Daddy Girl

Submissive SlutDaddy’s friend flew in to visit today. Daddy told me to let him in and make him feel comfortable when he got here. So I went and put on my school girl outfit with the stockings, no panties, and the two pig tails that serve as great handles when daddy fucks me from behind. When he got here I showed him to his room and turned to walk out. He reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass. “You little slut, you need a good spanking,” He took me across his knee and shoved his thumb in my ass and two finger in my pussy. He then took his other hand I spanked my ass so hard there were bruises from the lines of his fingers all over my cheeks. The harder he spanked the harder he thrusts his fingers in my ass and cunt, and the louder I screamed. Daddy then walked in and slapped me with his cock before putting my gag in my mouth. He told me to ride his friends cock while he fucked my ass. Whatever daddy wants he gets and the both took turns dumping multiple loads in all of my holes. That was exactly what a whore like me needs. I hope his friend’s visit is for a long time.

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