Class Humiliation

Bondage submission

Master always finds new ways for our bondage submission game. He finds new ways to humiliate me constantly. Yesterday, Master came with me to campus and sat right behind me in my lecture hall, a 200 person class in an auditorium. After the professor began his lecture, Master commanded me to stand up right in the middle of lecture and take off all my clothes one by one. I stripped off my skirt and top and underwear. All around me, I could see students recording me. The boys in my class all got closer for a better look at me and the professor was clearly enjoying the show. Master handed me my vibrator, ball gag and ropes. I walked to the front of the auditorium in just high heels and I sat on the lecturer’s desk. Master had me spread my legs for the male students to tie me down and gag me. Then he handed the vibrator to my professor and he began fucking me with it. After I came all over the desk, I was instructed to get on my knees for professor, open his pants and suck his cock until he pumped me full of cum.

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