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Spanking Phone Sex

Spanking Phone SexSpanking phone sex is so fucking hot. Really anything dealing with spanking turns me on. Daddy loves to flip me over and spank me while he is fucking me. I am not sure if he knows how much I love it! I mean I really fucking love it! Everytime I feel his warm hand smack my ass I just want to cum all over him! And if he is deep inside me I really do cum all over him. I just spasm all over his hot throbbing cock deep inside me. The hard he spanks me the more I cum!  I am so lucky to have a daddy who is willing to give me a good hard spanking just because I am such a good little whore!

Make me BEG!

Submissive slutI had a guy recently call me and he helped me out a lot; we had some great orgasm denial.  Now, don’t knock it before you try it either. At first you might not like it, you will be begging to cum, but no, you can’t. After I finally let you cum you will see how hot it really is… it is like an explosion; the best orgasm ever!  Just when you think you can’t hold it anymore, stop. Don’t fucking cum. I might be your little slut, whore and cunt, but that does not mean you can cum whenever you want. You have to wait till I tell you to cum. I will tease you; tell you about all my nipple clamp fantasies and about how much I love to put nipple clamps on my sweet little clit…but you may not cum. Yes, I am still your little slut, and I do admit you make me so horny and wet, and teasing you just turns me on even more, but that’s okay – I’ve got these men here from the club we went to last night. You remember that room we rented? Yes, I might not have been able to get fucked by eight guys that night, but tonight, you will watch.  Don’t you wish you could cum like them? Ha, I know you do, you see him cum in my mouth and me swallow it all, you see my cum glistening in between my legs. You want that. You want me, you want to cum so bad! DON’T CUM! If you cum, I will not be your little fucking slut any longer, I will not look at my cunt and think to myself “This is all you are worth.” Because it’s only true if you only cum when I say it’s okay.  

Nasty waitress

Submissive slutDaddy called his friends over to watch a baseball game with him. I was their slutty little waitress, in lingerie and heels and servicing their every need. Since my daddy told me to be a submissive slutty waitress I had to fill whatever they ordered. Whether it was a blowjob, lap dance, a dp, or just cock riding I was to fill any and all request just as my daddy told me, and my master gets what he wants. I spent two and one half hours doing any and all cock tricks requested and when they left daddy rewarded me by fucking me like I love. He pulled my hair and pounded me from the back all while finger fucking my asshole. I begged for more but my daddy master would just spank me, tell me to be silent, and then slam his cock into my cunt deeper and harder. He pounded me until I was way past swollen and he left me handcuffed in the bed. I hope it is to come back and fuck me later.

Bad Girl

Bare bottom spankings

I was a bad girl today. I spit out some of daddy’s cum instead of swallowing it and he punished me for it. He bent me over the table and tied me so I couldn’t move and then got his bull whip. He put four long lashes across my ass cheeks that hurt so bad and even made blood run from the wounds. He then fucked me from behind, slapping me right in the spots on my ass he had whipped, making them hurt even more. When he finished plowing my ass he shot his load over the lashes, making them irritate and burn since they were still fresh wounds. He then told me if I wasted another drop of his spunk he would pour salt on them. At the end he fucked my asshole and left me there covered in my own cum and blood and his cum as well. I deserved it for being bad and I am happy my daddy punishes me in such good ways. I will never waste his spunk again.

Submissive slut

submissive slutMy new daddy spoils me so, every time I am a good girl he spanks my ass cheek. Whenever I am a bad girl, he spanks my as cheek. And as you can guess I love getting spanked. Sometimes I tell him what a dirty little whore I have been so he will put me across his knee, shove his thumb in my ass and spank me like the bad little girl that I am. Just thinking about his strong thick hands against my ass cheeks is making me so wet. I know after he spanks me he will let me eat his cum like a nasty little submissive whore should. I love when he makes me crawl to him and beg to suck his cock, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Yesterday he left me tied up so he could play with my ass whenever he wanted. I hope he does it again but leaves the toys in my ass and cunt this time. I’ve been a good slut, I hope he spoils me again.

Daddy Girl

Submissive SlutDaddy’s friend flew in to visit today. Daddy told me to let him in and make him feel comfortable when he got here. So I went and put on my school girl outfit with the stockings, no panties, and the two pig tails that serve as great handles when daddy fucks me from behind. When he got here I showed him to his room and turned to walk out. He reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass. “You little slut, you need a good spanking,” He took me across his knee and shoved his thumb in my ass and two finger in my pussy. He then took his other hand I spanked my ass so hard there were bruises from the lines of his fingers all over my cheeks. The harder he spanked the harder he thrusts his fingers in my ass and cunt, and the louder I screamed. Daddy then walked in and slapped me with his cock before putting my gag in my mouth. He told me to ride his friends cock while he fucked my ass. Whatever daddy wants he gets and the both took turns dumping multiple loads in all of my holes. That was exactly what a whore like me needs. I hope his friend’s visit is for a long time.

Happy Daddies Day!

Bare Bottom spankingsIt is fathers day today! And I know just what daddy wants! He wants to tie me up and spank me till my bottom is cherry red with sprinkles of blueberry’s! I am daddies Subby little teen slut and I will do ANYTHING for him! BUT today is special! It is Fathers day! And I want daddy to know how much I love him! How much I need to be his trampy whore! I am going to beg to be used. And thank daddy over and over for treating me like the nasty slut I am! I am sure Daddy has something wickedly fun in store for me today! I know how much daddy likes to watch me being used. I can hear all the men showing up! They are laughing and talking about how they are going to use me! I cant wait!

Submissive Slut

submissive slutI am a submissive slut! I can fuck anyone. I am young and cute. But most guys don’t understand what I need! I need a strict daddy! One who is going to spank me when I don’t do things right! My daddy is going to train me to be a good cum dumpster! My daddy is going to teach me to be a perfect whore! And my daddy is going to fuck me when I am really good. And perhaps even let me have his cum! I have had a few daddies who were close! And I loved how they used me! But I am still looking for The right daddy to tie me up and put on my nipple clamps! The right daddy to gape me open and tell me what a fucking slut I am! I want daddy to use me and abuse me. That is what it takes to make my teen subby cunt to cum! Are you there daddy?

Looking for a Master!

Bare Bottom SpankingsI have been very sad since school is out. My teacher was always ready to punish me and treat me like a cunt. It has been 2 weeks since I have been REALLY used! I just can’t wait that long! I need to be spanked and tied up! I have had my boyfriends do it but they just don’t know what I really need! I need a real MAN to use me! I remember once my teacher Mr. Kling took me to a club downtown. There were lots of masters there! I could only see a little through my hood but I could hear all the masters talking about me! They took turns using me that night. One by one spanking me and fucking me! I was tied up so good! That is all I want! To be used like that! I am going to try to find the club. A subby is NOTHING with out a master!