Humiliation Slave Training

slave training

Even though I have been serving Master Tomas for a while now, he tells me and shows me all of the time that my slave training is never really complete. His tastes sometimes change and that means I need to re-learn how to please him properly. But I don’t mind because I always want to make sure he is sexually satisfied. He’s always much nicer to me when he’s happy. Sometimes he even lets me eat dinner 4at the table and sleep in a bed instead of my cage when I’m doing a good job of keeping him and his cock satisfied.

Lately, Master has been very into taking me out and humiliating me in public. Sometimes he makes me walk up to someone and tell them I’m a submissive whore who serves Master Tomas. Sometimes we walk through the lingerie section of a fancy department store, and he humiliates me by making me announce very loudly that I’m a whore. It really embarrasses me when he makes me ask him if I can suck his cock in the dressing room. Do you want to hear more about his newest fantasy with me? Give me a call, please, so I can satisfy you, too!

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