Drugged and Used…

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Have you ever been so drugged up that you can’t really see much but you could feel everything? Well I have and it was scary at first but afterwards it wasn’t so bad. So, if you haven’t tried, then maybe you should. You will feel everything and nothing all at the same time. I was injected with numerous amounts of drugs. What kind? I have no idea. I was stripped naked and tied up in the swing. My naked body exposed for everyone to see. I suddenly felt hands all over my body. Women and men touching me and tasting me. I felt tongues licking up and down my body, around my nipples and to my toes, back up my thighs and to my juicy bald pussy. I couldn’t tell what was going on or who all I was surrounded by. I just felt my body on fire and tingling everywhere I was touched at. My pussy was getting so wet from all of this attention. I had dicks in my mouth, pussy and ass. I felt mouths on my tits and clit. I was cumming so much that I eventually blacked out. I don’t know how long they used me for. I just know that I am so sore today. I would love to do that again.

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