Evening Jog

Rape phone sex fantasies

A few of the women at work were talking about the jogging trail close to our building.  They were saying over the past two weeks a few women had been assaulted while jogging. This was concerning as a lot of us used that trail during our lunch or after work.   I decided that I would stick to the jogging trail near my home instead.  When I got home I changed my clothing and quickly hurried out the door to get my jog in before it got too dark.  I had my music playing and I was actually having a nice run when out of no where I was knocked off my feet.  Before I could even say anything a gloved hand was clamped down hard on my mouth. 

I am in pretty good shape so I put up a good fight.  I thought I was going to get away when another pair of hands grabbed my arms.  I was stripped down to my panties and bra and secured.  The two assailants were bending over to try to catch their breath.  I knew that at least one of my kicks landed because one of them was limping when he came over to me.  He grabbed me by my hair, yanked my head back and spit in my face.  The other one came over and wiped it off.  He gave the first guy a very dirty look, as if he should know better.

I was trying to take everything in about them because I knew I was going to have dick inside of me and it would be very much against my will.   The first guy went behind me to push me off the log they had me sitting on.  I landed face first, I slowly moved my head to the side.  I knew my nose was bleeding.  I could feel, and hear my panties being ripped off.  A hard cock was shoved inside my pussy, he was calling me names but I was still stunned from smacking my forehead and nose against the ground.

The second one stood by my head, he pulled out his dick and pissed all over my back.  For someone worried about spit he sure wasn’t worried about his piss being soaked into my bra and what was left of my panties.  It started to seep around the gag they had put into my mouth, I could taste it.  The guy behind me had finished, but they weren’t leaving.  They were sitting on the log they had me on previously.  It sounded like they were drinking something.  Again I felt someone behind me, this time my pussy was not the intended target.  It was my asshole.  Being dry fucked in the ass hurts like a son of a bitch.  I thought for sure that when he finished my anus had been torn.

When they were done having their way with me they cut the ties loose, took the gag out of my mouth, tossed my clothes at me then left.  My nose was throbbing from the pain, as was my head, pussy and poor asshole.  I made my way back home, wiped my ass, and pussy off with a towel and put it in a plastic bag.  I then took a shower, as I was reliving the event in my head I found myself getting wetter and wetter.  It wasn’t from the water, I was getting wet from arousal.

I got out of the shower, grabbed one of my toys and fucked myself with it, hard, just like those two men did.  I found myself cumming over and over.  When I was done, I took the towel and tossed it in the washer.  Other than a bloody nose and a small knot on my head there really wasn’t any physical damage and that would heal.  I just might go for another jog next week after I heal up a little better.  I wonder if they will remember me.

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