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Submissive Slut Sucks Cock For Cum

submissive sexBeing a daddy’s girl is under rated these days! When I want daddy to pleasure me I do every thing I can to please his hard cock! It is huge so I have to be careful not to choke on it or daddy will not be please enough to give me the squirting and screaming orgasm that I have been craving for so long while he was away! I take his hard dick into my submissive hands and lick the pre cum off his tip before licking all around and start to suck it down. I lick all around and give him the best my mouth can do. Being daddy’s submissive bitch makes me wet and ready to take him in my tight teen cunt!

Hurt Me

submissive whoreThe strike of the whip against my tits makes this pain sluts pussy get so wet. With each lash I feel my tits burn and my orgasm grow. I am a complete pain slut and ordinary sex does nothing for me. I want to be tied up and abused. I want welts and marks and open wounds. When the lashes open up my skin and the blood start to flow, I can’t control myself. I shake from the enormous orgasm that you have just given me. Want to tie me up and give all your friends a turn? That makes my cunt start dripping. I can service them all. Spread my legs and hold them up so that I can be DP’d. I love the feel of two cocks pounding me. But I still have one hole that is waiting to be abused. Ram a cock down there too baby. Don’t be gentle. Feel my throat start to gag. If I throw up all the better, just keep on ramming it until you shoot your load. I want to have my nipples clamped and weighted, my pussy abused, and my ass stretched. I need it baby and I think you are just the one to give this pain whore exactly what she needs.

Preseley Punishes Me With You

submissive slutI love being a naughty little brat but in the end I have to be punished for it! This is done when you Master and Mistress Presley decides to put me in my place by dragging me down to her room of naughty toys and devices that make any submissive slut like me whimper and tremble and start to beg for forgiveness! She makes me get down on the floor and grovel while tying me up in some kinky and tight bondage! She tells me I am going to get the punishment that a little whore like me deserves. She takes my slutty body and starts torturing me slowly by spanking me bare bottom with just her hands to using a flogger against my back, ass and pussy! Miss Presley knows what she is doing and tells you to come fuck my ass as she spread my ass cheeks apart. You slam and force fuck my shit hole as hard as you can to make me scream that gets us both wet! She gets under me with different toys to torture my clit, edging my dripping wet cunt for hours telling me how I am such a good cum dumpster for her and my master!submissive slut

Bound And Degraded

Submissive Slut
He’d held me there for weeks; bound up and naked, his new little fuck toy. It was useless to try and escape him. I’d tried once, but I was trapped and there was no way out of my new found, forced sexual slavery. I quickly fell into the world of being used and owned like nothing more than a piece of property. There were constantly men to be serviced, occasionally women, and from time to time a four legged fido friend someone brought to torment me with.

I was expected to put on a show and entertain. This was easier done than said, as they pretty much would just direct and command me to perform such fucked up shit I can barely stand to speak about it. My holes were used as rotten cum dumps and there was nothing I could do to ward off the electrostatics torment they repeatedly put me through. The last thing I remember is getting double penetrated with woofy fuzz cocks and choking down loads of knotty cum.

I Remained His Perfect Slave

submissive whoreSmack my ass and make me your slave. That thought rings in my head as I watch him hand me a hot little maid’s outfit. He had rented me from my master for the night. I obediently changed into the slutty outfit and followed him to the family room. Kneel he told me. I did as I was told. He walked around me, observing his purchase. The bulge in his pants led me to believe that he liked what he had bought. Now climb up on this table slut, on all fours. I climbed on the table as he instructed. He pulled my skit apart and grabbed a whip. My tits already hanging he started smacking them hard. Going from my nipples to my ass and to my exposed pussy. Hard and fast and firm. I thanked him after every strike. My ass on fire and my pussy throbbing he unbuckled his pants, pushed me on my back, my legs bent with my arms around my knees. Holding them apart so he could view both my holes. Then he smacked me a few times so the marks were fresh. Then he pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. I yelped in pain. For the next what seems like forever, he took turns ramming his throbbing hard cock inside my ass and pussy until he pulled out and squirted his warm cum all over my tender nipples. Although in pain and tears ran from my face, I remained his perfect slave.

Bad Romance

sexy bondage

Who knew I’d be stuck in such a submissive relationship. I am so in love with being used and fucked sexually. My master is all I want. The only way to please him is with him being able to fuck me as he pleases. I was put on earth to serve him and make him fall in love with me thru sexy bondage. I’m always wearing the hottest lingerie pieces and smell delightful, and I’m ready to be devoured. Our toxic relationship is full of ups and downs, but the sex is far better than I could even imagine. I stick with him because he knows my body in ways I don’t know what to do to make me orgasm and submit to all his selfish needs. He loves to please me, but he comes first, and that is okay with me. Some may say it’s a bad romance, but I’m addicted to him. I love the pain and pleasure he provides me.

Submissive Sex Slave for Hire

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I was born to do. I was born into this word to service men. I like being in a committed master servant relationship. I need a strong male to keep me in place. Master does not usually share me, but he did this weekend. I was not sure why at first. He said he needed money. I did not think that he did, but with the shut down, I did not question him. The man he loaned me to for the weekend had some special requests. I had to wear a French maid outfit. I had to have red nails and toes too. I can rock the slutty maid look. I was with this guy for slave training. Master thinks I went soft over the past year. I did not go soft. I just supplemented my horny needs with some cock I did not have permission to fuck. This guy who was my weekend manager was skilled in humiliation and punishment. The very first thing I had to do for him was clean his filthy toilet. Not with a toilet brush either. I was the toilet brush. He made sure to piss on the seat and leave his curly gray pubes all over the rim. I did my best to be his human toilet without gagging or complaining. I am seasoned enough to know things only get worse when I do. Once I cleaned the toilet, I felt some relief thinking anything else would not be as bad. He had several dirty toilet brushes. I had to swallow them and fuck them. I was double penetrated with dirty wet toilet brushes. All weekend I had to do similar tasks. Humiliating tasks that reminded me what a submissive whore I really am. I do not think I will ever forget that I am after this weekend.

master’s slave

submissive whore


My chores as my master’s slave are to keep my pussy bald, clean the house, cook all of his meals, and always keep my holes clean and open for him to take at any time he wants! Master came home from work in a bad mood today but I know just what he needed! I went over to my little sister’s house and borrowed her brat for a few hours it was about time this little bitch get used up anyway. I told her she can never speak of what was going to happen and that no one would believe her anyway since she was a little slut I then dragged her into the bathroom by her hair to shave her barely hairy cunt and get it all nice and smooth! Once she was bath I tied her up and put a ball gag in her mouth so no one would hear her screams! New meat always cheers up master!

A good girl for daddy!

submissive slut

My boyfriend loves to be called daddy it gets him so fucking hard! He left for work after teasing my little clit and almost made me squirt all over his fingers but he told me no! So I sent him naughty pics of my soaking wet pussy begging for his big thick daddy cock to fuck me and use me up! He left early from work and as soon as he walked through the door his cock was already out and throbbing! Daddy tossed me on the bed restraining me telling me I’ve been a very naughty subby and I’m going to be punished for it! my tight little kitty got so fucking wet when he started to rub the head of his cock against my pussy but then he pulled back and shoved his cock all the way in my tight little ass! It hurt so fucking bad but I loved getting fucked and used by him! Daddy spent the whole night using my tight holes as cum dumpsters and he never let me cum!

You manipulate us

teen phone sex

Teen phone sex is fun. You know how to manipulate younger girls, and you’re able to have your way with all my friends and me. We sure as hell know how to please and won’t stop giving you the show you crave. I guess we love dominant men who can overpower us and make us cry and beg. Guess who will keep up the good work bring friends over? Yes, that’s me. I bring over friends so you can live out your perverted dreams and fantasies. I will take it a step further and concoct a special mood enhancer to get them all horny and ready for your cock. A sluty horny girl is the best. Watch as they beg for your cock, and I fuck them up for you, and you fuck us all up!

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