I’m sorry I lied master..

Spanking phone sex

My master was leaving for a week. He aloud me to stay at his house under some rules. While I was at his home I need to send him photos of myself fucking both of my holes in each room of his house. I thought I could trick him. I took one set of photos for him. Showered and changed my hair style and makeup, took another set. I thought I had gotten away with it when master came home. He said he wanted to show me something. He handed me his phone and there I was. Standing right in front of him holding his phone while he stared at me with so much anger in his eyes. “You lied to me.” Hit slapped me in the face. “You tried to trick me in my own fucking home?” He made me get on all 4’s and he used my hair as a leash to make me crawl to the punishment room. He tied me up and started spanking me for each day he was gone. He spanked me for each photo I sent that was a lie. Then he brought in a very sexy and thin Asian woman. She spit in my face as she pulled her clothes off. They fucked in front of me taking turns spitting and spanking me. Forcing me to watch someone else please my master. 

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