Following orders

Bare bottom spankingsI stayed bent over his lap, bare ass in the air as I was ordered. Blindfolded. Nothing but my garter and stockings on. He was petting and smoothing the flesh of my ass cheeks, making my body react so violently. I heard a door open, and many sets of footfalls entering. My pussy was quivering with anticipation. Silence for a moment, one heartbeat, two, three.. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! One hand after another walking past, spanking my ass and my tiny pussy lips. Harder and harder, and on the procession went. My flesh stung, my cunt surged, and my nipples threatened to tear themselves apart from their hardness.

The next lineup brought all sorts of foreign objects invading my fuck holes. I don’t know what most of them were, but at one point I’m sure I felt a stapler, besides fingers and fists.

Then began the cocks. filling each of my holes while I laid across master’s lap. Pounding into my now gaping, cum dripped holes. Some of them shoving in two, or three at a time. Impossibly stretching my poor twat and asshole. Never was my mouth with out a penis in it for more than a heartbeat.

Who knew the PTA could be so much fun?

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