Erotic Submissive Stories Go Back Decades to Share

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. Would you like to hear some? Some go way back to when I was a little girl, and I was daddy’s little whore. I was never the princess type. As much as I hate talking about my past, I know many of you relish in the details. My introduction into the submissive lifestyle began over 30 years ago when my mother left us for another man. My guess is she either thought my father would not abuse such a young girl or she simply did not care because she found a way out. I woke up one morning and she was just gone. In hindsight, it is possible my father killed her and disposed of her body because all I know is what he told me. I never saw or heard from her again after my father told me she run off with another man. Daddy was rough on her. She was his submissive whore before I was. I was young, but I grew up seeing my father slap her around and fuck her violently, even in front of me. And when my mother went MIA, daddy replaced her with me. I remember that first night my mother was not home sleeping in bed with daddy because he came into my room and dragged me out of bed. He violated my little holes so bad I could not go to school for a week. I was pissing blood and could not sit. My little butthole was prolapsed. It was awful. I never new love from my father. And if he could be so brutal to his own super young daughter, he could have killed my mother and told me she left us for another man easily. I will never know because I ran away when I entered my teen years giving me even more erotic BDSM stories to share.

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