled like filth and old used condoms but the terror inside me lost to my desire to be a real bondage whore. I didn’t fight, I let all thirty of the vagrants master gathered cum inside my holes because I’m his cum whore to use as he pleases.

Gangbang Phone Sex

Submissive Sex Made Me A P-Mommy!

Submissive Sex
I know it was submissive sex that led me down the path of becoming a p-mommy who whores out her precious daughters. I knew the first time I was dominated by a real master that I would give anything I had to feel the sweet release of submission. That moment was so pivotal in my journey to becoming a hopeless bondage whore because I had no thoughts of motherhood in my head… I never thought I’d end up tied up on my bed watching my oldest daughter get her underaged cunt stuffed full of cock. She was right across the foot of my bed getting used like a fuck toy for master and all I can do I watch. My cunt was dripping into my panties because master was watching me, he looked me right in my eyes while he made my daughter a submissive whore, just like me…

Bondage Whore Humiliation!

Bondage Whore

Would you believe me if I told you that master is the first man to make a bondage whore like me cum from verbal humiliation? I didn’t know that I loved being humiliated until Master set me up to be bondage fucked by a large group of men. I thought this would be like all the other gangbangs but I was very wrong. The men all surrounded me with their hard cocks out, one by one fucking my mouth like a pussy while calling me names. They called me a ‘fuck pig’, ‘cum dumpster slut’ and a ‘Mommy cum sleeve’ before they started stripping me naked. I was humiliated when they started pinching my nipples and making me suck two cocks at a time. While they used me my girls were watching in horror, mommy was being forced to cum and squirt all over those hard cocks and I loved the humiliation of it all.

Bare Bottom Spankings In The Shower…

Bare Bottom Spankings

Master has always known that I’m a submissive slut for bare bottom spankings but I didn’t think he would use it against me. I don’t know why I thought I was exempt from the XXX bondage porn master was making; master spent all day belting my girls while trying to train their gag reflexes on his cock. He was brutally face fucking my girls, taking turns making them gag so hard they choked and turned red. I begged him not to strangle my oldest on his hard dick but I think I upset him by being too motherly. He dragged me by my hair and started tying my wrist, he sat me on the bed and then threw me over his lap… I knew what to expect when it came to all the spanking phone sex I had as a young bondage whore but with master there was no guessing. The next thing I knew I was in the cold shower, my hands turning blue from the pressure of the ropes, my ass and thighs whipped completely red. Master took out his frustrations on me, at least I knew my girls were safe… for now.

Prostate Milking Master & His Friends!

Prostate Milking

Lately, master has been into long prostate milking sessions where I finger fuck his asshole and suck his hard throbbing cock until he explodes down my throat. Master didn’t tell me that he was going to bring over some friends for me to milk so I was immediately overwhelmed when I saw them. Prostate milking is an art that master taught me after many cum slave training sessions of practice; he wouldn’t let me do anything but rim him and milk him for days until I got the technique just right. Now, like any good submissive whore, I can locate a man’s prostate in seconds! Once I stark jacking them while I use my mouth like a slippery wet pussy, it’s only a matter of time before their toes start to curl in absolute pleasure! Master pat me on the head as I slurped his friends load down my throat and I readied my tongue to go on another exploration. I just knew master wouldn’t be happy until I milked every last prostate!

Extreme Bondage & Cunt Torture!

Extreme Bondage

Master makes me beg for extreme bondage and cunt torture when he ties me up and fucks me! When my Master spins his web of ropes with me right in the middle I feel so helpless, like a fly to a big black widow spider. I can’t explain how it sends shocks down my spine when he makes me his bondage whore! I know my girls are wondering why their mommy is screaming in pleasure as Master clamps my cunt lips and forces that vibrator against my clit, they don’t understand that BDSM phone sex started it all. My little loves are wondering why mommy is convulsing as she squirts and why Master is laughing in elation when I finally lose consciousness. They can’t imagine how good it feels to be owned and used, how good it feels to let go and be a completely submissive slut… yet. Little do they know that what they are witnessing in me as Master pulls my strings, they will soon recognize in themselves when he has them under his absolute control. My oldest is already a pro at getting Master’s cock hard and my youngest is getting more curious by the day. I know I won’t be able to protect them once Master finally decided how he will put them to use…..

Bondage Whore