Sensory Deprivation for Gretchen

Erotic bondage stories

Master had some special plans for me the other night! We went to a nice dinner and then went to a hotel afterwards. It was so nice! He pulled out his bag of goodies and began by binding my forearms together in front of me which is a favorite of mine. Bound enough to make movement (and escape) difficult but in such a way that any position is still possible. Then he put a large ball gag in my mouth, covered my eyes with a blindfold and put earplugs in my ears. Complete and utter sensory deprivation. Unable to see, hear, speak or move. Exactly what Master intended! I could feel his warm hands caressing my body as I began to melt into the feeling. But then I felt more hands! I couldn’t keep track as what felt like 3 or 4 other people were in the room. I couldn’t ask, I couldn’t hear them talking, I couldn’t see to make sure. I began panicking as complete strangers for all I knew were about to use me. I was picked up and placed on top, straddling someone as was forced to slide down onto their hard cock. They held my hips and guided me up and down. Then my head was pushed down exposing my tight little asshole. I felt someone rub lube across it and then I felt the cock easing its way in. My cries were muffled as I moaned out to the feeling on being double teamed by two dicks. They fucked me hard and rough and filled me up with hot cum. I felt more cum on my face and tits too as the other men used my body. They took turns fucking my pussy and ass and eventually they all left. Master only let me see and hear again after it was just him in the room. I guess I’ll never know who fucked me that night!

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