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I Know I’m Just A Cum dump

Cun slut phone sex

He loves that I am his Submissive whore. Being his cum dump is all I want. I am made for a master. Now that he is gone, I need a new master. I want you to use me in every way and fill me up making me you sexy cum bucket. I know I don’t deserve anything so whatever you give me I will take. If you had a long day, take it out on me. You can use anything, a paddle or just you hand and give all the bare bottom spankings you want. You can slap my face after as you shove your cock down my throat making me gag on it. I’ll take even when I can’t breathe. You can hate my pussy and asshole. I’ll just beg for more. If I’m lucky you will pound me hard over and over until you fill me yup with your hot gooey nut. It is all I want, for you to make me yours and show me who I belong to.  

Sub Spanking Torture

Bondage Chat

Master was upset with me this weekend and I could hardly stand the punishment he had planned for my holes. When I arrived to Masters torture chamber I was stripped naked and bent over onto the fucking bench with ropes around my ankles and wrists. I was completely exposed and vulnerable just the way Master likes me, when he blindfolded and ball gaged me I knew I was in for a brutal fucking. I was wrong… I felt the paddle hit my bare ass roughly and It hurt so bad I nearly teared up. Again and again he slapped my ass, I couldn’t help that my pussy started getting wet with the spanking. The more he spanked me the more I got wet and the harder he slapped my ass the more I wanted a cock inside me, it was such cruel punishment. He left my ass red and my pussy untouched driving me mad with desire.

Best Slut is a Spanked Slut

My subby slut needs are always leading my desire for spankings. Bare bottom spanking are really the best kind of spankings. I get excited and it really addresses the situation at hand. In a literal case usually. I’m disobedient and some good old fashioned open hand spanks on my bare tushy are exactly what it takes. Make me whimper and moan. I can’t help it Master, but it turns me on. I will be disobedient just to feel the punishment you administer to me. Make my hole big by a good hard fucking. Spank me until my ass is red. Use a paddle on me and make my cunt gush.

My apologies Master, I did not mean to cum at the administering of my obedience training. It’s just something that happens when I do wrong and you have to punish me. I am the worst bad girl and I will only beg for more.

Bare Bottom Spankings

Soft Bondage

Soft Bondage

Christmas is cumming early for this little ho, ho, ho that craves soft bondage. Master loves training me in his dirty world of BDSM and beating my pussy up like the obedient cumslut I am. I had been patiently waiting for him to come use me all day long. He surprised me by showing up in a Santa outfit and tied me up as his little slutty elf. I felt my pussy begin to grow wetter and quiver as he edged me with our magic wand. I give my body up to him entirely as he uses me as his own personal fuck toy. That wasn’t enough pain for Master so he began flogging my ass until it was as red as his Santa Clause costume.

Vibrating Panties Of Torture

Bondage Chat

When my Mistress is feeling extra wicked she makes me wear ‘the vibrating panties of torture’ all day long as I meticulously clean her house. She makes me organize her closet, clean her kitchen and bathroom with a toothbrush and any other menial tedious task she can think up all while wearing the vibrating panties. When she toys with the remote and sets the vibration high, I’m likely to mess up on my chores… she punishes me with a cock in my ass without any lube or a hard paddling on my soft ass. I’m cleaning all her crystal glassware when she turns the vibration on the panties all the way to pulsate, I break a glass because she left it on for three minutes straight, My orgasm overpowered me wildly and the glass shattered ruining my release, I knew Mistress would be down any minute to punish my ass for the mistake.

Choke the submissive slut

submissive slut

Want to know how you can tell if a girl will make a good submissive slut? Simple, grab that bitch by the neck and show her you’re the boss. There is no argument in this scenario. If you genuinely have a sub bitch on your hands, you will see totally why you have the best cum slut. There will be no argument in the situation.

A real cum slut knows her way and will understand her place. Instead of giving you shit, she will make sure you fuck her up and take out all your frustrations on her. the dead giveaway is when you choke her and check those panties. You can bet they will be soaking wet, and they will make you want to conquer her whole life.

Slave Training Needed

slave training

Even though I’ve been owned by my Master for quite some time, the slave training is always ongoing. Sometimes Master likes to change up his ways of controlling me and to be honest, it’s always exciting to me when he does that. He’s been trying to decide what he wants me to dress up as for his annual Halloween party. Usually, I don’t get to dress up and instead have to walk around naked offering everyone snacks and drinks. He hasn’t told me about his ideas for my costume yet, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be something really degrading.

Do you have any ideas about what I should be? It could probably be anything and still turn all the guests on since women always dress like sluts on Halloween. Maybe I could be every man’s fantasy – a naughty nurse. Just think of all the medical exams I could give. I bet I would end up squeezing a lot of balls while sucking dick. You know, just to make sure there isn’t a hernia. I hope that you’re as turned on as I am right now because I’m hoping you’ll call me and let me make you cum!

Spanking Chat

Santa came early this year for his little hoe, hoe, hoe. Master loves to dress me up in little outfits for him and show off my tight ass body. I love being Master’s cocksucking fucking whore. Sometimes he’ll lock me up in our special fuck room and order me not to touch myself until he arrives. I spent all day dressed up like a little elf trying to avoid toying with my wet little slit. I was so cock hungry by the time I heard him arrive home. I couldn’t help but finger my tight pussy just a little bit… I had waited as long as I could but I was just so fucking horny! My fingers were deep inside my pussy when Master came in. He was dressed as Santa Claus with a bag of presents (vibrators) in tow. I knew I was in trouble right away. Master bent me over his lap and started beating my ass. I felt the sting of his hand as he brought it down on me relentlessly. I’m a good girl for Master and I live to follow his commands. Spanking Chat

Cum Eating Phone Sex


Cum Eating Phone Sex I’ve been such a good girl all day… Waiting patiently to please my Master and be the cum eating phone sex slut that I am for him. Just the thought of his big, thick monster cock makes me so eager and my panties become instantly soaked. I’ve been lying in my bed toying with my tiny, pink pussy thinking about all of the ways that I can satisfy him. It is my sole purpose to please him. As soon as I heard my bedroom door begin to open I knew it was time to perform for him. I had my best pair of black, silk stockings on and my tits were popping out of my tank top. Master slapped me hard across the face and forced me to my knees. His dick filled my mouth and I felt his erection become rock hard. Master fucked my face harder and harder, treating me like his personal, submissive sex slave. The way that I deserve. I moaned when I felt his cock twitch and spray hot cum deep into my throat. I gargled the cum and showed Master what his toy does for him.

What A Submissive Whore Gets

Spanking chat

I didn’t know why I woke up in so much pain and bruised all over. I had gone out with my best guy friend and a few of his college buddies, we went to bar and I only had 2 drinks so I didn’t understand why I didn’t remember anything so I figured someone had put something in my drink and I was drugged. I tried to remember what happened I had flashes of a cock being shoved into my holes. Then I had a flash of a paddle being used all over my body hard as my holes are being pounded over and over. I couldn’t believe what happened I never thought my best guy friend wanted to fuck me and fuck me so rough. Even as much pain my body was in, I started getting horny from the flash backs I was getting.  I stuck my fingers into my sore nut filled cunt and played with my clit to the memories of the rough fucking I got, even as sore as I was, I liked it I can’t help that I am a submissive whore who likes it rough.  

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