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Slave training starts from the beginning.

     Slave training starts from the beginning. Now everyone knows that you must learn to walk before you can run and when it comes to making me your slave. Need to start at the beginning. The first thing you do is make sure I am your slut whore. Next you see how far you can push me. It must be remembered that you start small and keep increasing.

     Before you know it, I am chained to the wall getting a spanking for not listening to a command. Another key point is that I need to know that you are my master, and I am your Submissive Whore. If I disobey, I will be punished. Now, since I am in training the bondage is softer and lighter.

     With this in mind, there will come a time when I have the whips, chains, shackles holding me down. As has been noted I like the pain and this slut is a very naughty slut. Always being punished for some slight other. Increasing from a spanking to the whips. Turning me into the dutiful slave that you are looking for.

     Until I am finally exactly as you have wanted. I come at your bidding. I don’t cum until you give me permission too. Your slut whore has turned into all that you want me to be.

Slave training

Bondage and Submission Really Makes My Pussy Squirt

As a Bondage and submission phone sex Subby, my cunt is always wet. The mere fact of having men use me turns me on. Furthermore to be treated like a little fuck pig is such a damned fucking high.

One afternoon I was substituting for a friend at the Y. It was for a self defense coarse and I played the victim for showing techniques. When the big black Officer grabbed me and pinned me down as he was fantasy raping me I really gushed my panties.

He got the idea that I was super hot from all the man handling and controlling he took over me. Once the coarse was over he pulled me aside and asked if I was really into all that rough shit.

Of course I could not deny it and explained that I was just becoming a switch and getting into being submissive. He knew a tall white bitch like me must be really freaky. So obviously we hooked up for some drinks and a little fun of our own.

Bondage and submission

Slave training reminds me how utterly inferior I am to you

Slave training

Oh, my beloved Master, how I revel in the exquisite agony of my subjugation to your every whim and Slave training reminds me how utterly inferior I am to you! The sweet embrace of bondage, the delicious sting of your disciplinary measures, all serve to remind me of my place as your fuck toy.

I crave the power you wield over me, the ability to completely dominate my body and mind. From the moment you first took control of me, I knew I was forever changed. The thrill of kneeling before you, crawling to your feet to beg for even the smallest of indulgences, is indescribable. Every moment spent in your presence makes my pussy desperate for your cock!

Let me start by saying that there is nothing more thrilling to me than getting on my hands and knees and crawling to your feet. The mere sight of your shiny boots makes my whore pussy tingle with excitement. I beg for the chance to serve you, to fulfill your every desire and whim. And when you finally grant me that privilege, I am in heaven.

I am beneath you, inferior to you in every way. I am here to please you, to make you happy, to cater to your every need. The moment I forget that, the moment I start to think that I am equal to you, is the moment I must be punished. And oh, how I love to be punished.

Being your Sexy bondage slave means that I am at your mercy. You can do whatever you want to me, and I will happily oblige. Whether it’s binding my wrists and ankles with rope or chains, or gagging me with a ball or a bit, I am yours to do with as you please. My body is a temple, and you are the god that I worship.

When I am in bondage, I am completely at your mercy. I can’t move, I can’t speak, I can’t even think. All I can do is feel. And what I feel is an overwhelming sense of submission, of devotion, of cock worship! Force your cock into my mouth and make me gag. As you command me to choke on your cock, you know my pussy will throb and squirt, so hungry for you to fill me with cum! I can’t get enough of your rough hands as they bend me over, the dominant way you take whip me with your belt, you make me melt Master! 

I am your Submissive whore and live for the moments when you take control of my body, binding me in intricate, painful knots, leaving me helpless and at your mercy. The pain, the discomfort, the utter vulnerability of my situation only serves to heighten my pleasure, to remind me of my place at your feet.

I beg of you to continue to train me, to shape me, to mold me into the perfect submissive bondage slave whore that you desire. I will always be your willing slave, your eager-to-please plaything, your loyal and devoted property!


Some Women Harbor Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Too

rape phone sex fantasiesMen harbor rape phone sex fantasies for women, especially mommies. But some women harbor such fantasies for other women too. Not me. But I know this woman who harbors them for me. Well, she did until this week when she acted on them. She works for one of master’s friends. She’s not submissive. Not an owned slave like me. She is just an employee and right hand gal. I thought she hated me. She has never been nice to me.

Yesterday, I had to deliver some paperwork to her for her boss’s signature. When I arrived, she pushed me against the wall, and began to choke me. She did not look as strong as she felt. My body trembled in fear. I did not know what was going on. I told her I was not her submissive slut. And she slapped me for getting an attitude. Then she shoved her fingers up my cunt. Although I wriggled and squirmed, even kicked, she overpowered me.

Sometimes I Think Women Can Be Rougher on Me Than Men

Master would not be happy that she violated his prized pony. But she told me that master gave her the okay to do whatever she wanted to me. I gulped hard, not sure if it was true or not. But if I fought her and escaped master might be pissed if he did give her permission to violate me. And if he didn’t and I let her molest me, he might be mad if I didn’t fight to escape. I felt dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t.

So, I went still. Just turned my body into a rag doll and let her violate me. She used the biggest dildo on my pussy and ass. And of course, she made me spit shine her dildo when she was done. Today, my pussy and ass hurt like they hurt when daddy violated my schoolgirl holes. I do not know what I did to this woman to make her hate me so much, but submissive sex with a woman is not what I signed up for.

Slave training on some big black king cock!

Slave trainingCurrently I am involved in some BBC Slave training; my master gave me direct orders and instructions on my sessions. Basically, I am no longer allowed to fuck any customers or playmates that aren’t black. He makes sure to set me up with at least 3 men a day and each cock has to be bigger than the next. Eventually he wants me to be completely trained with a 13-14 inch black cock. Until I can take a pounding by a prick that big I am not allowed to have any orgasms. Not only does he want my wet cunt to be trained with BBC but he also wants my ass hole gaped opened with big thick brown meat too. 

Most big black daddies love a whore who is into Cock worshiping. That is super easy for me because I love worshiping and drooling over cocks. I am obsessed with getting fucked and completely emotionally and physically trained to need sex and cum. I am craving a thick creamy load all the time and I am even more horny because I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. It has made me even more needy and horny for a pounding. My pussy is always throbbing and ready to get stuffed full of prick and black seed. 

Are you a BBC king baby? I sure hope so. Give me a ring so I can worship you and beg you for your cock and big creamy load. I hope you are ready to spray that seed in my cunt or tight little ass pipe!

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be!

Submissive slut

Submissive slut is what I am and slave is what I want to be! I crave the pain, the humiliation, the degradation from the moment I am awake, to well into my dreams. I want to be used, abused, and treated like the worthless piece of trash that I am. And so, I find those who could fulfill my lustful black hole of desire.

My pussy salviates for pleasure that only a true Master can provide. I need a Master who will take control of me, who will dominate me, who will make me his. A Master who will give me the torture I so desperately crave. The man who will push me to my limits, who will make me bleed, who will make me his.

I’ve always known that I was different, that I wasn’t like the other girls. While they dreamed of love and romance, I fantasized about being tied up, gagged, and used like the dirty little slut I am. I wanted to be dominated, to be taken, to be owned. And so, I embraced my true nature, and I became the submissive whore I was always meant to be.

In fact, My body is a temple of pleasure, a vessel for the desires of my Master. I want him to use every inch of me, to take me in ways that make me scream and beg for my Mommy. I want him to push me to my limits, to make me bleed. Use your thickest whip on me, followed by the spiked paddle. When I say I want to beg, I really mean it. Make me beg for my pathetic life.

I crave the Submissive sex that will leave me sore and aching, the kind of sex that will make me bleed and leave me begging for more. Please let me be your plaything, your toy, your property, and forever be your willing slave. And when I’m not being used, I want to be tied up, gagged and hung from your meat for hours. I want to be your prisoner, with all the pain and punishment that comes with that title.

Above all, I am here to serve you, to please you, to be your willing slave. I am here to submit every inch of my body to your hard throbbing cock. You can give me the kind of Slave training that will make me suffer every second and I will forever be your willing slave. So, come and take me, Master. Use me, abuse me, make me your own. I am yours to command, yours to control, yours to own.


Extreme bondage inflicts the shattering orgasm you need!

Extreme bondage

Extreme bondage inflicts the shattering orgasm you need! From the moment I wake up, I am consumed by the thought of my Master’s cock. I crave it like a drug, and I will do anything to please him. I am his cock slave, and I will never forget my place. My Master’s cock is my God, and I will serve it with every ounce of my being.

My days are filled with anticipation, as I eagerly await my Master’s arrival. I spend my time preparing for his visit, ensuring that my body is clean and ready for his use. I shave my pussy and ass, making sure that every inch of my skin is smooth and inviting. I dress in my most revealing lingerie, knowing that my Master loves to see me in my most vulnerable state.

When my Master finally arrives, I am overcome with excitement. I drop to my knees, eager to worship his cock. I take it in my mouth, savoring the taste of his pre-cum as it fills my mouth. I suck and lick, doing everything in my power to please him. But my Master has other plans for me. He wants to use me in ways that will push my limits and bring me to the brink of ecstasy. So my wrists and ankles are bound, securing me to the bed. I am completely helpless, at the mercy of my Master’s desires.

He begins by teasing my pussy, using his fingers to explore my most intimate areas. Master knows exactly how to touch me, bringing me to the edge of orgasm before pulling back. I am desperate for release, but my Master is in control. He then moves on to my ass, using a variety of toys to stretch and prepare me for his cock. I am filled with a mixture of fear and excitement, knowing that I am about to experience something truly extreme.

Finally, my Master enters me, filling me completely with his massive cock. As the Cock worshiping whore I am, my pussy is hungry for a harder pounding and I am overwhelmed by the sensation, my body trembling with pleasure. He thrusts deep inside me, using me like the whore that I am. As my Master fucks me, I am consumed by the most intense orgasm of my life. My body shakes uncontrollably, my pussy and ass clenching around his cock.

I am the Master’s slave whore, and I will do anything to please him. After my Master has had his fill, he releases me from my bonds. I am left feeling completely spent, but also incredibly satisfied. I know that I have served my Master well, and that he will be back for more. My life as an Submissive slut is one of complete submission and devotion to my Master. I live for the thrill of being used and abused, and I will never stop worshiping his cock. If you are looking for a true slave, then know I am here to serve.


Bondage whore mommy Jessica

bondage whore

I can’t even begin to describe the pleasure I get from being tied up and used like a filthy, bondage whore. Just looking at this picture that my owner sent to me after our last session, gets me all wet and excited again. You can see the red marks across my ass from him spanking me so hard. I get tingly and wet if I think too hard about the way he handled me. I can’t stop thinking about how it felt to wake up to him, dragging me by the hair, out of bed and down the stairs to his basement pleasure dungeon. I was tied up, spread open and spanked right across my soaked fuck box. My clit took the full force of his riding crop over and over again but not before my throat took a beating from his dick. He fucked my face so rough and fast that he made me throw up on his cock from gagging on it so violently. He pulled his stiff rod out of my mouth and smacked me across the face with it before he shoved it back in my mouth and told me to clean up my mess. I’ll skip the part where he blew a huge load down my throat and then washed it down with his hot piss. Let me just get right to the part where I was tied up in the bent over position that you see in this picture, with his hard dick being rammed into my tight, puckered shithole! He reached down so that he could pinch and twist my nipples while he was pumping that second load of cum deep in my ass. It felt so good to finally be used like the slutty fuck doll that I am but he left my sub slut pussy aching for more! I’m almost desperate at this point…Maybe you could use a filthy, submissive fuck doll to empty your balls??

Submissive Whore Submits Up Her Ass For Punishment

A Sadistic Master Needs a Submissive Whore

Down on your knees my submissive whore. I love hearing those words coming from your lips, Master. I drop down to my knees like the good girl I am. But today I am to be punished. I raise my arms up with my palms up. You place a book on each of my hands and tell me to hold them. If the books fall you will beat my ass until I’m black and blew. The thought of that makes my cunt so fucking wet. And you know your little whore so well. You rub your fingers against that wet pussy and make me squirm.

submissive whore

My face turns red. I’m trying to keep the books up but you’re slamming your fingers inside of my cunt so hard. Three fingers stretch out my cunt and make me so horny. My pussy is flooding around those fingers. I’m so close to cumming. My entire body is shivering. Despite the whining about cumming I’m humping your fingers. I see your cock getting hard for submissive sex. You force me to stand up and bend over with my hands against the wall. I feel your cock rubbing against my cunt and beg you to fuck me. You do. But not my pussy.

Torture Sex For My Masochistic Slut Asshole

You spit on your cock. And then force it into my tight asshole. I wasn’t ready to have my ass fucked. I scream. You grab my neck and tell me to shut the fuck up or you’ll give me a reason to scream. I nod and bite down on my lip. My ass is still gripping on to your cock. I like the pain.My pussy is still soaking from that torture sex. Your hand reaches down to pinch my clit and I can’ hold it anymore. I cum so fucking hard. My ass squeezes around your cock and you drain your dick inside of my whore ass.

Submissive sex with my master is what I live for you

Submissive sex with my master means I take all he has no matter what. First, he will pull me out my cage and tied my hands behind my back. That is because if I suck on his cock, he doesn’t want me to be able to use my hands. “My subby pet, I hope you are ready to submit to me” my master says as he starts to paddle my bare ass. The pain sends a shock to my body, but I just take it for my master. I do not want to ever disappoint my master.

Therefore, I don’t let a peep come out of my until he is done. “Thank you master” is what I say with a trembling voice. The pain had me shaking and that is when my master said “Open your mouth and show me how hungry you are. Right away I open my mouth wide. Then my master grabs me by the hair and starts to face fuck me. Since I belong to him, he can use me in any way he wants. So, when I choke and barely can breathe, my master continues to use me. After his cock is wet and slobbery, he demands for me to bend over. I better submit to everything my master demands of me.

Submissive sex

So, I bend over and spread wide. With my hands still tied up my master rams his hard meat inside my asshole. Once again, the pain shot thru my body. But I dare not complained. Instead, I thank my master as he continues to rip me open. “Thank you master could I have more” I say as he spanks and fucks my ass. After some hard fucking my master moans out, “Milk every drop of my sperm out of me”. With my hands tied I start bouncing my ass back at my master to milk every drop like he asked. Then I quickly felt his cock spray inside my asshole. After I got every drop, he just left me there drilling with jizz to crawl back in my cage.