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Cum Eating Phone Sex

You’re going to be my cum eating phone sex bitch. I stand up and I walked directly to your face and I put my whole pussy deep in your face. I want you to lick it suck it place your tongue deep inside of it. oh yes, I want you to take this nice shaved pussy and twirl your tongue all around in it making me cum all over your face. that’s why I want you to get this pussy nice and wet. oh yes, the way you move your tongue on that clit is amazing. oh yes, baby, my hips are gyrating all over your face making you you make me do all the things. Legs are shaking body is tense. oh, be my cum eating phone sex whore.cum eating phone sex

Submissive Whore Sweet Princess Pussy

Submissive Whore

I was a bad girl and these four men are punishing me. I know a hard spanking is cumming my way when I am forcefully bent over one of their cars in the dark garage they have brought me to. They demand me to lift up my skirt and I do as they say. It wasn’t long before their taunting and mockery started to tease me as slaps are delivered to my ass. They enjoy the sounds of my screams echoing in the dark and damp room. I felt a hard cock pressed up against my ass, delivering more smacks as I begged and pleaded for mercy and for them to accept my apology but I was only greeted with more hard slaps and a cock in my ass!

BDSM Chat about Kinky Sub Things

Let’s have a great time and get into some kinky BDSM chat. I like to be your subservient slut and hearing all about the things you want to do to me is exciting. My pussy gets wet knowing men want to own me and do things to me.

I had a guy tie my wrists above my head the other day. He put a spreader bar between my legs and I was stripped of all clothing. Naked hanging by my wrists and my legs forced open. I was tortured with a wand on full power attached to my clit while he penetrated me from behind.

I was in excruciating hell as I wanted to have his cock in my pussy so bad. He pounded my asshole while stimulating my clit into a numbed squirting cunt. I was writhing about and squirming so much I pissed a ton of golden shower juice on his dumb cunt girlfriend. It was amazing.

BDSM chat

Cock worshiping memories

Cock worshipingI participate in a healthy dose of Cock worshiping for money, it’s a thing, it’s perhaps my favorite thing. I spend all day contemplating the dicks I could suck, I constantly fantasize about all the dicks, sometimes I touch myself just to the thought of it. You have a dick right? I’d like to suck it, for money. I used to suck it for free but I found out that it doesn’t really pay the bills, so now it’s exclusively for money, which is sad but sometimes you have to give yourself standards.  I remember, back when I was sucking dick for free, there was this one party I went to where I had to suck two dicks at once. They were both so girthy that I had a really hard time fitting them in my Submissive phone sex mouth, but swirling my tongue in between them got me the moans I desired, and bobbing my head, well, that got a reaction. Suddenly they were stretching out my jaw enough I had to pull back and start bobbing down one, only to pull back and bob down the other, individually working two cocks off at once like some kind of professional – I guess I am one now – cock sucker! It was so hot, being used like that. I love getting into weird situations, they don’t always work out but they’re always fun and make a great story! And yes, before you ask, I did get two full heaping loads in my mouth to slurp down and warm my belly. I sometimes think about that while jilling hard, and it gets me so wet every time. To think they wanted me so much they were willing to wait between bobs, my fingers fondling their sacks with glee while I was at it. Cum eating phone sex is where it’s at.

Cum slut phone sex with Jessica

cum slut phone sex


Being a submissive, slave slut is my entire life. When my son isn’t around to dominate me and use me, I serve as a cum slut phone sex sub whore. I need to constantly be reminded that I’m nothing but a hot piece of fuck meat. I always do exactly as I’m told, even though I secretly crave the punishments I get from being a disobedient whore. My cunt gets so wet when I’m being held down and you’re ramming your stiff, throbbing dick in my mouth or deep in my slutty cum holes. You can even use me as a pass around slut and let all of your friends force fuck me from behind while I choke and gag on your hard dick. No matter what you want to use me for, you know that this sexy sub slut will do as she’s told and please your dick like you deserve!

submissive sex slave

submissive sex

My drug dealer is livid with me and my friend Mallory. We both owe him so much money he wants us both dead. The only way we can get in his good graces is if we get to get a girl from campus and bring her over for his pleasure. Both of us know this is the only way we will be able to get away with it and pay off our debts. We knew the assignment and understood that we would have to film the whole thing from beginning to end. We had the right girl in mind. Amber jane is a campus sweetheart. She’s the dean’s daughter and snooty bitch to all girls like Mallory and me. So we had a plan set in stone we would be torturing her and bring her over to get used. Better her than us! Its her turn to be the submissive sex slave!

Submissive Sex with Anything: Human, and Inanimate Objects for my Holes

submissive sex

Sometimes men enjoy me having submissive sex with inanimate objects. I have this caller who enjoys making me fuck things in front of the window. He likes submissive exhibitionist sluts. I just like to do what I am told. It is in my nature to do what men tell me. With this guy I have gone outside naked and masturbated in front of neighbors. I have peed in my backyard too while neighbors were outside. He likes to humiliate me. He has made me do nude jumping jacks in front of windows until I was about to pass out too. He is a sadist. I am his willing victim. I am anyone’s willing victim I guess because I am a submissive whore. Last night, he wanted me to fuck my cunt with a high heel. I have a lot of shoes, and unfortunately for my pussy, I have a lot of spiked heels. They are not meant for the pussy. The one shoe he wanted me to use had a 6-inch spiked heel. Now of course I have had bigger and thicker things in my pussy, but this heel was dirty and sharp, and he had me fucking my cunt and my ass with it. I was worried I might impale something. He made me snap some pictures, so he knew I really had the shoe. He keeps me on my toes. I cut the inside of my cunt somehow because I started bleeding. Not bad. My pussy and ass have bled harder from rough sex before. But my cunt was stinging, and he was just laughing. Laughing at my pain. I told you he was a sadist. I am just a nasty subby bitch, so I guess we are a good match. I love his calls, but I dread them too. Sometimes, submissive phone sex is just as rough on me as real time with a master.

Can You Handle Two Submissive Slits?

Submissive sex

If you’re fortunate enough to find two hot slutty slaves that want to have submissive sex with then I’d say you should play the lottery because lady luck is definitely on your side!  Most guys have to pay for two passive pussies to pound when they need more than one woman to slap around and subjugate.  My friend and I like the way you look, so we want you to dominate our dong ditches and fill us both up with cum.  If you want to, that is.

You might not have what it takes to get the job done.  Not talking about the size of your beaver beater, that really doesn’t matter.  Sure, huge cocks are great, but most guys are about average or less.  I’m talking about the drive and determination needed to handle two slutty sub whores and really make us feel like you’re in control.  We’ve been doing this for a long time, we know how to suss out fake doms and the men who mistakenly believe they could be the master of even one submissive slut, let alone two of us. 

You look great, just pick a pussy and penetrate it, Pal.  Don’t worry about what we think about how you treat us, just fucking do what you do and I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Don’t hold back, because I guarantee you we won’t.  Show us you can control two wet and sloppy cunts with a heavy hand, this is your one shot to prove yourself.  Make it count!


Light Bondage With Intense Fucking

Light bondage

I was up on the stage in nothing but a red g-string light shining in my face. Heard the auctioneer discussing the terms of owning me for the night. As punishment, I’m part of the whore auction for displeasing my master. I must sell myself for a night and come crawling back like a good whore once the night is over. It’s only my second time doing this, and I was very nervous as you never know who’s going to buy you for the night. I heard the final bid end at five thousand, this will please my master. However, for someone to pay such a high price is hardly worth it. I’m a worthless whore. 

I was brought off the stage and taken to a back room. Inside was two women whose jobs were to get me ready for my purchaser. They removed my g-string, used some long silk scarves, and got me into some light bondage. I was able to move a little more than with standard bondage rope but they did make their knots tight. I was carried to the bed and left there in the dark waiting. 

It felt like hours before the door crack open and a man appeared lighting only a single candle. It became clear he didn’t want me to see who was about to ravage my pussy. A sharp pull to my hair as he grabbed my body. Tossing me into a more acceptable position. He got behind me and I could hear the unbuckling of a belt and sliding of it being pulled through the loops. It got discarded on the floor, as did the rest of his pants. As he grabbed my ass and started fucking me hard from behind. When he was done with my pussy he switched to pounding my ass, then shoved his cock down my throat. Raping the back of my throat hard to the point I was beginning to get dizzy from the lack of air. I felt a hand come down and squeeze my neck and I truly thought it was the end as my world went black.

Submissive Whore Needs You

Submissive Whore

.I love to be the best submissive whore! I made extra sure to be naked and cleaned up, waiting in Master’s bed tonight when he got home from work. He showered and came straight to me for the use and assistance of my mouth to help out his cock which was painfully hard for me! I opened my mouth and his fast Master dick went right down my throat! I moaned when he let me play with my bare pussy for him. I slipped my fingers into my cunt and rubbed my clit vibrating with arousla! I swallowed him further down my slave throat! He got bored fast and flipped me onto my hands and knees where he brought out a pair of handcuffs for my wrists before he used my body the rest of the night!