Drowning In Load After Load

Bukkake phone sexIt was just a little after the sun was coming up when I was dragged out of bed by my hair to satisfy his dripping cock. From the smell I could tell he was coming back from a night of fucking other women. I was just an afterthought. He dragged me letting the carpet burn set in as he didn’t even let me until my feet dragged me across it. The carpet burned across my ass and legs until he finally stopped and tossed me into a group of his friends. They all grabbed me forcing my arms back and my head up to look at him. The pussy smell off his cock was strong as he started rubbing it all over my face as they held me still. “No be a good bitch, open and clean!”.  

They snickered around me as I opened my mouth, tasting the taste of other women’s cunts that just moments ago were bouncing up and down all over his cock. Now it’s my turn to clean it all up. Licking along the sides while his friends called whore, useless, pathetic cleaning up the sloppy seconds. Soon he just grabbed my face and shoved it deep into my throat gagging me with it as he shot his last load, when he finished he just slapped me and his friends to do whatever they wanted. Leaving me to be stuffed, my throat wrecked by all them shooting load after load. Cum was all I tasted for hours.

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