Good Accomplice

cum slut phone sexYou were forcing me to help you fuck this girl. She is screaming and kicking, trying to get you off of her but I can’t let that happen. Truth, is you didn’t have to force me to do any of it, I would do anything just as nasty and dirty as you. But I won’t tell you, I want to hold her legs open while you force your hard thick cock into her tight little cunt. I take her titties and pinch her nipples hard, making her scream and making you go harder. God, it feels so good to be a accomplice to you. I bend down to see your thick long fucking cock going in and out of her tight little pussy and so I take her little clit and suck on it watching as she gets wetter. I love looking at her terrified expression while you tell her that we are going to keep her down here to be our little breeding whore for as long as we need. She fights even harder when she hears that and that makes you pound into her harder cumming in her tight little cunt, just like she deserves.

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    • Troy on July 1, 2022 at 12:10 pm
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    Those muscular strong ass thighs have me feeling some kind of way.

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