His New Fuck Doll

BDSM phone sex

From the moment W/we stepped into His house He took control.  I met Him at a gathering for the Charity that I do work for.  He was very handsome, you could tell from just the way He carried Himself that He possessed power.  He caught me looking at Him a few times, I was mesmerized by Him. He pulled me to the side to simply say, “You want to fuck Me. Don’t you?”  I was taken aback by His forwardness.  I managed a meager nod of my head.  He smiled and told me I would have to earn that then He walked away.  I wasn’t sure what He had meant by that, however, I was soon to find out.

After the gathering I was heading to my car when I heard His voice call me over to Him.  He took my phone to put His address in my GPS then told me to be there no later than 11:00 p.m.  He left.  I wasn’t sure if I would actually go, but He did.  I only had forty-five minutes to get there.  I got into my car and drove.  I kept having doubts about just going to a stranger’s house like this.

The door was open, I cautiously walked in to find Him sitting in a chair drinking a night cap.  He just looked at me, I felt rather awkward just standing there.  I felt somehow exposed.  His silence was unsettling.  He told me to put my clutch down and strip.  I am not sure why but I did just that.  He instructed me in detail how to take each item off, I had to listen very carefully.  Once I was down to my lingerie He had me stop.

He got up to walk around me.  His hand was on my ass, He slapped it hard, so hard in fact that I almost lost my footing.  I had to hold onto the chaise that was there to remain standing.  He placed His hand between my shoulder blades, pushing softly to indicate that He wanted me to bend over.  I did so.  He leaned over me, His hand went to my throat.  He applied pressure, squeezing slightly.  He kicked my feet apart, His other hand went up between my legs.  He then asked me if I wanted this.  I softly said, “Yes.”  He said, “Yes what?” I said, “yes please!”  He brought His hand down hard on my left ass cheek.  He said, “Yes. What.”  I said, “Yes please … Sir.”  He told me I was going to be a good fuck doll.

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