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Submissive whore mommy Jessica

submissive whore

I remember when my son realized that I was nothing more than a submissive whore, rope slut and that my only purpose was to please his father’s cock. He grew up watching his dad order me around and then brutally punish me when I didn’t follow his commands. I tried to spare my son from watching his Daddy tie me up, degrade me and force fuck me. It’s not like I could stop any of it. As soon as he would grab me and start to tighten the rope around my wrists or ankles, my cunt would instantly get wet and I would lose all control. Feeling the stinging and burning of the rope pinching into my skin would make my pussy tingle like crazy. All I could focus on was counting down the seconds until he was shoving his hard dick into me and filling me with hot cum. I became addicted to being his bondage bitch and being used as his cum slave so much that when he left, I had no choice but to let my son become the man of the house and take over his Dad’s place of owning his worthless, slut mommy! My son isn’t here tonight and Mommy Jess needs to be put in her place so, what are you waiting for?

Your Subbie Whore!

Submissive whore

Are you new to Domination and want to explore? I am your Submissive whore here to help. There are so many forms of BDSM and I am sure you have many questions. I can make this so much easier for you. Let me send you some S&M porn. 

Here is what I need from you. Go grab your lube, take off your pants and sit back and get comfy. I need you to have your phone and computer or tablet with you also. We are going to watch quite a few videos together. 

Let us explore everything from the hardcore Dom with paddles and canes, to soft core dom with edging and floggers. We are going to see what makes your cock throb and jump. Once I know exactly how you want me to submit to you I will be all yours. Please let me cater to your needs and desires. I will be a good girl for you.

Jealous subby sluts

bdsm chat

What’s better than one subby slut? Two two subby sluts of course.  Let me show you what makes me your slave inevitably. Whenever you have a group of girls or one other girl it doesn’t matter just another female around my inner Instinct of being territorial emits.  It’s so hard for me to keep a chill mood.  At first I am threatened and I need you to have the BDSM chat where you berate me and tell me that I don’t have any Authority. In my mind I like to think that I’m your number one but in reality you will never give me that satisfaction. So I have to learn how to play nice and get comfortable with other girls.  Whatever you want you always claim. When I had Clara around she told me that I would be eating her cunt and submitting to her. In some ways I couldnt stop myself from being so wet by being dominated by a subby slut. Clearly it was a battle of the babes and you enjoyed the show.

Ursa and the Circle Jerk!

Bukkake phone sex

Circle Jerk And Me

I am such a dirty little cum dumpster. The idea of being the star in a Bukkakke phone sex call makes me cum right in my panties. 

I was hanging out with my four big black friends the other day and decided to instigate a circle jerk with me in the middle. I need you to picture this. Four dark skinned men all over 6 feet tall standing around me. The smallest cock in the bunch was 9 inches long. Watching them stroke their cocks made my mouth water. I wanted to taste those snicker bars so bad. 

Their big dicks smacked against my face as they jerked away. They smeared their precum on my lips every so often. God it tasted so good. I could tell that they were getting close to cumming. I opened my mouth and let them spray their hot heavy loads all over my face.

Cock worshiping leads many astray

Cock worshiping

Did I know I was going to cock worshiping all the days of my life I would have started out in a brothel. But someone I started out in the burbs with straight vanilla parents. There was always something in me that saw the best times as those in which a cock was out and I was able to give it my undivided attention. If you’ve ever had a loved one with an addition. you know the look in their eyes. Well that’s me but because of my lovely choice of careers my addiction pays me. So as I enter my middle years I’ve come to accept that worshiping cock to me is the same as little old ladies going to church on sunday. But am I a half time worshiper? Hell no! Full time Cum slut phone sex whore is what I am. And my callers make it so addicting because they can tell when I’ve actually had an orgasm and generally get off around the same time. Nothing is better that cum, especially if your doing it with someone else.

Dungeon call

submissive slut

I went down for some secret meeting. As a submissive slut I am taught by my master anything can transpire. Down to the dungeon, I went.  Every time I have to go there, I am always expecting the worst sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s terrible other times it’s a surprise that’s not too bad. After being beaten to a bloody pulp all weekend, I dreaded what it could be. The first rule of the torture chamber is don’t complain.  It doesn’t matter if you’re bleeding profusely and you’ve been beaten for hours if you complain or let it be known how unhappy you are, you will be tortured even more. all he wanted was an excellent deep blow job. The kind of Bj that will put him in the best mood ever.  Immediately I went on my knees and began to worship Him and deepthroat him. As a thank you he pissed all over my face and gave me a nice slap to the face.

Submissive Whore Eliana is a Cum Dump and Urinal

As a submissive whore I know my place. In fact I am fully aware that i am indeed nothing more than a human toilet for whatever comes out of a mans penis.
My mouth is always ready to take that piss and sperm. My anus is meant to be gaped and used as a cum dump as well. This has been a form of liberation for me. My Master Mr. G really taught me my place.
The other day when Master called for my services I was nervous and eager. I knew he had a special session in mind for us. I was bound and a metal spreader bar in my mouth. The party was me.

The guys, about 20 of them were all feeding me their bukkake and piss. 

By the end of that party I was throwing up all over Masters cock as he throat fucked me. My mouth and throat are so sore but I am always ready for more.

Submissive Whore

Ursa will milk your Cock!

Prostate milking Ursa

Ursa Milks You 

As a submissive little whore there is nothing I want more than to please you. Seriously, I know just how to do it. Just a little Prostate milking to drive you fucking wild. 

Do not worry if you are not up to having a toy or finger shoved into your tight little asshole. There is a way around that. See there is a very special spot just under your balls and I am going to teach you just how to use it. 

I am going to make you have the most intense orgasm that you have ever felt. So, go and grab some lube and if you are experienced with your toy and a headset because I need you to be hands free. Next, I need you to strip down, get very comfortable and grab your phone to call me. 

Once we are on the phone I want you to relax and let my voice walk you through to complete ecstasy. 

2 Submissive sluts are better than 1!

2 girl phone sex

Two Submissive Sluts

Tell me what is better than having a submissive whore at your beck and call? I know what is better, how about having 2 girl phone sex. 

See I have the perfect girl in mind. Another sexy sub that can not wait to get down on her knees next to me and worship you. Of course, I know what it is that makes you hot so I will tell her what you need. The only thing you will have to do is sit back, relax and let us serve you. 

Obviously, we will both be waiting for you naked and on our knees. Waiting for you to pull out your cock so we can be your dirty little cum dumpsters. Can you picture both of our mouths running up and down your cock. Licking from your balls to your head. Taking turns swallowing your balls and your head. Both of us are waiting for you to cover us in your load.

Hermione has dripping pussy from Bare bottom spanking

Bare bottom spankings

Some women like gentle romantic love, where the men give them sweet kisses and tell them how lovely they are but they don’t want Bare bottom spankings. Which is lame. Go big or go home. There is something about being with a man who knows how to be dominate and is secure within himself about it. Men say oh I want to spank that sexy bottom but most men just want to spank my cunt with the inside of their cocks. I crave being laid down or tied down. I crave someone who’s cock gets hard as they watch pain flow into my face as they use their hand to smack my bare bottom. I only want a man who loves to feel pleasure from my pain. If your cock doesn’t get hard when I cry then why are we even here? Most people will never understand what a true masochist is. I savor Hardcore bondage and I can’t get off until you press that button of actual humiliation and make me a Cum eating phone sex slut.