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Bare Bottom Spankings – Submissive Whore Gets Red Ass

Bare bottom spankings were how I paid for my naughtiness. This is a story about when I was a little one with a flat little chest and a hairless pussy. I somehow in my mind decided it was a great idea to draw on the wall. I knew what was going to happen. Did I maybe do it on purpose cause I liked it a little? Who knows. As soon as my mom saw it she sent me to my room to prepare for my stepfather to get home. That meant having to take all my clothes off and be waiting for him in the corner with my little ass exposed ready to be punished soundly. My little pussy was tingly. The routine was always the same. My stepfather walked into the room and took off his pants. I could see his hard cock through his underwear as soon as he saw my little naked body. He sat on the bed and positioned me over his knee. He positioned me in a way where my little pussy was on top of his cock. I could feel how hard it was through his underwear. As soon as the smacks began to rain down on my tiny defenseless ass I would start to wiggle and squirm on his cock. I could feel it pulsing underneath me. He spanked me until my ass was a nice shade of red. Now it was time for my little chubby cunt to pay for my misdeeds. He would make me lay on the bed and open up my little legs as far as I could. He had a great view of every fold of my little tender pussy and rosebud. My stepfather would set a timer on his phone for five minutes and say the same thing each time  “if you close your legs I will start it over”.  Having to hold my legs open and accept the blows was a great way for me to practice being submissive.

bare bottom spankings





I thank my stepfather, because of him I am the great submissive slave I am today. Then he would take a little strap and spank the hell out of my little pussy. Now that I am older I realized why as soon as I started to get hair it was a rule I had to be clean-shaven at all times, he did not want the hair cushioning the blows and he wanted to see my red pussy as he whipped it. I tried hard not to move and make my little cunt accept the punishment, but most times it was impossible. I normally ended up with a little red ass and a little red cunt to match after the timer was started over again and again. Next came, the part of the punishment that I think my stepfather liked best, I was forced to bend over the bed and take his huge cock in my little rosebud. He would fuck my ass very hard! When he finally came into my tiny little red ass, he would tell me he was going to make me feel all better after one more punishment. He would take his cock and ravage my little hairless pussy. He would cum so much in it and my pussy was so tiny that by the end cum was just flowing out of my pussy. Next, he would carry me into the bathroom and bathe me. He was extra rough washing my sore little ass and cunt. He would slip a finger in my little pussy as he washed. He wrapped me in a fluffy towel and put me on my bed. He would say “Princess I am sorry I had to do that but now Daddy is going to make your little pussy feel better”. He would take his tongue and lick my little sweet pussy till I fell asleep.


Submissive Whore’s Manifesto: Getting Filthy With Your Dominance

Please, Master, use me as you wish. I’m your submissive whore, here to pleasure you in any way you desire. I’m on my knees, waiting for your command. The dirtier your wishes, the hornier I become.

My hands are quivering as I hold them up, ready to do your bidding. If I falter, I know you’ll punish me, Master. The thought of your discipline makes my heart race and my cunt drip with desire. I’m a good girl, and I’ll keep those books steady, even as your fingers thrust deeply into my soaked pussy.

I’m all yours, Master. Do with me as you will. Punish me, own me, and make me your dirty little whore. I love it when you treat me like the filthy slut I am, pushing me to my limits. Your cock is my addiction, and I yearn for it in places most would find taboo.

“Please, Master, spank me, fuck me, and make me feel your dominance. I want to be your willing slave, a possession to be used for your pleasure. Cum inside me, treat me like an object, and I’ll be your good little slut, forever obedient.”

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve!


Submissive slut

Submissive slut stripped down, collar tight, ready to serve! I love being stripped down, my clothes torn off of me as I am left standing in just my collar. That collar is a constant reminder of my place, my purpose, to serve and pleasure my Master in every way possible.

I crave the feeling of being restrained, tied up and completely at my Master’s mercy. The anticipation of what he will do to me leaves me dripping wet and begging for more. My body is ready, willing to submit to his every command, I am to be bound and gagged for his pleasure.

I live for the moments when my Master takes control, when he tells me what to do and how to do it. Being submissive is not just a role for me, it’s a way of life. I long to be dominated, to be treated like a slut and to be fucked hard until I am left a trembling mess.

My mouth and throat are at your disposal, Master. Use me, gag me, make me choke on your cock. I want to hear you moan and groan as you use my mouth for your own pleasure. And when you’re done, I’ll eagerly swallow every drop of your cum like a good little whore.

But my talents don’t just stop there. My ass is ready and waiting for your punishment. Spank it, slap it, fuck it. I am aching for you to take me from behind and make me scream in pleasure. Use me as your personal fuck toy and I will gladly moan and scream until you are satisfied.

I offer myself to be bound and whipped. The stinging pain is what I deserve Master. Spoil me by beating my sweet little ass black and blue, then it will be ready for your cock to fuck my tight ass! Pound it hard and when you are ready to cum, I want to feel it shooting into my, I mean your pussy. Everything I have is for you, sir, so call me for hot Submissive sex chat!


Scat phone sex oh shall we be dirty together.

     Scat phone sex oh shall we be dirty together. Obviously, I am more than will roll around in shit for you lover. Definitely I’m wanting to get tied up and spanked. Bare my ass.  In fact, add in some golden streams and you will see in front of you a wanton little fucking slut.

     That’s right I am proud of who I am. No hiding in the shadows for me. No sir. Order me to shit on the floor. In my hand. Rub it all over my body. Add the urine. After all I really an obedient and not to mention nasty, dirty submissive slut.

     Use me, abuse me. Give it to me rough. Like to watch me roll in the filth. Join me. We will cum together as we get even dirtier. Flick my tongue out like that of snake. Tasting and smelling with my tongue.    

     Lick you clean. At the same time as I squirt and piss on you too. Fuck me while I am squirting and pissing. As long as you cum inside of me and fill me with your golden stream and have me roll in your scat.Scat phone sex

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings

You know what one of my favorite sexual past times is? I love bare bottom spankings. When I’m such a bad, naughty girl, you love to bend me over your big strong knee and just let me have it. You have some strong knees and strong hands as well. With every single spank and hand slap that you give me, I let out a whimper and a jolt.

                After you are done spanking me over your knee, you take me to the basement where you hook me up to chains on the wall, with me facing the wall. You cut my panties off, leaving me bare and vulnerable. My legs are spread apart as well. I can feel my pussy start to tingle as I await your hand on my nice, round, plump ass. I feel that first hand smack and my ass jiggle with the force.

                You spank me over and over, using your hands, paddles, and floggers. After I count ten good, hard spanks, I lose count. The pain feels so good that I can’t help but to cum. After two amazing orgasms, you unchain me from the wall and I fall to the ground from being weak at the knees.

Prostate milking is what we do every Friday

At the end of the week my master had trained me to give him a Prostate milking. First, I must greet him by kissing his feet. Therefore, as soon as I crawl out of my cage I start kissing his feet. “Thank you master for letting me out of my cage” I say over and over as I kiss him. “Since it is Friday, you know what that means” he says with a smirk. The next part of my training is that I must bend over his lap and get my ass spanked.

Prostate milking

I love it because I can feel his cock poking up at me. The way it feels when his hand hits my bare ass sends shivers to my cunty. “Thank you master may I have more” I say as he spanks. I can feel my ass get red and swollen.  It was time for me lick his ass. My master stood up and dropped his pants. “Get to work slut” he demands of me. Therefore, I start slobbering on his hard cock meat. “Make it sloppy bitch” my master moans out while smacking the back of my neck.

After that you lift your balls up. “Eat my bitch, milk my master cock”. That’s when I dive into his asshole with my tongue. Just like he trained me I stroke his cock and lick his ass. I can tell he loves it by the way he puts his feet on me to be able to fuck my tongue harder. My tongue was starting to numb up, but I didn’t stop. I wanted to milk my master like he needs. Finally, he moans “Eat my load” and his cock starts pumping right on my face and mouth. “What a good milking you gave me my Submissive Whore” my master says pleased.

Bare bottom spanking leaves me red like roses for Valentines

For Valentine’s Day my master left my red and blue with Bare bottom spankings. After he pulled me out of my cage and tied me up in position, he pulled out his biggest paddle. “Your ass will be red like roses and blue like violets, that is my gift to you” he said as he positioned himself to beat my bare ass. “Every time my paddle hits your ass, I want you to thank me” he demanded of me. After the first time the paddle hit my ass it sent shivers all through my body.

Bare bottom spankings

But just like my master commanded of me I said, “thank you master, may I have more”. Therefore, he gave me more paddles and didn’t stop until my ass was red. Then he pulled his cock out and as my body trembled from the beating he said, “bitch show me you are hungry for this dick”. Right away I took his cock in my mouth. I made sure to choke in it like he likes. Once again, his paddle hit my ass. It was either too hard or my ass was already too welted that I almost bit down but if I did that it would be horrible.

So, I took it and kept sucking my masters dick like the Slave training I have gotten. Finally, his balls tightened up and he started spraying his thick hot cum in my mouth. Like I have been taught I swallowed every drop. “Thank you master” I said to him as he untied me and showed me my ass in the mirror. “Now you are red and blue like roses and violets” is what he said, and I got for Valentine’s Day.  

Bare Bottom Spankings for a Submissive Slave on Valentine’s Day

bare bottom spankingsI got bare bottom spankings for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, I would have preferred flowers and candy, but I don’t get romance. Not as a submissive slave. But my ass got whooped. And since I am a pain slut, I did not mind. Even though today I cannot sit still for long. If you call me today, you may hear me walking around my house as it hurts to sit for long.

I showed up at the office yesterday because my master summoned me to help with a legal brief. But it was all a ruse. He summoned me for some Valentine’s romance. Well, less romance, more pain and humiliation. However, my master was not alone. He invited a few friends from his dom group. For decades, he has been in this circle of older men who enjoy whipping and tying up women. They even went in together to buy a bondage club for which I have a small stake in too thanks to my master.

Bent Over for You Sir, Ready to Take My Ass Whooping

None of his cronies have a dedicated submissive whore of their own this Valentine’s Day, so master suggested they share me. Most of them are far crueler than my master. Which is why they cannot keep a slave. But luckily, they are just as old as my master, so I can usually handle whatever they toss at me. But I guess they have all caught on to the fact that I often feign pain, so instead of using their hands, they brought paddles.

Personally, I do not think anything hurts more on my ass than a heavy wooden fraternity paddle. And all 6 old farts had one. My master was nice enough to put a bridle in my mouth to bite down on as each man gave me 14 whacks on my ass for Valentine’s Day. Spanking phone sex will sting today because my ass is red and blistering. Ouch. I guess I need to get better at faking pain, because I do not want the wooden paddle treatment again anytime soon.

Submissive sex with Shiloh will have you cumming hard!

Submissive sex Submissive sex is the best when you have a dominant man ready to take control and do whatever he wants to you. So David is the perfect fuck for me; he is aggressive and knows how to please me. Usually we set up a hot scenario where I meet him back at his place and wait for him. Lots of times I will be half naked in the kitchen so when he walks in he could just slip his cock inside any hole he wants. Most times he picks my ass hole so I scream and yelp like a whore; he loves to watch me in pain. 

David gives the best Bare bottom spankings while he rails out my hot holes from behind. I am usually begging for him to stop because my ass hurts so bad. He keeps going until my cheeks are beat red; sometimes he even uses a paddle on me. By the end of our sessions I am begging for mercy and can’t take the slapping anymore. This time he used his hand the whole time while I bent over and bucked my hips back onto his cock. He was plowing out my cunt hole because he said he needed to feel how sloppy I got while he abused me. 

Your cock will explode with the best Cum slut phone sex! You need a bitch like me who will satisfy all your needs; that includes your darkest fantasies and kinks. I know you need a slave who craves violation and abuse; there is nothing that makes me cum harder than degrading men. Being used makes me feel like I am living up to my true life purpose. Let me make you cum deep in my hot wet hole just like David does when he slams his big fat rod in me.

Gangbang phone sex is where I got what I need

Now that I don’t have a master, I was looking for some fun on Gangbang phone sex. I got what I was looking for. Not only did I find one dominant man, I found a group of them. Therefore, I planned a fun gangbang party for the new year’s. First, I want them to take turns and spank my ass. The harder they spank me the wetter my cunty gets. “Dominate me and give my ass spankings, put me in my place” I beg.

Gangbang phone sex

One of the masters slapped my face calling a filthy bitch I was before shoving his cock in my mouth. Part of my training has been to take anything in my mouth master has for me. “More please” I beg as his cock pumps out my mouth. Then another one of my new masters started rubbing his cock on my ass. “A good filthy bitch knows how to take her masters cock in any hole” he laughs. After that with a hard push he shoves his cock deep in my ass.

“Take every inch of his cock in your ass” a few of them cheer. “You better take my cock in your cunt at the same time” one of them said loudly as he points his cock to my cunt. They all fucked me hard until cum was dripping out of my holes. Then the next set of dicks were being forced into every hole. All night I got Slave training, and I was fucked by dominant dicks.