His Happiness Is My Happiness

submissive whore

My Master’s happiness is what motivates me. When he has his submissive whore tied up, gagged, and taking his merciless punishment, I tell myself, his pleasure if the only thing that matters. I live to serve him, and he needs to have his control over me. The other day I was getting dressed, Master was looking at me and as I slide my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them, leaving me standing in front of him completely naked he asked me to come over to him. Instructing me to lay on the bed with my face towards the end of the bed, he grabbed my ankles and tie each to his bedpost. He fucked my face and came into my mouth, then he left me there to wait for him to use as a fuck toy when he got home. I waited all day for my Master to come and use my tight fuck holes. It was torture, but if it pleases my Master than I can take it.

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