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It was so humiliating

submissive whoreI was so humiliated last night, he made me strip naked and he tied my wrists together and bound my breasts. That was all something I quite enjoy, my pussy was getting wetter and I was anticipating some real fun with just the two of us but he had something all together different in mind. He blindfolded me and led me downstairs where he pulled my arms above my head and strapped them there. I felt cold metal between my legs, slipping inside of me and pushing up painfully against my clit. I didn’t know what it was but I was soaking wet and trembling with anticipation of what he would do next. Then he pulled off my blindfold and I saw that there was a roomful of men all staring at me like they were going to tear me apart. I was scared at the blood lust in their eyes, the thought of what would be coming next was terrifying! They were saying awful things, calling me names and telling me how worthless I was. Some of them even spit on me and slapped me, there was no sex only complete and utter humiliation while I was helpless, I was broken. Then he led me back upstairs and fucked my throat until he came and I was left unsatisfied and used.I really don’t know what I did to deserve such a punishment.

I will Need Slave Training Again After Quarantine

slave trainingAfter this quarantine is over and things get somewhat back to normal, I think I will need some serious slave training. I have been a bad sub when left to my own devices. I am getting spoiled being at home all the time. I have been playing with women without permission. I have been masturbating without permission too. I have even seen a few young neighborhood boys and master would be pissed the most about that. He is old school and prudish. He does not like me playing with younger guys, at least not the ones still in school. The more I have been stuck at home, the hornier I have become. I am a BDSM whore. But I cannot go to clubs and I cannot see my master, so I must fill my time somehow, right? I thought I was just having some naughty fun with one of my son’s friends. The boy came over, looking for my son, but he was out on Postmates deliveries. I told him he could wait for him. I was happy to have some company. Master keeps me isolated and my second job as a phone sex submissive whore never leaves me time for a social life. Then this virus happened, and I had all the free time in the world, but I could not go anywhere, lol. This boy walked into my house like a gift from the gods. I tried my best seduction tricks on him, but he was impervious to them. I had given up and decided to make us some snacks. He came into the kitchen, grabbed me by the throat and choked him. He started calling me names like bitch and cunt. He new all about my whore ways from my son. He was not interested in fucking me. He wanted to take me. To force me to submit. He slapped me around, skull fucked me, sodomized me and came on my face like he was marking his turf. Sometimes a boy does not want what is given to him. He wants to take it instead.

Let Me Be Your Submissive Whore

submissive whore

Oh my God, hi Sir. Are you looking for a little submissive whore who will follow every instruction you give her? I have been dreaming of being down on my knees in front of you. I know you love to smack pretty girls like me in the face with that giant cock. I’ve seen you do it with other girls. I long for that and after you smack my face, I’d love it if you shoved your entire cock down my throat to gag me with it. And Sir, I would love it if you would shoot your load of cum in my mouth so I can swallow it – if you think I deserve it, that is.
I will be your darling little slave anytime you want me to. After all, slaves don’t have a choice. They just have to do whatever their Master tells them to do. I know that most of the time, our duties will be sexual in nature, but maybe sometimes they won’t be. Maybe you’ll give me the privilege of doing errands for you. Maybe you’ll want me to clean your house. Or maybe I’ll even get to cook for you sometime. I’ll do anything you want, Sir. I’m begging you to please call me so I can make you happy.

Submissive Sex with Another Sub

submissive sexSubmissive phone sex slaves make friends with the slaves of their master’s friends. Kim is my best friend. Our masters know each other. They went to college together and shave a love for dominating and owning women. Although neither of us can fuck other men, neither master has forbidden us from playing with each other. She is sick of being at home too, so I invited her over. She packed a bag and has been here for a few days. Since we are both subs, we enjoy pain. Guess what? A woman can be crueler than a man any day. I think because we are competitive with one another. Kim and I, however, have a special bond. We promised when we first met that we would never compete. We promised each other that if our masters made us fight each other, we would fake it. Kim and I having been exploring the world of sensual domination together the past few days.  She is a bondage whore like me. Her master is far tougher on her than mine. He is younger too. Anything we do together is designed to get us off. We mix vulnerability with a bit of pain and discomfort. I found her sweet spot last nice when I had her tied up. I used my vibrator on her cunt and ass, but it was her ass that made her squirt. She was tied up, helpless, forced to trust me and squirting all over my bed as I worked the vibrator in and out of her ass while pinching her nipples. We switched places, and I had to trust her. She fucked me with a big strap-on. I was blindfolded with my wrists and legs bound. My cunt was wet as she had her hands around my throat squeezing while she thrust in and out of my pussy. She found my sweet spot too. It has been nice exploring bondage games with a sexy woman. I may dread going back to reality, lol.

bondage whore

Slave training with my new Master

slave training

I waited by the door, on my knees all day long. Just like Master told me to. This morning, after he force fucked my throat and gapped my holes, he told me to sit by the door and wait for him to get home from work. I knew what would happen if I didn’t do as I was told. I knew that he would punish me again. Last time I didn’t do as I was told, he invited a bunch of strange guys over to run a train on me and destroy my holes. As soon as he got home from work, he pulled his cock out. I knew what to do. He takes his slave training very seriously. If I don’t do exactly as I am supposed to, I will be punished again and again. I wrapped my lips around his fat cock as he forced me down on it, making me take it all in my throat. He force fucked my throat and then pulled out to shoot his load all over my face. Master loves to cover my face and tits in his cum and then tell me what a nasty cum slut I am, as I lick it all up. I will do anything my master tells me to because I am the ultimate submissive cum slut.

He sold me to the highest bidder

submissive whoreMy Master took pictures of me and posted them online and told me he was starting an auction where I would be the only thing for sale. He was going to sell me to anyone that paid him no matter how cruel they would treat me. He said that he didn’t even care if they killed me! I was so hurt by that, I thought I was his love not just his property but he showed me that I was nothing at all to him. The auction winner showed up later that night to pick me up and he was the biggest man I had ever seen. He was so tall and muscular and I was terrified that he would kill me with his big powerful hands but he was surprisingly gentle with me… at first. He took me back to his place and told me that he was going to use me as he saw fit. He beat me and fucked all my holes raw, by the time he was done I was sore all over and black and blue from head to toe. I hope the next time with him will be easier.

I’m A Very Bad Girl, Daddy

This not going out has been a real bummer for me. I was playing on my Fetlife profile and got into chatting another Dom Daddy. I was swayed into doing things for this Dom Daddy. I did things on camera for him as though he was my real Dom/ Daddy. I’m sorry daddy. I showed him my naughty bits. I did more than show him though. I put toys inside my vagina and penetrated my holes. I know I am not suppose to do these things without permission. But I was so bored daddy. It wasn’t long when he was demanding I come to him and Submit for real. I was mesmerized by the images of his cock and the handsomeness with a stern controlling tone he used with me. I went to him daddy. He was not even who he portrayed in his pictures. He was a huge fat gross old man daddy and he was forceful. He grabbed my wrists and yanked me in the house. I know I wasn’t supposed to go to strangers, especially without daddy’s approval. I went in there and he had a tiny freakish cock in comparison to his massive fat body. I wanted to vomit when he forced himself on me. I am too dumb and weak to be left alone for long like this daddy. I was forced to do things and humiliated in a bad way. He shoved me out his door in the evening with my clothes soiled and ripped up. I reeked of his sick smell and of alcoholic cum and piss. Please daddy, don’t abandon me for being a nasty dumb little whore. I belong back in my cage and tortured for my misbehaving and letting gross losers use me. I should be shamed for the filthy little slut I became in this lockdown.

Submissive slut

Phone sex specials

This Submissive Whore is Back in the Game

submisive whoreIf you are looking for a good submissive whore, you found her. I have been serving men all my life. I know I look like a soccer mom; the kind of woman who should serve you milk and cookies instead of being your bitch. But that is not who I am. I went to an underground sex party this week. Master took me. The party was at his legal buddy’s house. It was the first time I have seen Master in over a month. He escorted me in on a leash. I had to crawl on all fours since I am a pet and not a woman. This put me at crotch level with all the men, which meant I had to be very liberal with blowjobs. I swallowed a couple dozen cocks, and about a bucket load of cum. I am master’s whore. He paraded me into the club like a champion pig. He is proud of my oral skills. There were no other slaves there. The virus has altered the S & M life. I am such a submissive slut that I was happy to be the star of the party. Master ordered me to share my skills with other masters. It is a way of showing up his buddies. He takes pride in having the best whore around.

One of the men there did not think I could be a better cocksucker than his own slave because I was 20 some years older than her. I sucked him again, while master watched. I could take his entire shaft down my throat with ease. I brought him to a second orgasm quickly and swallowed every drop. No way any of master’s friends had better cock sucking slaves than me. I can swallow a 10-inch coke bottle thick cock down my throat without a gasp or a gag. My eyes will not even bulge out, or water. I was crowned the blowjob queen of the slaves. I had to suck the others off again too. I swallowed so much cum; I think I gained 10 pounds. I am a good slave. It just felt great to be back in the submissive sex game again.

She Loved Submitting To Cock Also

It’s not every day I get a call from a crossdresser, sissy or just transitioning t-girls. I’m usually just getting men that want to be my Master. That’s what I have been used to, after all I am a sub slut. I am a humiliation princess always ready to take what you have for me. I deserve this because I am just a dumb useless cunt. I am ok with that. I admit my pussy gets wet even from anticipating what you are going to have for me. I love to serve master, worship that cock and suck those balls. I have great joy to act out and hear the erotic submissive stories you bring me. I love the roleplay’s and the complete submission I have for you. But I have had a couple special callers that just wanted to share how much they love to serve and submit to cock also. They dress for the cock. They are more girlier than I will ever dream to be. I have to admit that yeah, I could feel threatened by something as hot as these gals. They put so much into being beautiful. I am just almost a bit tomboyish. It’s so much fun though to hear their excitement. I think it would be great to share a big hard cock with one of these sissies I get to share experiences with. I want to know how much you sissies love cock. I want to worship cock with you sissies and share the first time stories you have for me. It’s exciting to talk to other submissives, almost as exciting as being commanded and dominated by my masters.

Erotic Submissive Stories

Little whore is taught endurance

bondage whore

The ball gag pressed hard into my mouth as it was tightened. My master lifted me by the chin and looked deep in my eyes and played with my swollen pussy lips. He had been teasing me for hours bringing me right to the edge and pulling back over and over. My whole body ached with need. I needed the master to let me off. I looked at him and moaned desperately ” Not Tonight my Little slut, we are building your endurance your not allowed to cum tonight!” He chuckled pressing his fingers in my cunt and making me shiver. Pushing in and out so deep it felt so good and hurt so bad because his touch brings me closer to cumming every time he plays with me!

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