Happy Fathers Day!!


Submissive whore

I was my daddy’s shadow! He was my hero! Then one day after he got into a fight with my mom she left. After that he started drinking. Drank so much he turned into a different man. He turned into his true self. He started punishing me. More than normal. He would pull my panties down and take a switch to spank my pussy lips. Now that I am older I love being a submissive whore who does exactly what her daddy or master tells her to do.

Submissive phone sex

I even dress up for my daddy. I put on a mask so he doesn’t have to look at Submissive whore face as he punishes me for fingering myself. Daddy doesn’t want my pleasing myself. This fathers day I have left my cunt un-touched for an entire week! I am struggling with not fucking myself but my daddy’s gift this year is a untouched pussy that he can punish for hours!! I want to be my daddy’s subby whore ! 

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