Erotic Submissive Stories, I Have Lots to Share

erotic submissive storiesI am full of erotic submissive stories. I was born into this world submissive. My mom was my dad’s sub for the first few years of my life. I grew up seeing her do everything like a 50s housewife and more for my father. She cooked and cleaned. She had his beer ready for him and his slippers the moment he came from work. He would smack her around too. I would see things I did not understand when I was little. There was a dungeon room with what I now know is BDSM equipment. One day, my mom left. She was tired of being my dad’s punching bag and submissive whore. She had no friends. She never left the house without either me or my dad. This was the time before the Internet and cell phones. I never knew how she met another guy, but she did, and she left. Said she would come back for me and never did. I never saw her again. With her gone, I became daddy’s punching bag, prisoner and submissive girl. I have tons of stories about being daddy’s good girl in the early 90s. When I ran away, I thought I would escape that life, but it seems being submissive is my destiny. I met a man who I married and became his submissive slut. I bore him two brats and it was a miracle they survived to be delivered because he beat me pregnant as well as pimped me out for gang bangs. I fled him, just like I did my father and that was when I met a much older man who became my master for the past two decades. Between my father, my ex-husband, and my master, I am full of submissive stories that will make dominant men horny as fuck.

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