Game Day

Submissive slutMy master invited his friends over to watch the game on tv. I was ordered to have snacks and drinks ready before they arrived. He put me away in our bedroom to wait for the next command. I could here his guest’s laughter and conversations, everyone was having a good time. Finally, my master came into the bedroom and put my leash around my neck. He walked me out of the room on my hands and knees. All of his friends’ jaws dropped when I crawled into the room.
“Pull your cocks out, gentlemen, here’s the party favor”, he told them.
All of a sudden the room was filled with hard cocks, ready to fill all of my holes. I had a dick in my mouth, ass, and pussy simultaneously. The only sounds in the room were the game on the television and moans and grunts. I got sucked and fucked until both pairs of my lips were swollen. At the end of the night, my body was drenched in jizz.

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