Drowning In Dick Sauce

Cum slut phone sex


Well, shit.  I thought I was just in for a little cum slut phone sex and, like always, I nearly get drowned in a deluge of dick juice!  How do I always get myself into these sticky, spunk covered messes?  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore being adorned in alabaster ball batter and swallowing as much slimy semen as I can possibly stomach.  I am a sleazy cum slut, after all.  But I had no clue that, when I took that call from one of my regulars, I was going to be stuffed, covered and smothered in more gonad gravy than most women spit or swallow in a lifetime!

This was the first time this guy has ever taken things to this level.  He usually just tells me how dominant he is with all of the stupid skanks he likes to humiliate and cover with cum, but this time he wanted to put his money where his mouth is.  He gave me instructions to an address in a shady part of town, like most secretive masters, and told me to be prepared for punishment as soon as I walked through the door.

He wasn’t kidding.  As soon as I stepped into the dingy room, a group of guys grabbed me and forced me down to my knees.  I have no idea how many of them there were, I couldn’t see past the sea of naked male bodies.  They all fucked my face until my lips were fat and swollen and the back of my throat was painfully numb.  It wasn’t my discomfort that made them switch it up and start fucking my pussy though, I think they just got bored.

You know how gangbangs work, everyone frantically trying to get their cock on or in some cute little jizz junkie, this was no different.  I jerked, sucked, rode and fucked until one of the guys busted his chunky nut all over my face.  It was like he set off a chain reaction because as soon as he blew his goo, all of their snot rockets started blasting off and shooting torrents of prick syrup, one by one, like they timed it.

I have no clue which one of them was my regular caller and it really doesn’t matter.  By the time I got myself cleaned up and off of the semen covered cement floor, they were all gone.  It was crazy, I’ve never seen so much fucking cum in all of my time as a submissive whore.  Hopefully, next time, my reg wants to see me swimming in gallons of pearly prick sauce.  I guess we’ll see.


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