Halloween Is Approaching

Submissive slut

As I move around the basement, decorating and preparing for Halloween, my mind drifts back over the Halloween’s I have spent with may Master. Every year he does something different to improve the holiday celebration. I am wondering if there is any way he can improve upon last year. Last Halloween, my Master completely degraded me and used me fully in front of all of his friends and allowed them to use me as well. It was the things fantasies are made of.

I had decorated out basement for the annual Halloween Party. Just before our first guest arrived, he led me over to the guillotine and secured my wrists in place. He added weights to my ankles and secured those, spread widely apart., leaving my pussy open and my ass cheeks spread.. He placed a mask over my face, darkening my world. Lastly, he put clamps on my mouth, holding it open wide for anyone to use.

His guests began to arrive. I had no idea how many people were in the room when my Master announced I was the entertainment for the night and they would be allowed to use me in any way they saw fit. He would be the first as a Master should be. I could feel him as he approached though I could not see him. I cried out as mush as my mouth clamps would allow, when I felt the sharp sting on my buttocks from the flogger. He announced loudly how much his whore love lashes and offered me up for anyone who wanted to participate I felt multiple whips descending on my body, setting my skin on fire. I could feel the juices begin to flow. My Master saw them and once again talked loudly about me as he said “Look how much my slut craves cock. He juices are freely flowing from her cunt, ready for any cock object to fill her”.  I was mortified but strangely more aroused. After what seemed an eternity, a cock entered me. I was fucked roughly and thoroughly by the anonymous cock. Once it started, I seemed to have a never-ending supply of cocks to fuck all my holes, with most pulling out to cum on my face, tits, or ass, leaving their mark, and making me a huge cum covered mess. I loved every moment of it. How ever will he top that party? Whatever he chooses, I hope I am able to entertain so many cocks again this year. Maybe he will throw in a cunt or two for me to munch away on. He loves watching me eat another whore’s pussy, and I love how rigid he becomes watching.

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