Furry friend cum guzzling

Submissive slutI’m a real submissive slut and Daddy dommes the fuck out of me on a daily basis. He told me that his friend who works at the local sperm bank had a whole bunch left over that they were not gonna use and instead of throwing it out in the trash she was so kind and decided to give it to Daddy for us to enjoy. He knows how much I love eating yummy cum and guzzling it down, it’s all that I ever want to do! Sucking cock makes me super horny & wet and the big cum load is just the icing on the cake, hehe. I get super submissive when I see a large cup of cum, it makes me go crazy just the sight of it! Daddy had me lay down on my back and put a pillow underneath my head to give it some support. He guided my fingers down into my panties and told me to play with myself as he fed me the delicious cock cream. Now, Daddy has a habit of playing tricks on me & surprising me and this situation was no different! As I swallowed down a huge gulp of jizz, Daddy took it upon himself to enlighten me that it in fact was not sperm from his friend’s sperm bank… It was actually from another one of his buddies who works at a furry friend breeding factory! Yes, it was cum that was straight from our favorite furry fluff balls that I love to fuck! Daddy sure does have some funny shit up his sleeve! Feeding me what I thought was human cum when really it came straight from some horny furry beasts! I am nice and full now! 🙂

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