Extreme Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings make my pussy wet. Ever since that first time daddy tossed me over his knees and pulled my panties down to punish me, I have loved the feel of a firm hand on my bare ass. My master enjoys spanking me. He has been obsessed with my ass and tits for over 20 years now. He is an old school master. We have long participated in bondage and spanking games. When I go to underground BDSM clubs, I discover quickly that the kind of old school relationship I have with my master is antiquated. Men are harsher, even sadistic these days. I am a pain slut by nature, but I get scared when I encounter new men. I am not prepared for the modern submissive whore world. I was at a spanking club over the weekend. It just opened. It is a bar and a fetish club. Great name too. It is called Bottoms Up. When you walk in, it has the feel of an upscale metro bar. The private rooms have the same modern feel, however, inside lurks a darkness. I discovered that the hard way when I went in with Charles. What he did to my ass was not spanking. It was pure torture. I am a pain slut, but he used a variety of instruments on my ass that resulted in broken skin, blisters and the need for medical attention. He strapped me to a device that restrained me with my ass up in the air. I couldn’t escape. That was my first clue that I was about to get a whipping like none before. Belts, leather switches, wooden paddles, and a Cat o Nine tails were all used at rapid speed on my bare ass. When he was done, I was bleeding, crying and struggling to walk. I am not prepared for the new world of master and servant.

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