Following his directions

Gangbang phone sex

Tonight I received a call from Lord G demanding I meet him at such and such address.

This was nothing out of the ordinary he would often call on a whim and direct me to a selected location.

Of course I am to follow or there is severe punishment to pay. This location was odd though, it was a regular residential location. Usually it’s an old abandoned ware house, alley, vacant run down house, etc.

When I arrived I took notice to several cars but I could not see Lord G’s truck.

A little hesitant to enter into this fairly nice home. I gathered my self up and swiftly walked to the door. I was told not to knock, just to enter right through the door. So I did just that. Upon my entrance there we several men standing there with this cocks out in their hands. I was totally caught off guard as I scanned them trying to find my Master. He was not upon the crowd. I felt a hand grab me from the back of my neck throwing me straight down to my knees. Another pair of hands restrained my arms behind my back with a pair of cuffs.

Open your moth bitch demanded a heavily tattooed man with a massive fuck stick, slapping my in the face and eventually fucking my throat. Before I could even blink I was swarmed with cocks circling around my head as I was pulled in every which direction to suck each of their dicks into my mouth and way past the point of my tonsils.

After they had their fair share of cock sucking I was thrown on a couch and very quickly each one of my fuck holes were stuffed with a prick. I felt like a damn pin cushion be poked with all these dicks and the bastard who had himself in my mouth lent me no mercy as I nearly choked on my own vomit after fucking my throat like a banshee.

Before I could even process what exactly had just happened I was being filled with all their loads simultaneously

I had jizz leaking from every orifice available. And for those who didn’t have the pleasure of a hole took pleasure in liberally covering my face and tits in their cum.

This was a first time, being set up by Lord G. I can’t say I am shocked but I also can’t say that I did not enjoy it. The next time I seen my Master he had this all on video and while we watched it he fucked me even harder than any guy did the night I was gang banged. I hope the next time he arranges a fuck fest for me he doubles the cocks. I am always up for a challenge.

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