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Slave Training Needed

slave training

Even though I’ve been owned by my Master for quite some time, the slave training is always ongoing. Sometimes Master likes to change up his ways of controlling me and to be honest, it’s always exciting to me when he does that. He’s been trying to decide what he wants me to dress up as for his annual Halloween party. Usually, I don’t get to dress up and instead have to walk around naked offering everyone snacks and drinks. He hasn’t told me about his ideas for my costume yet, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be something really degrading.

Do you have any ideas about what I should be? It could probably be anything and still turn all the guests on since women always dress like sluts on Halloween. Maybe I could be every man’s fantasy – a naughty nurse. Just think of all the medical exams I could give. I bet I would end up squeezing a lot of balls while sucking dick. You know, just to make sure there isn’t a hernia. I hope that you’re as turned on as I am right now because I’m hoping you’ll call me and let me make you cum!

Spanking Chat

Santa came early this year for his little hoe, hoe, hoe. Master loves to dress me up in little outfits for him and show off my tight ass body. I love being Master’s cocksucking fucking whore. Sometimes he’ll lock me up in our special fuck room and order me not to touch myself until he arrives. I spent all day dressed up like a little elf trying to avoid toying with my wet little slit. I was so cock hungry by the time I heard him arrive home. I couldn’t help but finger my tight pussy just a little bit… I had waited as long as I could but I was just so fucking horny! My fingers were deep inside my pussy when Master came in. He was dressed as Santa Claus with a bag of presents (vibrators) in tow. I knew I was in trouble right away. Master bent me over his lap and started beating my ass. I felt the sting of his hand as he brought it down on me relentlessly. I’m a good girl for Master and I live to follow his commands. Spanking Chat

Cum Eating Phone Sex


Cum Eating Phone Sex I’ve been such a good girl all day… Waiting patiently to please my Master and be the cum eating phone sex slut that I am for him. Just the thought of his big, thick monster cock makes me so eager and my panties become instantly soaked. I’ve been lying in my bed toying with my tiny, pink pussy thinking about all of the ways that I can satisfy him. It is my sole purpose to please him. As soon as I heard my bedroom door begin to open I knew it was time to perform for him. I had my best pair of black, silk stockings on and my tits were popping out of my tank top. Master slapped me hard across the face and forced me to my knees. His dick filled my mouth and I felt his erection become rock hard. Master fucked my face harder and harder, treating me like his personal, submissive sex slave. The way that I deserve. I moaned when I felt his cock twitch and spray hot cum deep into my throat. I gargled the cum and showed Master what his toy does for him.

What A Submissive Whore Gets

Spanking chat

I didn’t know why I woke up in so much pain and bruised all over. I had gone out with my best guy friend and a few of his college buddies, we went to bar and I only had 2 drinks so I didn’t understand why I didn’t remember anything so I figured someone had put something in my drink and I was drugged. I tried to remember what happened I had flashes of a cock being shoved into my holes. Then I had a flash of a paddle being used all over my body hard as my holes are being pounded over and over. I couldn’t believe what happened I never thought my best guy friend wanted to fuck me and fuck me so rough. Even as much pain my body was in, I started getting horny from the flash backs I was getting.  I stuck my fingers into my sore nut filled cunt and played with my clit to the memories of the rough fucking I got, even as sore as I was, I liked it I can’t help that I am a submissive whore who likes it rough.  

Don’t be nice to me daddy

Spanking chat

I love to show you how you can use me. I love to be spanked and fucked like a little whore. Spanking chat is my favorite. It’s beyond hot to be able to be used as a little cum whore. You know you will always be my master as long as you put me in your place. Don’t have any mercy for me. It is nice to know that I will always be your little fuck slut.

When you show me you have authority over me, it makes my pussy wet. Spank me and paddle me till I’m all red and crying like a whore.

You know that you will make me your little pain slut doll. I’m so ready to get my ass fucked and my pussy by you, daddy.

Bad Romance

sexy bondage

Who knew I’d be stuck in such a submissive relationship. I am so in love with being used and fucked sexually. My master is all I want. The only way to please him is with him being able to fuck me as he pleases. I was put on earth to serve him and make him fall in love with me thru sexy bondage. I’m always wearing the hottest lingerie pieces and smell delightful, and I’m ready to be devoured. Our toxic relationship is full of ups and downs, but the sex is far better than I could even imagine. I stick with him because he knows my body in ways I don’t know what to do to make me orgasm and submit to all his selfish needs. He loves to please me, but he comes first, and that is okay with me. Some may say it’s a bad romance, but I’m addicted to him. I love the pain and pleasure he provides me.

Becoming Your Dirty Submissive

I have always been daddy’s perfect girl or just a daddy’s girl in general. Now I’m ready to take it a step farther and become my masters good girl! But lately I’m in a dire need of a new master. I just don’t seem to be getting the correct training that stays consistent to keep me from being a little brat. I need a big master daddy cock to take me away and lock me up for a while! Telling me that I can’t even go to the bathroom without his permission and may wet my pussy while I’m locked in his cage! When he finally comes back after hours he hands me a toy and says to play with myself for him and his friends! I feel nothing but humiliation and embaressment as he steps on my head, forcing my face into the ground but it makes me to wet that I am so happy for the toy so I can start fucking myself while they watch!

erotic bdsm storiesBut Master takes the toy away just as I am about to feel my body convulse in waves of pleasure of the hottest orgasm, “No master please!” They all laugh and tease while pointing at my quivering body. I’m left alone again this time, I’m tied to a bed still haven’t gone to the bathroom. While Master is away with his friends I can’t help it and finally release my mess that had been building up in my bladder! I whimper and squirm around while I want to cry out for Maser but I don’t want to be in trouble! But soon I hear him coming in, this time all alone. I apoligize over and over but that doesn’t stop him from grabbing my hair and cutting the ropes from my wrist and forcing me over his knee. He whips and spanking until I’m a nice shade of red. He pulled my head up by my hair and whispered “The next time you make such a mess without my permission, your ass will be black and blue.” I know that was a promise Master.

Spanking Chat Is Punitively Savage

I was raised in a household that practiced corporal punishment by the man of the house. My dad trained me well especially with spankings. I enjoy spanking chat sessions where I am punished for being the dumb little slut I am. It’s no wonder I tend to sneak out and get into trouble so much. I have come to enjoy it so much. As the only girl in my family, besides my mom, it was a never ending world of punishments. I get off on them.

My mom and dad both smoked in the house. They sometimes even got a little drunk and I would wake up and wonder downstairs when they were entertaining friends. I always did this in just my panties. It was frowned upon, but I hate wearing clothes to bed or at home. You see, I always set myself up for these punishments. It’s become a game with me.

One day I snuck into my mothers purse and snuck a cigarette. I went outside and started puffing and coughing on it. I was young. My big brother caught me and made me bend over so he could spank me. I was getting wet and realized I was a dirty little slut just then. He took that cigarette and put it out on my red bum. I screamed and he got hard. He shut me up with his hard cock in my mouth and that was just the start of my submissiveness and trouble making in my family.

Spanking chat

Spanking chat with me


Spanking chat

Pound my perfect ass and show me I’m worthless and can’t handle men. You have to slap me around and do all the things that you want. I want a spanking chat because I want you to tell me how you will fuck me and ruin me. I want to be on my knees, begging you to let me cum. Deny me and tease me till I am crying for your permission to climax. I want you to play mind games with me and show me you’re in charge. My friends can all watch and see how submissive I am to you and your cock. Let your friends come over to use me for their likings as well. It is so perfect to feel you slap me around and make me bruise. I want a ton of marks on me because that’s what I deserve. You only get hard watching me get used. Like a slut, and I know you want to be your punching bag.


Submissive Whore Showdown

Submissive WhoreMy wet pussy and tight ass are there for my master to use whenever he feels like dumping his hot steamy load!

And I love it when he feels like it!

I know he owns me but that does not mean I don’t love it!

And if some slut thinks she is going to come and take my place as his obedient whore, she better be ready for a fight!

There is nothing I wouldn’t do to see that smile on his face when he is watching my ass get torn apart by some throbbing hard cock that he rented me out to!

There is nothing I would rather do that drink his cum as he chokes me with his massive meat!

And if he wants to shower my cum covered tits with piss, I wont even turn my face away!

I need to feel his large strong hands on my body, whether he is spanking me, slapping me, or holding my hips while he pounds my tight cunt, it all feels good, especially the pain!

So if some whore thinks she can move me aside, I will reach inside that skank’s cunt and rip it out from the inside!

I will zip tie her tits so tight that she will wish they fell off and I will fuck her ass hard with a glowing fire poker!

Because if she is going to be with my master…she better learn to love the pain!

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