I Love It When It Stings

bare bottom spankings

I want to tell you something that is very personal. It’s something I haven’t told very many people. Sometimes I like to be naughty on purpose because I know I will get bare bottom spankings. The feeling of a big strong hand smacking my bare ass really hard makes my tight little pussy so freaking wet. Sometimes it gets so wet that it starts dripping down onto those muscular legs and that’s when you know that I am ready to be fucked.
But just because you are gonna start fucking me doesn’t mean you have to stop spanking my bare little ass. You can bend me over and take me from behind. Oh my God. Having you give me a spanking so hard that it leaves hand prints on my ass cheeks will make my pussy cum all over your cock. And it won’t be just one orgasm. But you can pull your cock from my cunt and put it in my assshole if you want to. I just want you to rough up my ass in every single way possible.
Are you ready to give me that bare bottom spanking? Call me and tell me exactly what you’d do to my firm little ass.

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