His wife gave me Bare bottom spankings

Submissive WhoreI found myself locked in my neighbor’s basement for hours.. His wife found out I had been fucking her husband and used me as click bate.. She pretended to be him and was texting my phone insisting I come over.. As soon as I got there she invited me inside and kicked me down a flight of stairs into her basement… a few hours passed by… She eventually came down wearing safety glasses and kitchen Rubbermaid gloves.. Holding a fucking chain saw..

As soon as she entered I could hear her steps creaking down the stairs.. She was shouting out “You can either be honest with me or I will beat it out of you” as she pulled the chain to the saw.. I began screaming and crying, running in every direction.. She grabbed me by the hair and threw me into a tool box! I was pleading and begging her to please show mercy.. I tried telling her I never fucked him, anything to get out of this mess.

She knew the truth; she knew that I was a low down liar.. She asked “You like being a Submissive Whore for my husband?” I cried out noo! She then dragged me by my ankles across the floor and said “Well how about a new job title – a Submissive slut for the two of us.” She forced me to suck the nut out of her pussy that he had left inside of her before he left to work. When her husband got home he came down and whipped his cock out and made me stiffen his dick so he could fuck her while she taunted me for being a worthless Bondage and submission whore..

Now, I am being used as a sex slave and forced to do things I don’t want. I should call for help but I am sure if I even try I will wind up dead.

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