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Submissive Whore Brutalized

submissive whoreEven a good submissive whore like me forgets her place sometimes. I will admit I have been doing things I am not supposed to do as an owned bitch. I have been playing with my pussy and making myself cum without permission. I enjoy making myself cum. I have been chatting with men online and omitting the fact that I am an owned woman.  I was on good behavior for the first few months of quarantine. I did not think that this would last long, certainly not this long. As the months passed, I started feeling like an independent woman. I know that is wrong. I have never been my own woman. I met Carlos online in a fetish room on Reddit. We just flirted and talked dirty. After a few weeks of daily talking, he pushed to meet. I figured Master would never find out. I would have a booty call. I got my booty call, but it did not go as planned. Not as I wanted. He fucked me, but only after he tied me up and abused me for a couple hours. He said dirty old whores like me do not deserve to have pleasure. He had no interest in eating me for hours or spooning me after sex like we talked about. He saw me as a dirty old whore and nothing else. When he fucked me, he did so without lube. He just crammed his cock up my ass raw, tearing my sphincter. I was bleeding. He was laughing and choking me. This was not just rough sex. He was brutalizing me. He could have killed me. He seemed so hateful, I thought I might not see tomorrow. As he made me suck his dirty cock clean, he told me he would be back for more. I do not want more of him. It was a painful lesson to learn. I may never shit right again. I have been trying to avoid him online, but he made a point of telling me he knows where I live and I better be a good submissive sex slave fore him if I want to stay alive.

My bad

submissive whoreGot myself into some trouble today. I hired a handyman online to work on somethings around the house and he was due to arrive before I left for work this morning. He arrived on time in an unmarked van but I was running late and didn’t think too much about it. As I was showing him around the house he was busy checking me out. When I went to leave I asked him if he had any questions and he said that he would be fine. I went to leave and he grabbed me from behind and pressed something to my nose. When I came to a while later I was tied up and tied down and there were a lot more men in my house. The gag that they had put in my mouth was being removed and as I opened my mouth to scream a hard cock was shoved in. I was then untied and brought over to my coffee table where I was retied down and the men took their turns raping my mouth, ass and pussy. By then end I had taken so many loads of cum that I thought I was floating in water. I was sore, bruised and dripping. The men started to leave and something was pressed to my nose again. This time when I woke up no one else was there but a note that said “until next time bitch.” Honestly I can’t wait!!

Snatched, Used, And Painfully Abused

BDSM Phone Sex

I cannot begin to even tell you how long I’ve been serving my Master as His personal sex slave. He snatched me up just after work what I would imagine a several weeks ago, and has been using and abusing my snatch ever since. I used to think about escaping, about trying to run. But now I think my body is addicted to the pain that He inflicts on me.
Every kiss of the whip makes me drip. Every single slice in my thigh leaves my pussy leaking more and more! It’s even going as far as I’ve cum while He was forcing himself into me. I never thought I would stoop down and be this disgusting little pain loving whore, but what am I supposed to do? I’m trying to make the best out of a bad situation, and He fucks me so sweet and so good I wonder if I even need help.
Maybe Master is doing me a favor. Maybe He’s showing me what my body is meant to be used for, which is as His own personal pocket pussy and form of entertainment. I’ve come to love sucking Master’s cock every morning, noon, and night. I make sure I drain His hot fucking balls of that thick sticky cum.
I make sure He stays happy, and He makes sure that I eat. Maybe I’ll just stay here forever, serving Him. Maybe this is what my whorish little body was made for; to be the personal fuck slut of a great man.

Submissive Slut

Birthday spankings

submissive whoreMy Master was so sweet this morning, he woke me up for my birthday by pulling me over his lap and spanking my bare ass until it was cherry red and my pussy was dripping wet. He knows how much I love a good spanking so he made sure to paddle me until I was squirming and then fingering me until I squirted. He ever spanked my wet pussy too it was so hot! Then he bent me over and fucked the shit out of my pussy until I was begging for more. He is the most considerate man I have ever served I know I don’t deserve special treatment on my birthday but it’s so special when he gives me what I want the most.I hope he will use me all day long, I can’t think of a better way to spend my day!

Submissive Sex Slave Panty Job

As a Submissive sex slave I am accustomed to all kinds of things being done to me. I honestly don’t mind and enjoy many of these things perverts do to get off on a dumb subby whore. I get wet for many of the calls I take. I’m a real slut. So when I had a spanking session turn into something else it was exciting. It started with me in plane little girl cotton panties and standing in front of “daddy”. Like a naughty girl awaiting her punishment by her burly big handed and stern daddy. I am that naughty girl that actually got excited by being forced to stand before my daddy with just panties on. I stood there and awaited his direction. He made me piss my panties this time. After I stood there peeing in my little girl panties he said he was going to punish me for peeing my panties. Only bad girls pee pee in their panties and I was a bad girl. Bad pee pee girls get spankings over their daddy’s knee. I got excited standing with my pee drenched panties in front of daddy. He also had some friends over and they were watching. I was directed over daddy’s knee in a different way today. Daddy had his cock out and that made me horny. I was over daddy’s knee and he grabbed the back of my panties and yanked them up like a wedgy with one big hand while his other administered the spanking on my bums. I was wet and daddy knew this. He pulled me up a bit and shoved his bare cock in my pissy panties and pumped his spunk inside of their moist pissy cotton and against my moist red ass. I was his little pissing phone sex slut, and I can’t help but love it.

Submissive sex

It Started With A Blindfold

submissive whoreI was always a shy follower but when I met my math teacher it went to an entirely different level. I struggled in the class and he offered to tutor me. I loved the one on one with him and he was so charming. One night he asked if I would like to go back to his house for some dinner. I quickly said yes, and we headed that way. It started with a blindfold and taste testing. Innocent but exciting. Then we watched a movie after, a Fifty Shades type of show. I had read the books and my cunt was so wet watching those things play out on screen. He caught on to my fidgeting and slid his hand over my leg and said, “not yet”. That made me even wetter. He stood up, took my hand and led me to his room. I followed like a little puppy. He undressed me to my bra and panties and laid me on the bed. He blindfolded me again and then tied my arms and legs to the posts. I then felt his dick smack my lips and I instinctively opened them, taking his cock inside of my mouth. He started slowing but went deeper and deeper. He said nothing but I could hear his breath getting faster. His cock twitched and I could taste the precum. Before cumming he pulled out and sat beside me, gently stroking my pussy through my panties, telling me that I needed to wait. I don’t know exactly why but I did. I did exactly as he said. It gets much hotter, but I am going to have to tell you about that when you call. I am finding it difficult to type and stroke my soaking wet pussy at the same time.

He used me

submissive whoreI was doing some shopping when a man walked up to me and grabbed my arm. He pulled me into a back room and forced me to my knees and shoved his rock hard cock down my throat. I was so scared, I had no idea who he was and he was being so rough with me! I was gagging and choking and trying to breathe but I couldn’t and he just kept pounding so hard that I thought he was going to actually kill me. Finally he pulled out his cock so I could take a breath, I thought that it was over but he was just getting started. He ripped off my panties and shoved that hard dick up my ass and I screamed, it hurt so bad but he didn’t stop until he came. Then he told me that if I told anyone what he did that he would come back and kill me.

Office Party Fuck Doll

Submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore is more than just being tied up, dominated, and fucked!
I have duties, responsibilities. I must make sure that my master is pleased and perform what ever tasks he asks, Even if it hurts
Most recently, he was up for a promotion and he wanted to make a good impression to his boss at the company picnic.
He dressed me in the sexiest little sun dress and high heals and attached my leash and collar.
He always tells everyone that I am a hot piece of ass and today was no different. He loves watching other men drool and salivate as he plays with my tits and squeezes my tight ass.
His boss watches as he fondles me in front of him, paying close attention to his hands sliding up my dress.
He hands my leash to his boss and orders me to suck his cock!
I instantly obey and drop to my knees and unzip his pants. The man looks surprised as I pull his thick cock out and start deep throating him right there in front of everyone but I feel him slowly start thrusting as his meat hardens. Soon he is pulling my face hard against him as he unloads a healthy dose of thick cum deep in my throat!
Suddenly there was a line forming and men started to circle around taking turns pounding my tight ass and stuffing my sloppy wet cunt! I was the star of my own little gangbang!
By the end of the party, my owner had been given a substantial raise and both my ass and cunt are dripping with enough cum to impregnate every nun in a convent!
When we got home, he told me how pretty I looked being torn apart by all those big fat cocks, and then it was his turn and I was so thankful for the familiar feel of his thick meat  as he fucked me long hard like the filthy little whore I am!

Submissive Whore Behind Closed Doors

Submissive Whore

Everyone that I know thinks I’m a strong woman, but in truth I’m a little, worthless submissive whore. Sometimes I take calls after hours at the office for some cash on the side. Well, I swear one of the custodians of my building has been spying on me after the office closes, listening to me have that sweet submissively whorish phone sex. When I tried to leave the other day, I decided to take the stairs after my little “accident” in the elevator. He was there waiting for me, with his cock out. He was stroking that long, thick, hard BBC; I saw the pre cum dripping from his fat tip. When his hands left his pocket monster, they wrapped around my throat as he slammed me into the wall. He admitted to spying on me when I give submissive phone sex as he slapped me a couple of times, in the face and across my gigantic tits.

Then he bent me over the railing and gave me a bare ass spanking! Oh my God he was driving me crazy! My pussy was dripping fucking wet and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him! That BBC destroyed my cunt in the stairwell that day. I’ve never been so stretched out, or so wet. I squirted all over the stairs, and he made me clean it up with my mouth. Then he made me clean off his cock and big black balls, and he left me there; naked, in a puddle of my own cum and tears like the worthless bitch I am.
Submissive Phone Sex

My Brother and His Friends

submissive sex


My brother took me out last night and I woke up this morning with my hole so sore and could barely walk. I don’t remember much of what happened but I know they used the hell out of me. My brother said they got me really really drunk and made me do whatever they pleased. I am a good little whore so I always do what I am told. Brother said he didn’t even have to tie me up, that when I was drunk, I listened even more better than when I wasn’t. He said I let them all take turns eating my pussy while sucking their dicks. He said I even made a few of them cum before they even started fucking me. I really love sucking a fat cock. I think I might still have some dried cum on my face and tits. Two of his friends have a big cock so I am pretty sure they fucked both my holes. My ass is so loose and feels like cum Is still in there too. My brother did let me know that he was the one who finished me off in my pussy. He said he came so hard from watching them fuck his sister that he needed some of the action too.

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