Fish Hook Punishment

Extreme BondageI got a call on my phone on day off and it was my mister, I was so glad to hear from him. He told me to meet him at his place and so I did. We down to his dungeon and he had a couple weird looking contraptions. It looked like a big fishing hook and mouse traps. He didn’t want me to question anything and as a good sub you don’t you just obey. I got naked and he told me to lie on the cold basement floor and spread my legs wide. He tied my legs so they would stay spread and then he open my pussy with the mouse traps on my lips and I almost screamed and then he put the head of the fishing hook up my ass. This was making me want to cum but it hurt so bad, I was told if I cry or disobey. He will lift me off the cold basement floor and suspend me and the hook will go deeper and start ripping my asshole right open. Of course I would have to lick my own blood. He came over to my mouth and raised me a little and I felt it go deeper into my ass, I screamed and he raised me even higher and it was tearing into my rectum making me bleed. He came over and skull fucked my face hard and made me choke and he didn’t want me to vomit. I would have had to swallow it. He kept fucking my face with this hook digging deeper into the meaty flesh of my ass. He came all over my face and in my mouth, kissed my forehead and said “good girl”.

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