Erotic Submissive Stories with Ice and Hot Wax

erotic submissive storiesErotic submissive stories are fun to share on calls. Most of my callers are very dominant men with lots of stories to share about the submissive women in their lives. I had this one caller last night that is fond of ice torture. Actually, he likes to use ice cubes and candle wax on his whores. The mixture of hot and cold sensations back and forth on the female body can cause intense pain and pleasure. He had me fill a glass with ice cubes and get a long candle. I was instructed to light the candle first so the wax had plenty of time to get hot first. While my candle was burning, I had to hold ice cubes on my nipples. This made them erect quickly. Painfully erect actually. But, ice on the nipples is not as painful as ice on the clit. Yet still, the pain of ice on my clit was nothing compared to being ordered to insert ice cubes in my cunt and ass while I poured hot wax all over my body. Ice was melting in my hot fuck holes and dripping down my taint. The sensation was erotic. I was captivated by his voice. I was mesmerized by his orders. I was his submissive slut. He owned my body. I kept shoving ice cubes inside my body at his command. I felt my body cool down from all the ice up my ass and twat. As ice dripped into my taint, he made me drip hot wax there too. It is a strange feeling mixing cold and heat together in the same spot, especially a very sensitive spot like the taint. My clit was so swollen. My pussy juice melted the ice faster the more ice cubes I was forced to insert. In the end, he let me cum and I swear it was the most intense cum I ever had on a call. Maybe you would like to experiment with hot and cold sensations too? My body is YOUR guinea pig.

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