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Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang phone sex

Master invited some of his friends over the other night. He brought a very sexy maid outfit and had me wear it while I served dinner and drinks. After dinner they were all gathered in the living room and Master put on music and instructed me to do a sexy strip tease for them. I danced on laps and slowly removed my maid outfit piece by piece until I was naked and surrounded by men stroking their hard cocks. Master said that I was to be the entertainment and the dessert! With that, they stood up and surrounded me. I had a dick in the back of my throat, a cock deep in my pussy and a few more being stroked towards me. They took turns fucking all my holes and filling me up like a nasty little cum dumpster and I loved every minute of it!

Sensory Deprivation for Gretchen

Erotic bondage stories

Master had some special plans for me the other night! We went to a nice dinner and then went to a hotel afterwards. It was so nice! He pulled out his bag of goodies and began by binding my forearms together in front of me which is a favorite of mine. Bound enough to make movement (and escape) difficult but in such a way that any position is still possible. Then he put a large ball gag in my mouth, covered my eyes with a blindfold and put earplugs in my ears. Complete and utter sensory deprivation. Unable to see, hear, speak or move. Exactly what Master intended! I could feel his warm hands caressing my body as I began to melt into the feeling. But then I felt more hands! I couldn’t keep track as what felt like 3 or 4 other people were in the room. I couldn’t ask, I couldn’t hear them talking, I couldn’t see to make sure. I began panicking as complete strangers for all I knew were about to use me. I was picked up and placed on top, straddling someone as was forced to slide down onto their hard cock. They held my hips and guided me up and down. Then my head was pushed down exposing my tight little asshole. I felt someone rub lube across it and then I felt the cock easing its way in. My cries were muffled as I moaned out to the feeling on being double teamed by two dicks. They fucked me hard and rough and filled me up with hot cum. I felt more cum on my face and tits too as the other men used my body. They took turns fucking my pussy and ass and eventually they all left. Master only let me see and hear again after it was just him in the room. I guess I’ll never know who fucked me that night!

Bukkake Phone Sex

Bukkake Phone Sex

I had a great time partying with three well-hung guys that Master brought home to play! The five of us were drinking and doing line after line until we were all fucked up. Before I knew it we were dancing and they were grinding up against me with their hard ons while Master watched from his chair. I couldn’t control myself and was down on my knees sucking and jerking them off. We threw some blankets on the ground and they took turns fucking my face, pussy and ass. God, I felt so good with those cocks pumping in and out of me! My coked up body felt amazing and I came over and over again while they double teamed me and filled all my holes. They eventually pulled out and had me lay on my back while they jerked off  towards my body, shooting load after load of hot cum all across my face and tits! I thanked my generous Master for the day of fun!

Extreme Bondage

Extreme bondage

Master loves to tie me up and I love the feeling of being bound and powerless under his ultimate control! Just the other day Master really outdid himself. He had some beautifully soft rope and  had me strip naked and stand before him. He carefully tied me in a chest harness, tight enough that I could feel my breasts beginning to swell almost immediately. Then he bound my arms to the harness so I could not move anything but my hands and fingers. Then he did an intricate tie to bind my legs together  from upper thighs to my ankles until I was completely at his disposal on the bed. He then moved me to my side and slowly slid his cock against my asshole. He used spit as lube and slowly pushed into my ass. It felt so good to have my ass used like that by Master while I couldn’t have a say. He fucked my ass slowly at first, working his was up til he was going hard and fast and deep. Fucking my asshole must’ve been good for Master too because soon he filled my ass with his hot cum and left me there bound, cum dripping from my ass, face pressed into the bed until he was ready for me again!



Master’s Prostate Pleasure

Prostate phone sex


Master wanted to try something and have me pleasure him in a brand new way! He told me that I was going to give him the most intense orgasm I could by doing everything he told me to do. He had me start my tonguing around his ass and tongue fucking his asshole, I guess I wasn’t being as good as he wanted because he pushed me down sat on my face. Master really ground his ass into my face and forced my tongue into his asshole. Then he grabbed a vibrator and told me to use it on him. I lubed up Master’s asshole and slipped the toy in. Master had me thrust in and out and stimulate his prostate. He grabbed my hair and had me go down on him. While I choked and gagged on his cock and pumped the toy in and out of his cock Master held my head down and forced his cock deep into my throat. He groaned out as he shot load after load into the back of my throat. I gave him that prostate orgasm he wanted and I got a reward of hot cum!



Master’s Cum Slut

Cum Slut Phone Sex


I constantly crave my Master’s hot cum. Anywhere you want it, anytime I’m lucky enough for you to give it to me. In my mouth, on my face or tits, in my pink pussy or tight asshole. I’m nothing but a cock worshiping cum slut for Master! I’ll get down on my knees and lick your balls and run my tongue up and down your hard cock getting it slippery wet with my saliva. Fuck my face as hard as you want to, just grab my hair and force me down further. My throat can take it rough Master! I may gag and cough and choke, my eyes may water but don’t stop. Use me hard and rough as your little toy. My reward is your cum. Thank you for using me Master!

Gangbang Phone Sex

Gangbang phone sex


Master knows my pussy is greedy. It wants cock after cock filling it up and stretching it out. My ass is just as greedy as my pussy, it craves a thick dick tight inside. A few nights ago Master tied me up real good. He bound my arms together in front of me and tied that to the bed post with me face down, my ass in the air. He licked my pussy real good until I was sopping wet. Then he went to the door and called to his friends. I was so excited! They came in and I felt hands touching me everywhere and saw cocks in their hands, stroking over me. They took turns fucking my pussy and filling it up with cum , leaving me dripping. They also fucked my tight little asshole hard until it was gaping. Even when it was over and I was left there sore and filled with so much cum, my body was still craving more. I’m just an insatiable little whore.

Golden Showers Phone Sex

Golden showers phone sex

Thank you so much for training me to be the perfect little fuck toy for you Master. I am so eager to please you that I’ll do anything you say. I love your big, thick cock and I’ll do whatever you want to feel it deep inside my little pussy. The other day you had me get on my knees and absolutely worship it. I had in deep in my throat and then jerked you of while sucking on your balls. You must’ve liked it because you had me get on all fours while you fucked my cunt from behind, pulling out and cumming all over my ass. But you weren’t done with me then, no. You had me stay on my knees and look up at you with my mouth open while you showered me with your hot piss. I’d never experienced a golden shower before but if you want to piss all over me I’ll be a good girl and let you with a smile on my face.

Bare Bottom Spanking Slut

Bare bottom spankings


I know you spank me when I’ve been naughty as a way of punishing me but I can’t help but love it when you do Master. When your hand hits my bare ass and leaves a stinging red mark it makes my pussy so wet. The way you spank me when I’ve been bad by having me lay naked across your lap feels like such a schoolgirl fantasy, I just need a cute little uniform to complete the look. You can spank me until my ass and thighs are covered with red, blue and purple marks. Make it so that every time I sit for the next week the bruises make me think of you Master and the lesson you taught me with your bare bottom spankings.

Cum Slut Gloryhole

Cum slut phone sex

Master knows what a cum slut I am. He’s such a good and thoughtful Master too. He took me to a sleazy bar downtown known for having a glory hole and had me go into the bathroom stall. He told me to suck off any dick that comes through that hole and guzzle down any cum that I managed to get. I used my mouth and tongue and slobbered all over and jerked off what felt like over a dozen cocks. Big cocks, small cocks, white ones, black ones, brown ones, some cut and others uncut. So many cocks in my mouth in such a short amount of time that I started to lose track but I sure made each one cum and swallowed down every single drop. Master must’ve gotten word around that someone was in the bathroom because there was no downtime until closing. I left exhausted with a belly full of anonymous cum.

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