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Pain Slut Needs a Punishment

Submissive Whore

As a submissive whore, I aim to please just you my Master, no matter how humiliating or torturing it is. I will let you sting me up, bound me, and play with my body until you decide I have had enough of your torment as my punishment for playing with myself while you were away. See, I was a good girl and told you! But I know you need to choke me with your huge and hard cock. Place me on my knees and take my had privileges away as I have a huge dildo rammed into my fucking ass the side of a coke can! I won’t misbehave anymore I promise! I’ll write it a hundred times across my slutty tits along with your name Master, I’m your property!

Forced Gangbang Bukkake!

Bukkake Phone SexOn my way home from work this week I was a victim of a forced gangbang in the parking garage! I was walking out to my car with a bag of dry cleaning when I suddenly felt a man behind me, I turned around expecting to see one person but Instead I saw a group of guys all wearing masks and hoodies. It was late so I knew no one would come by for hours, I got on my knees on the ground with my hands in the air hoping to avoid any violence. I was met with a hard slap across my face and a gag in my mouth, before I knew it my clothes were being ripped off me and cocks were being shoved in my face and in my hands. They all came at me forcing their dicks in any available hole that I had open, the used me like their submissive fuck slut leaving me drenched in their sticky cum.

Submissive Sex Slut

submissive sex

As you know, my greatest joy in life is being a submissive sex slave. I know for a fact that if I didn’t have my Master to guide me in every aspect of my life, I would just be the shell of a woman. I was lost in my life and then when I met Master, he really helped me see the ways that I could be most useful to the world. He said that men would love having a submissive whore like me who would do everything they wanted without ever even thinking about questioning things. I was immediately in.

He told me that if men were kept happy sexually, that the world would slowly start to become a better place. Men would be less angry, there would be less violence, and things would just be peaceful. I am honored to be the kind of subbie slut who can help keep the world happy. Do you have a fantasy that you need someone like me for? Just give me a call and I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Master can always tell when I’m lying, so he’ll know if I didn’t do a good job for my calls. Anything you wish is your desire.

Bare bottom spankings make me wet and horny

I was sent off to Prague for the Summer. My daddy wanted to make money off of me and prostitution is legal there. I was lent to a Master and forced to work in a Thai Massage parlor that offered erotic massages. I experienced my first Thai massage also. I had two small Thai gals crawling on me and beating me. It was so good. They were told to go brutal on me and beat me more than the general kind of massage pounding.

Bare bottom spankings

I was bruised and covered in oil when my first male client was sent to me. He loved that I was a white girl with blonde hair and tiny tits. He made me worship and suck his toes and taint for the whole 90 minutes. It was dirty and only the beginning. Have you ever experienced an erotic massage from a Thai Massage parlor? I want to hear all about it!

The pimp my dad is has made me the best little slut for BDSM chat and I am good with all kinds of topics. You see the fact that I have been raised to please my mom, dad, and two brothers is a perfect start to being the best little subby slut. I just love to please everyone and you can use me and spank me as much as you like!

BDSM chat

His Collard Whore

Slave training

Any time master says we are going out it gets my pussy excited, I know he will dress me up or have me naked depending on his mood. Most importantly I will have my leash and collar on. I love how master tugs on it when he wants me to go a certain direction and if I don’t move fast enough, he burns me with his cigarette to remind me I am his whore and I was sent to this world to submit to him and do as he pleases. My cunt starts dripping when I know he is ready to use my mouth. I open wide so he can stick his big cock deep in my throat, master uses my mouth in every way. He loves when I shove my tongue into his ass and stroke his cock milking him on my face. Seeing his cum dripping down my face makes master happy. I know I am his cum bucket and I am a perfect submissive whore for him.  

Public Submissive Sex

submissive sexSubmissive sex in public is never my choice, but some men love degrading and abusing women with an audience. I went to a private club over the weekend. It was the premiere of a new bondage club. You could be an observer or a participant. I was there just to watch, however. My master did not know I went so I had to be low key. I was enjoying watching women get hog tied by strangers. A couple guys approached me, and they wanted to hook up but I said no because I am owned. They seemed respectful. That was until I left. The two guys I rejected teamed up with each other and jumped me in the parking lot. They were no longer respectful. They groped me and pulled my hair. They ripped my clothes off and pushed me down on the gravel. There were other folks watching me get fucked in the graveled parking lot, but they did nothing to help me. Before long it was a public gang bang and I was the star. Normally, I like attention, but not this kind of brutal attention. Some other guys joined in. I was exploring their rape phone sex fantasies with them I guess, but not by choice. I got major road rash too from the gravel. They fucked me raw. I was screaming for help. I had a large audience and not a sole tried to help me. Even the women were watching and masturbating. I got no support. I am sure they were just grateful the attention was not on them for once. Perhaps I would have just watched too. My master will not be happy with me when he finds out. I am covered in road rash and my holes are not as tight and pretty as they were a few days ago.  Maybe he will not notice.

Trained Whore Shows Her Skills

Submissive Whore

My past masters taught me and my cunt so well. But, it’s time for me to be passed on and sold to another master as I’m dressed like a slutty angel. I’ve pushed been around and taken somewhere new to immediately be tied up and punished! My hands are chained above my head as the torture begins on my tits. My nipples feel like they’re being burned and stabbed as they pinch and pull on them! They told me their marking will be to pierce my nipples! But I have to be a good girl for that. He wants me to show him how well I am at sucking cock with no hands so I do. I wrap my lips tightly around his hard and huge cock! At least nine inches and swirl my tongue all around it. My pussy drips as he plays with it. He sounds so hot moaning while I get him off with my mouth. We both reach orgasm at the same time, I impress my new Master with my squirting and swallowing skills! I’m so happy and excited to get my new marking! Haven’t I been trained so well?

Erotic submissive stories of Jessica

erotic submissive stories

I love rubbing my cummy whore cunnie and telling my callers all of my wild and erotic submissive stories. Nothing gets me more excited and ready to fuck than recounting all of the times my son has pimped out my sloppy, cum dump pussy. I could go on for hours, finger fucking my wet hole and telling you all the ways he dominates his naughty whore mommy. I love when he shares my used up holes with his friends. He throws huge parties and invites everyone he knows to come watch his mother get fucked like a nasty, party slut. He makes sure that no one leaves the party without dumping a load in his hot,slutty fuck whore mom. He’s off at college right now and won’t be home for a few months. Mommy still needs her pussy owned and used while he’s gone.


Bondage Whore Bitch

Bondage Whore

Suspended from the ceiling, I was gasping for breath as he pulled his massive cock out of my mouth. He’d been face fucking me for over an hour and I had spent most of it in a timeless place near passing out. Master made sure to wake me back up here and there with a heavy slap to the face, or punch to the gut. He insisted I needed to pay close attention to the way we was making his dick fit in my throat. I knew there was no use fighting. I was just his bondage whore made to do exactly what he ordered me to. Master lowered me down so he could slam his cock into my other fuck holes. He chose my dripping wet cunt, the thing he’d purposefully ignored for hours. I couldn’t ignore the throbbing in my clit and the deep need I had for Master to take his fat fucking cock and use me like his own little pocket pussy sexy dolly. He knew that’s what I wanted, so he opted to force all eleven inches of his rock hard Daddy dick deep inside my tight, dry little asshole. I was going to be his perfect little anal fuck puppet.

Submissive Sex

Whore Naomi Loves Ropes

I knew you couldn’t get enough of me master! Here you are, back again just like I knew you would be. You know slutty whores like me have no limits and that is why I enjoy letting you do whatever you want to me because no matter what, it makes me drip in cum and it makes me crave your cocm to dominate me. My favorite part of playtime though is when you tie me up or tie me down, leaving me unable to move at all for you to have your way with me and fuck my body until I am begging you to stop. Keep fucking me while I’m tied up in every which way until you’re all finished using me up!submissive whore

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