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Well, daddy knew I was living a wild party life in college, and I knew plenty of loose whores. He wanted someone hot and sexy but someone who had a shy streak too. It was a weird combo, but that’s what he wanted. I had the perfect whore in mind to train. Macey was a cute blonde bimbo, and she was up for just about anything and everything. Macey was the ideal whore for our adventure. Daddy wanted bondage chat only. He wanted to know how was I going to fulfill his fantasies and make his daddy dick rock hard. I think my sole purpose in life is to make Daddy and his meat stick happy and hard beyond measure. It’s so easy to lure whores in nowadays.

I sent Macey a DM, and she was on her way over to my student apartment. I assured her we were going to party and have some fun. Well, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her too much. Daddy wanted me to teach her our ways. Daddy made the slut pull out a pen and paper if she didn’t want to be butchered. The fear in her eyes hypnotized her to do whatever Daddy and I ordered. Macey soon knew she was going to be Daddies personal urinal and cum eyed whore. Just like his number one slut Shiloh 😉








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