His Party Toilet

Pissing phone sexSometimes one of the master’s likes to have big parties for his special friends. He picks houses that a normally vacant completely and those in some pillows and blankets and the masses flock for orgies and fuck parties all night. This time he picked a completely abandoned house, made me clean all morning, by the evening it looked a little livable. But a big problem I brought up to him when he arrived back was in the bathroom. I led him to the bathroom where there was only the sink in there. The toilet itself had been completely removed. He laughed as he grabbed my risk and handcuffed me to the sink. “I know I removed it myself” he spat in my face. 

I sat on the cold tile floor for hours when I finally heard the guest start to arrive. No doubt he was filling them with drinks, cause soon people were coming up to use me. Pissing right into my mouth and pulling my hair back to make me swallow. He made me the toilet for the evening and warned me if any shit or piss made its way to the floor and not cleaned up by morning I was in for the beating of a lifetime. I spent all night licking up droplets of pee, off the floor and oftentimes having to eat up shit, and some vomit off the floor. It was humiliating and disgusting, so why did it get me so wet?

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