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Spanking Chat

Spanking ChatSpanking chat turns me on. I lay on the bed with my ass in the air, with my cute little pink tight pussy wide open for you to see all. I want you to spank me spank me hard spank me rough. Spank me till I’m really red. I know I misbehaved make sure you hold that stick up high and bring it down hard. Make sure I listen next time oh, it feels so good to hurt so bad spanking with me will give you so much pleasure feels so bad. This nice round little ass deserves a good spanking from her big old daddy. I swear daddy I’m gonna listen to every word you say next time. I might not, I like our spanking time.

Erotic bondage stories Are what a Bondage whore loves.

Erotic bondage stories turn my cunt on while I use because it is the only time I get to masturbate. My master normally has me tied up to the wall. He keeps me Bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and welted.

Erotic bondage stories

He sometimes gives me a Golden shower before he jacks off on my face and body. If I took his abuse just like he likes, he may let me lose before he goes. If I have enough strength left in me, I will get on Bondage phone sex and I will use the Erotic bondage stories I hear while I have our furry friend lick my wounds and then lick my wet cunt. I need to get off and my furry bitch is the only one around I could use before master comes home. I spread my legs for my furry bitch and as soon as she smells my juices she starts lapping away at my pussy hole. I love when my furry bitch slides her tongue inside me and wiggles it inside me. It feels like a rough slimy sex toy fucking me and I cum so hard. I then get back to the spot master has left me and wait for him to need his Bondage whore again.

Erotic Submissive Stories With Bare Bottom Spankings

Erotic submissive stories turn me on all the time because I am a Submissive whore. It gets my cunt wet knowing you will tie me up and use me. The first time I learned I was a Submissive whore; my cunt was bald. I was always a daddy’s girl and did whatever daddy asked of me, if I didn’t daddy would give me bare bottom spankings until my but was red or I would have peed myself.

Erotic submissive stories

When daddy asked for me to take my clothes off, I did. Then daddy taught me how to use my mouth on his daddy meat. I would suck his cock into my mouth as far as I could, and I didn’t stop until daddy gave me his man milk. When he busted in my mouth, I had to swallow every drop even if I was tied upside down. Daddy enjoyed using rope on his little slut so I couldn’t move or go anywhere. He knew tying me up would make me submit. Seeing me squirm got daddy hard every time and every time I used my mouth like he taught me to milk his dick into my mouth, I knew what would happen if I didn’t. 

Spanking Phone Sex is What a Whore Needs Sometimes

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is what a girl needs sometimes. Or so I am told. Not that I do not love being spanked. Some men spank sensual. That kind of slow burn can really get my pussy purring.  But some days, I meet men who spank my ass raw. Tate is an older man. Not by much, but he is likely in his 50s. Distinguished guy. Sort of like an older Christian Gray type. He is friends with my master. A fellow lawyer. I was on loan this weekend because my master owed him a favor and he wanted to collect. It appears his regular girl had a family emergency and had to leave town for a week. That is too long for him to go without a submissive whore, so he asked my master to borrow me. Master did not consult me or anything. He just handed me to this suave and debonair gentleman for who knew what. Master rarely spanks me anymore. He lives vicariously through his associates now who spank and use me. Tate was happy to have me in his house for the weekend. I was happy at first too. He lives in a palace, and he treated me well. I got fed well and I was allowed to use the hot tub and pool. I saw the array of instruments he had for spanking. It was a scary, albeit impressive collection. Whips, chains, floggers, paddles, belts and he even had a spanking machine. Maybe he was Christian Gray. He used every instrument he had on my bottom too. Plus, he used his hands. I like bare bottom spankings, but this was brutal. My ass was raw. My ass was so sore too. It felt like I had been riding a horse naked through the desert. When I got in my car to go home, I could barely sit. Hell, I can still barely sit. I am not sure my ass can handle another beat down like that.

Submissive Whore Gets More Than A Golden Shower

As a Submissive Whore you greet master just like he has instructed you to. I must be naked kneeling by the door. When he saw me, he dropped his stuff down and right away pulled his cock out and gave me a Golden shower. I was dripping in his warm piss when he slapped me with his cock and told me to get the paddle. I hurried back with his favorite paddle and got on fours like a puppy whore. I wagged my ass up in the air and he smacked his paddle hard on my ass. I tried not to flinch, but I did. When he saw me, he laughed and did it harder telling me a good whore doesn’t move. He made me count after every swing of his paddle.

Submissive Whore

When I got to 10 my legs were shaking, and this pleased my master very much. His cock was hard, I knew he needed to be drained. I opened my mouth wide, and master started rough fucking my throat. I was gagging hard, and I had tears streaming down my face. He got behind me and fucked my pussy the same way. He was pounding at my ovaries so hard I thought I was going to piss myself. Master finally filled my cunt hole up, but he stayed deep in my cunt. I then felt a warm rush flow deep in my pussy and I knew my master was pissing in my pussy hole. When he was done, he pulled his cock out and his piss just rushed out of me.

Bondage And Submission For Master After A Long Day

Bondage and submission are what I do for my master. He only knows how to use me, and I only know how to be his

Bondage and submission

Submissive whore. He uses me the best when he is upset. He will put me in the tightest bondage knots. Then when I see him pull his paddle out my pussy twitches. He paddles my ass hard over and over, taking his frustrations out on me. My legs are shaking, and my ass is welted before he pulls his cock out and sucks it hard. I try to keep up with his strokes, but he face fucks me hard and so deep I choke and almost threw up. I know it pleases him from his laughter and pre-cum dripping. My body was getting rope burn from the bondage I was in, and my cunt was dripping. I was hoping he would fuck my pussy hole. But he had other plans he stuck his big fat cock in my ass and rough fucked me. He pounded me hard and that just made the rope rip my skin even more. My body tensed up which made my asshole squeeze his cock even more. That is when he filled my asshole up until it was leaking out of me. he left for the night and left me there to wait for another session. 

Scat Chronicles I

slave training

I’ve been gone for a while serving master John with a fellow nigger slave. She’s technically my offspring but he calls her Charmin because her main job is to clean his filthy shit spackled ass. When he is done shooting a loaf in her pie hole she can wash it down with his yellow frothy piss. The other night Charmin had a yummy soft serve treat from Masters ass that ended in a beating because she threw up like a sick puppy.

I’m completely used to master John randomly launching a right hook into my eyes or kicking and stomping me on the ground. He’s weird like that. Charmin still begs and cries like a pathetic porch monkey which just pumps Master to go even further. I try to comfort her when it is her turn to get 75 strokes of the cane but when given the option of saving myself and torturing Charmin; I will always choose to be my master’s accomplice. I torture her cunt with needles and clamp her back nipples alongside my superior. when the master decides that she has suffered enough he will pacify her with his thick white cock. That always makes our banana log-eating ape feel better.

Of course, I’m down there with her licking what’s left over between Master John’s hairy cheeks. I love sharing and swallowing Charmin’s muddy spit as it trickles down John’s nuts and taint. When Master releases all over his two pet coons he locks us in our cage until he is ready to use us again.
I’ll be gone for a while again because I’ll be in my cage until Master John gets back from his date. Charmin and I will lick each other’s cunts and wounds waiting for Master’s return.

Sexy bondage whore

I found myself in chains and tight leather today, Sexy bondage as far as I was concerned. My master-daddy gave me to a man who felt like I wasn’t up to his preferences and I needed to be whipped a little, given a mouthpiece while he fucked my hot slutty mouth. It wasn’t needed of course, but somehow that made it like torture. It got in the way, I was unable to lick, squeeze or even properly suck him down and that made it hurt because I wanted that, needed him to fuck my mouth while I sucked and drained his balls. He didn’t let me, he was in control, I was just a slave and by the grin on his face he knew what I wanted and took great pleasure in not giving it to me. Slave training was the name of the game today and I was born ready for it. My body shook with a little fear, my eyes were doe like and pleading, and I misbehaved ever so slightly by trying to pull away so he had an excuse to grab the back of my head by my hair and begin to ream my throat in a bid for twisted obedience. My insides quivered at that, my slutty whore fuck hole was cumming from the abuse and suddenly all I could wish for is that he’d lift me up, pump me full of thick master cum and begin spanking me during some Spanking chat. I didn’t want to be in control, I wanted his power, and I was so grateful he took everything from me one step at a time. He didn’t pump me like I wanted, he didn’t even let me drink his cum, he pulled out and covered my face like the whore I was and gave me a good slap for even thinking otherwise. I whined lowly, begging, and he took just enough pity on me to pretend like he was going to lift me up before he got to whipping again.

submissive sex for the both of us

submissive sex

My friend Cameron couldn’t afford her rent. The pandemic has left many individuals without a good source of income. I knew she needed help, and I wanted to give her some. My master wanted to help only if she would pay him back in submissive sex. When I told Cam all about the proposition at first, she was so weary and didn’t want to take part in any submissive deed. She’s a proud Latina with a loud mouth. She wanted no part of it, but I gave her insight into how pleasurable it could be. When I told her my climaxes were so intense that I ended up passing out, she was intrigued, and that alone drove her to say yes to master using both of us all weekend long. Hog tieing us and fucking both of us till e passed out.

Prostate Milking Done Right By A Good Submissive Whore

Prostate milking is part of my daily tasks assigned by my master. When he comes home, I must greet him on my knees naked. If he has had a long day, I know to be ready for his favorite paddle.

Prostate milking

He will give me bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and swollen. By then his cock is hard and throbbing. I know exactly how my master likes me to swallow his cock. I suck on the head of his dick trying to get all the pre-cum in my mouth before taking it deep down my throat. I make sure to suck on his balls and that only excites him even more, adding marks all over my back. He then bent over; I knew that meant he wanted me to milk his prostate with my tongue. I frenched kissed his asshole while stroking his cock. By the way he was moaning. I knew I was doing a good job and it made my pussy start dripping down my legs. I used my other hand to play with my clit. I didn’t stop licking his asshole until he started cumming all over my hand. As I licked his cum off my hand, I fingered my cunt begging master to let me cum. He told me to cum like a good slut and my pussy squirted all over my fingers.