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MILF Phone Sex Submissive

milf phone sexMilf phone sex submissives are popular on the phone. I have a theory about that too. I think many boys have some latent lust for their own mothers. Perhaps their mothers are not as naturally submissive as me and rebuff their advances. Or they are too prude to explore their carnal desires for their sons. In some cases, the boys call me to roleplay their mother. I always find mother son calls the hottest because boys are not the only ones who think about incest. I have a teen son. Now, we do not have a traditional mother son relationship. He hates me. He does not approve of my submissive whore lifestyle. He never has approved either even though my master has kept a nice roof over his head, provided him with health insurance and set up a college fund for him too. My son is an angry boy. Full of hate for me. He blames me for all his problems. He is ungrateful for the sacrifices I have made. My daughter is too. She is a total spoiled princess. Both my son and daughter look down on me. But until they graduate high school, they are stuck with me. I do my best to juggle mom duties and submissive bitch duties simultaneously. My master wants me steering away from family fun. He is a lawyer and wants me on the up and up, so I do not taint his reputation. A woman’s loyalty is always to her offspring first. What my master does not know will not hurt him. My son gets in these violent and angry moods often. When he does, I am his punching bag. Last night, he was in such a mood. He was drunk and horny. He came into my bedroom, dragged me out of bed and fucked me. I told him no. I tried to fight. I did fight initially but I went into submissive mommy mode and let him ravage me. I mean if a boy wants to explore his rape phone sex fantasies for his mother, she should allow it. A mommy needs to cater to all her son’s needs.

Cum slut phone sex whore Jessica

cum slut phone sex

Do you need a hot and freaky whore to own and use? You need a nasty, cum dump that you can show off and let everyone know that’s your personal fuck doll. I’m a dirty cum slut phone sex freak and I will serve as the most obediant sub whore you’ve ever had. My hot, bald pussy and big sexy tits make me the perfect fuck toy to share with all of your friends. I’m only happy when I’m full of cum and obeying my master. My only desire is to please your fat, hard dick. Once you own a slut like me, you can use me whenever you want. I’ll be your freaky, little cum pet, waiting on my knees for you when you get home. I’ll stroke your hard cock and tongue your asshole clean from a long day. Pound that hard dick into my wet cunt and pump me full before you pass me off to one of your friends. My tight, hot fuck holes could be owned by you!


Bukkake Phone Sex Slave

bukkake phone sex

Master knows how hard it is to get dried cum off my face and out of my hair afterward loves setting me up for bukkake parties with his horny friends. I don’t get to wipe each load from my body as we go, so by the time they’re all done with me, I look like a road that’s got an inch-thick layer of ice on it or something. He knows that the act of a man cumming on my face is already something I find humiliating, and when he adds in the fact that I have to let it build up over the course of the night, it’s really bad.

He usually saves this for when I have been extra bad and ask him if I can have a night off from swallowing multiple loads of his cum. I really should know better than that, but somehow, I keep messing up. I guess that is what happens when you’re nothing more than three wet holes for Master to fuck. I think that just since you had to read my miserable thoughts, you should call me for some kinky bukkake phone sex and let me make it all up to you!

Women are worthless

submissive slut

I enjoy being a submissive slut; I want to be the girl that gets all the beatings and gets fucked hard. Women don’t even deserve to vote. Women are supposed to be submissive. I strongly urge you to realize if you are a woman and you’re not submissive, you will ultimately live life authentically. Do you want to be unauthentic time for you to become a slave? A woman like me and a woman like you all kinds of women, women, women, women this 21st-century bullshit make everyone think that women should have rights. No sweetheart, we are supposed to be submissive bitches on her knees praying and kneeling. Two are gods, the ones with Cocks. We are their toys. We give them every part of our bodies everything they want they got from us. I crave the world wakes up, and I want everyone to know that Monroe women are slaves


Sub Girl needs Punishing

submissive whore

Master, I’m sorry I didn’t listen but I can’t help but want to force myself onto your cock when I see the way you move. The way you take off your shirt and how those magical fingers move and twist and bend! I love when you fuck me with those fingers,-Now it’s time you punished me with those fingers! Master. I love how you make me ride out my orgasm on them when you touch all the right place with the right amount of pressure my submissive cunt need to be screaming for you! You make me ride your fingers again and again until I beg to cum and then you stop, tie me up by my hands. Then repeat the process all day and take pleasure in my please and my begs!

Panty Pissing Phone Sex

I’m just a petty pissing phone sex  little fucking whore. My subby slut holes belong to daddy. And when I’m a bad girl daddy makes me piss my panties in front of everybody. The most humiliating thing is when I have to piss my panties in school. I am forced to play at my butt hole 🕳 and my sloppy little pussy.

I was once forced to suck all the boys cocks in my class. That wasn’t the worst of it. My teacher made me suck his big hairy cock to in front of everybody. Then the most humiliating part was having all the girl classmates pissing on me. Squatting over my face and pissing in my mouth. And I had to lick their cunts clean.
this is what happens when I go to school dressed inappropriately. Especially when it comes to English class. The teacher is a friend of daddy‘s, and I am always supposed to remove my panties before his class and spread my legs. When I didn’t that’s when I had to piss my panties in front of the whole class. It was embarrassing.


Pissing phone sex


Submissive Phone Sex – Simple Fuck Toy

Submissive Phone Sex

Mommy was raised as a sex trafficking slave, and every moment of my fantasies are spent with me having unholy things forced upon me by nasty, abusive men; now I can only get off using submissive phone sex or some other display of my inferiority to men. I’ve turned into a dirty house whore who makes discreet house calls to the really sick fucks out there. They bring me in their home all nice, and I stare at the photos of the wives they hate while they put cigars out along my back, or spank me until their wrist hurts from the swing; never mind my poor, raw ass! I get treated like a worthless fuck toy, a simple breeding whore, and that’s the life for Mommy Tracy.

Milf phone sex whore Jessica

milf phone sex

I had some naughty, kinky fun with my son last night. He didn’t get a chance to lick mommy’s cum holes clean on New Year’s eve, so he wanted to make up for it. He loves catching his milf phone sex whore mommy sneaking back into the house after a long night out. He knows that mommy spends her nights at the bar being passed around all of those big biker guys. He’s always waiting up late at night to see me. He forces me to tell him where I’ve been and then makes me spread my legs to show him how sticky my cummy cunt is. I’m always a little embarrassed to admit to him that I’ve been out being used like a gangbang slut, but he always makes mommy feel better. He just wants to show me that he’s the only man I need. Last night he pounded my wet fuck holes so good that I don’t think I’ll ever have to go out again to get fucked!


Submissive Slut for 2022

submissive slut

It might be a new year, but I am the same submissive slut that I always have been. I’m here and ready to make sure that your 2022 is everything you hope that it will be sexually. All I care about in life is making sure that big, strong men like you get everything they want and need. I know that it’s not that you just want to use and abuse women like me. It’s what you need. I accept it, but that is not to say that sometimes I won’t be sassy and say no. Then you can really stick it to me.

What would you do to me if I refused something you demanded of me? Would you spank me with a spiky paddle? Would you tie me up to the bed and torture me with hot wax, nipple clamps, and maybe even put clams on my clit and pussy lips? I know that those are just a few options, and you may desire something even more sinister. I know that whatever you do to me, I deserve it. Whip me, burn me, use me as your personal sex slave. I am ready for you right now, Sir.

He Owns Me

submissive whoreHe came home and was in a festive mood. Off work for the rest of the week and ready to party. I heard him on the phone inviting some of his friends over. I knew what that meant. That meant that I would be the entertainment for the evening. My body would be theirs, to do with what they pleased. I didn’t even wait for him to instruct me, I immediately got dressed in the hot maid outfit he loves. I then waited at the edge of the bed for him. He walked in and his eyes glazed over. He was infuriated with me. Firmly he told me how I belong to him and that I was NEVER to assume anything and that I must be enjoying myself.

He pushed his fingers inside my exposed cunt, and I was soaking wet. He pulled them out and pushed them down my throat. This is what a slut tastes like. A disobedient whore. He grabbed me by my hair and drug me down the stairs. He attached me to the cross and put the Hitachi wand on my clit. He turned it on high and left me. Let’s see how you enjoy yourself now he told me. The orgasms continued on and on for an eternal amount of time. Tears ran from my face with the pain. The party didn’t start for hours, and he had no intention of releasing me. As his friends started to arrive, he spit on my face and told them to enjoy themselves. Nothing was off limits tonight.

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