Skillful Master Wanted … needed

Erotic BDSM stories

I’ve had a few Masters in my life. Ones that I always cherish are the ones who use me to their fullest and walk away an extremely satisfied Man, and that is how it should be.
A previous Master was very strict about how I would present myself. Upon entering the dungeon there would be a word taped to the inside of the door. That is how He wanted the session to start. Whether it was kneeling or the enduring position I made sure I was ready and willing for service and use. I really love being a submissive whore; I get such intense orgasms and pleasure just from serving.
Anytime He would walk in, the room would fill with intense vibes and my pussy would start to ache. His presence was so intoxicating and sexual I was usually dripping by the time I was trussed up like He desired. The most memorable was on a Saint Andrews Cross. Legs and arms bound to each of the four posts, exposed and ready. He would start with impact play, He had great control even while fingering my pussy, but He would still be hard as a rock no matter how He was using me. Weighted nipples and orgasm denial were his favorites to have me gushing everywhere. Of course, I needed to clean my own squirting pussy juices off His immaculate floor. How many ways can I be of service to You?

Submissive sex cha

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