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I failed at Prostate milking so was put in my place

Men are so much more powerful, and I am just a worthless bitch. I feel lucky if my master uses me for Prostate milking. I get tired of being in my cage, so I was happy when you finally let me out. You told me a hoe bitch like me should feel lucky that you will let me eat your ass. I stick my tongue out and like a hungry puppy I start lapping at your asshole. Your moans told me I was doing a good job but when you pulled my hair and started to choke me and slap my face, I knew it wasn’t good enough job. I pleaded for you to have mercy on me and let me milk you anyways.

Prostate milking

You love hearing me plea for mercy. You gave me a bit of mercy and stopped choking me so I could breathe and bent me over and spanked my bare ass until it was red. But you wanted to use my mouth, you shoved your cock in my throat and used it to milk your master cock meat. When you finally filled my throat up with semen, I realized why hurting me for you off. You like to be in control and have all the power and I must be your happy Submissive Whore. 


Toilet Whore Deserves to be Spanked

Spanking chat

I swear to be a good little piss and shit gobbling whore. Use me as a toilet and you can slide your shit right down my throat. I don’t care how long you need me to keep my mouth open; I love being your toilet slave. You can use me as your personal cum rag as well as your toilet paper. You can tie me up in tight ropes or tight cuffs so that my only purpose in life is to be a toilet for you whenever you ask. If I let one drop of shit or piss escape my lips, you can spank me as punishment. My tight, juicy ass is ready for your spankings. You can slap my cheeks until they’re completely red. I deserve it. I deserve to be punished for wasting your golden stream. I don’t care if you need to spank me for hours. I am your worthless little toilet and you can punish me as you see fit.

Dungeon call

submissive slut

I went down for some secret meeting. As a submissive slut I am taught by my master anything can transpire. Down to the dungeon, I went.  Every time I have to go there, I am always expecting the worst sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s terrible other times it’s a surprise that’s not too bad. After being beaten to a bloody pulp all weekend, I dreaded what it could be. The first rule of the torture chamber is don’t complain.  It doesn’t matter if you’re bleeding profusely and you’ve been beaten for hours if you complain or let it be known how unhappy you are, you will be tortured even more. all he wanted was an excellent deep blow job. The kind of Bj that will put him in the best mood ever.  Immediately I went on my knees and began to worship Him and deepthroat him. As a thank you he pissed all over my face and gave me a nice slap to the face.

submissive sex for life

submissive sex

All the pain of him spanking me and using me and giving me submissive sex that’s all that has me in a doozy. The pain radiates through my body but I still need him I want him I’m obsessed I can’t help it I’m only for him. As he takes over my body and mind and soul and shoves his dick and me with no remorse he calls up on all his friends to use me up. The spanking the choking the abuse will never stop.  I am his and only has and I belong to him for life so he’s going to always let me know with his actions that I have no say so. Now I know that I was born to be a submissive girl

Bare bottom spankings from Alpha male

I have been needing some Bare bottom spankings since right now I am not collard or owned by any master. I got on a chat and found an Alpha male who reminded me of my last master. He spoke about tying me up and making me into his bondage slut cum bucket. The way he spoke got my cunt hot and ready. When he came over, I greeted him on my knees. He smiled at the sight of me being naked on my knees waiting for his next direction. That is when he came up behind me and spanked my ass hard over and over with his belt, he had taken off his waist. Every time his belt hit my ass; he asked me if I was ready to be his Bondage whore. oh I was and I held my hands together like my old master liked and I presented my wrists. As he tied me up, I felt my cunt twitch. He even extended the rope to tie my feet to my hands. I was spread open and that made it easy for him to see my red welted ass and wet pussy. That was all he needed to fuck my holes, and he did all night. After he dump all his semen in my holes, he finished by giving me a golden shower, like a true alpha male. He gave me all I needed.

Bare bottom spanking

I Need You to Punish My Bare Ass, Daddy!

Bare bottom spankingsI need you to spank my ass until it’s red. You own my ass, Daddy. I need to be punished because I’ve been a very bad girl. I looked on your computer and saw all of your dirty porn history. I couldn’t resist watching some of them, getting off to those kinky videos and dripping cum on your office chair. You smelled my cum on your chair and knew that I had to be responsible. Now, I’m ready to take my punishment. Spank my bare ass, please! Make me your good girl again. Only your discipline can guide me to be a better slut for you. My pussy belongs to you. My ass belongs to you. I shouldn’t touch myself or watch porn without your permission, Daddy. I shouldn’t leave cum soaking on the office chair that you could have licked up off of me. I know I can take the punishment. You can go for hours and I’ll remain on your lap until I pass out.

Hurt me with your slave training

Slave training“Ow! Oh fuck!” The slap of my titties bouncing against each-other after his palm landed firmly to the side was enough to scramble my expression and wet my loins for his effective slave training. I’m a glutton for a little agony every once in a while, and that means when a man gets in his head that I’m a toy to be played with I respect him more if he’s willing to hurt me. I cried out his name, I cried a little in general, and my titties shined a little red. My breaths were heavy, while I moaned and twitched. He had created a rhythm for me, one that had my body in sync with my heart beat. “Harder~” I gasped, begging him to give me all of his passion in a way that I couldn’t ever forget. “Make me bleed.” A lot of men are into a woman who knows her place, I’m one of them, and I get a lot of appreciation. There’s nothing better than a woman that you can smack, hit, abuse and torture, who’ll beg for more with a teary smile and a dripping cunt. “Cum.” I heard him order, and I couldn’t stop myself from giving in and giving him the treat he requested.

Bare bottom spankings for worthless whore until welts show up

When you are a worthless whore, your master will use you to let out his daily frustrations. When my master has a bad day, he comes home and lets me out of my cage for Bare bottom spankings. His spankings are always hard but when he has had a bad day, they leave my bare red and swollen. Depending on what he uses I might get some blisters and will bleed. Since I am just his whore to use. It doesn’t matter how much pain I feel, as long as he feels happy and relaxed. I should feel happy that he uses me because I am nothing special, just a cum dumpster slut. That is why he dumps his load in any hole of his choosing. I know I am his favorite cum slut because I take all the Slave training I can get. Any chance I have to get used I want it. Sometimes if I am lucky, he will use my asshole and I will sneakily rub my clitty. That makes me cum so hard when my master fills my asshole up. If my master catches me, I know I have to be ready for more punishment. but it is worth it to cum with my master sometimes.  

Bare bottom spankings

Punishing Your Bondage Slut When She Flashes Someone

Bondage phone sex

I can’t believe you put me in these tiny little clothes and make me walk around in public with them. It is so embarrassing to be exposing myself like this. These clothes barely cover my tits or my ass. To make matters worse, I’m not wearing any lingerie. One wrong move and I’ll be flashing everyone in sight. You make me walk around in tall high heels and my extra small clothing. As you walk, you bend over and drop something on the ground, ordering me to bend down and get it. I know that you did that on purpose, waiting to see how I would bend down. It’s no use fighting against it as I bend down to pick up your object. As I am bent down, my pussy and my ass are completely exposed to the public. You make me stay there in that position while you spank me, punishing me for being a dirty exhibitionist slut. So, you’ll make me wear these tight, uncomfortable clothes that barely cover my body and punish me when I flash people? That is so unfair! Every day will end with a red ass!

Bare bottom spankings and a piss face from master daddy

Master daddy beat me harder after giving me Bare bottom spankings. See daddy was raising me to take anything he has for me, because I was made so he could use me. That is how I was raised and I should have only thanked daddy for every moment the paddle hit my ass. But after my ass was red and swollen I cried and begged him to stop. What a mistake, daddy turned me around and slapped my face and mouth. He was not just daddy but my master too, so he had to put me in my place and teach me. He pulled his cock out and started spraying my face with his piss. He needed me to no longer be dripping with tears. I would be dripping with piss. After that he bent over right in front of me and spread his ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking. I want to make my master daddy happy and proud of me even though I cried like a weak slut, so I stuck my tongue out and lapped his asshole. I was trying my best but my master daddy grabbed my hair, pushed his ass on my face more and started grinding harder on my mouth. Finally he was ready to explode and that is when he shoved his cock down my throat. I choked and daddy master yelled for me to just swallow his nut like a good bitch. I did as he asked and when he finished feeding me his semen, he made it clear I was to never cry. I haven’t since then it doesn’t matter what my master gives me. 

Bare bottom spankings