As a transplant from England, I grew up very vanilla: working parents, private school education, church, and strict ideals for music and tele programs. It’s only been since I’ve moved to a bigger metro locally that I have started to learn about the BDSM lifestyle, and I will admit to utter fascination. I have been invited to a couple of parties to observe, and I have tried some light bondage submission. Those parties taught me that being bound and gagged, even blindfolded, thrills me; my puss flooded, my stomach quivered, my thighs quaked. Every muscle of my body seemed to strain toward any sound or feeling, and every touch, caress, bite, and smack intensified the feeling. I absolutely love being tied up, tied down, roped around, strapped, and gagged; I want so badly to become a bondage whore. I know there’s a lot involved, and that I can never sass my dominant, nor will I be allowed to make any of the sexual decisions; all that just makes it seem that much more seductive and erotic.

Will you help me learn to be a good submissive slut? I want you to train me to please you properly, and teach me everything that a good little submissive whore needs to know. Train my tight little cunny, and teach my virgin ass, to accept your delicious prick. Tie me down, bind me up, hang me upside-down or right-side up, gag me, and teach me to take punishment for not following your orders. I need you to be the focus of all of my erotic submissive stories, and the object of my wanton lust. Pretty please say you’ll help me?

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