bondage and submission robyn1The night air was cool and crisp for a summers day. The slight breeze causing my sweat covered body to catch a chill. My pink uniform was soaked and the pink and black heels I was wearing were killing my feet. It was a hell of a night at the club for a cocktail waitress. All the men were in rare form and I felt like every inch of my body was bruised from being pinched, spanked, prodded and poked. But my pockets were bulging with the tips I made and it was over. Turning the corner I knew I only had a couple blocks to walk before I was home.
Suddenly I head the squeal of tires and felt a strong hand over my mouth and around my waist. I tried to struggle but it was no use, he was to strong. I was shoved into the back of a car and a blindfold was placed over my eyes in what seemed like on swift move. I felt hands all over me binding my ankles together, my hands were yanked behind me so hard I thought my shoulders would snap and a gag was placed in my mouth.
Despite being scared as hell my pussy was twitching and tingling and I could feel the familiar build up of juices at the edge of spilling over and into my panties.
Suddenly the car stopped and I was lifted out of the back seat and into what felt like the trunk. I could tell by the footsteps and the amount of hand I felt that there were several men around me.
Someone yanked my dress opened and pulled my tits out, pinching and pulling them, hands were all over me…..I struggled from natural instinct but my panties were full fledged soaked by now and I was so fucking turned on.
I don’t know how long I was there or how many men had me. The last thing I remember was a cloth over my mouth and nose, a darkness came over me and I woke up in my bed freshly bathed and perfumed in my soft jammies and tucked in.
Was it a dream?

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