Force Me

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I’ve been holding this in for a while now, but a man called me the other day and I was finally able to admit how horny rape fantasy phone sex gets me. I think every woman has a secret desire to be forced and completely dominated by a man. Any woman who tells you any different is lying to you. There is something that just gets me so wet thinking about a man who will see me walking around in my slutty clothing and decides to teach me a lesson. He will follow me, watching the way my ass looks so good in that super short mini skirt. What a dirty slut I am; I am definitely begging to be fucked. You will come up behind me, pinning me against a wall, making sure I stay quiet. And of course I will struggle, but I will already begin to get wet with excitement … You will shove your hand into my panties, feeling how wet they are you will whisper to me what a naughty little whore I am, and how I’m about to take all of your dick and fucking love it. Then you will force me down on my knees, giving me a slap or two of encouragement, making me scream in pleasure and pain. You will shove your hard cock in my face, ordering me to suck it. I will try and say no, and resist but you will hit me hard, making me scream and you are able to shove your huge dick into my mouth. You begin to fuck my mouth, telling me what a little slut I am, and all the while I am getting more and more wet. You see this and you are ready to finally fuck me, you look at me, covered in spit, dirt and blood. “Are you ready to be forced fucked you fucking whore?” I won’t admit it, but I am.

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