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Submissive Whore Reeducation With Spanking

Spanking chat


I moan, I cry out, I beg for mercy but my Master is relentless when he is punishing me. My Master says that I have become a bit too wild. I stay out all night, unable to be reached, and shirk my duties to him. He has had enough of my foolishness and decides he needs to give me a spanking to teach me a lesson. As the cool metal hits my ass, I feel a stinging that I have never felt before. My Master has never used a metal spatula to spank me before. It is more painful than his hand but less painful than a whip, so he can go for longer and harder than he normally would. According to my Master, I deserve every second of it. I fight hard against my programming, but I fall back under his influence. I beg for his forgiveness and promise to be his submissive whore. When he sees that I am sufficiently trained, he orders me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I am happy to do it and would suck it for hours if he wanted me to. He is my Master after all. 

Prostate milking got me Submissive Whore fucked and face sprayed with nut

I woke up to my master pissing all over me. Waking up to his golden shower told me I should be ready. My master was going to use my mouth all night. This Submissive Whore drips at the thought of my master using my mouth. I just love the way my master tastes. I worship him in any way he commands. When he was done he pulled me out my cage and told me to dry up. He sat on my face and I knew it was time for me to lick his asshole. I stuck my tongue deep in his ass but I guess it wasn’t deep enough. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face deeper in his ass. I could feel he was jacking his cock off as I licked his ass and I just wanted to please master and make him happy. I am just a fuck hole for him and i know it so i was very happy when he told me to bend over. I thought he was just going to use my tongue to get some Prostate milking. It felt so good when he stuck his cock deep in my cunt.

Submissive Whore

I just begged my master to please fill me up. He spanked my ass hard and told me that I need to stay in my place and never ask anything of him. He kept spanking my ass over and over showing me who is boss and how I need to stay in my place. I was just happy to have my master fuck me. When he was about to cum I thought he was going to fill me up but as a punishment he didn’t and just sprayed my face with all his nut.

i love 2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex

Whats better than one subby girly? How about two who will do it all for you? A master needs a good slut that will turn up the heat and look sexy. 2 girl phone sex is where I know you will be trying to hold back. There’s no way you will be able to stop yourself from using two sluts who will let you fuck the shit out of them and pass them around like nothing.

Whatever the master wants, the master gets. I won’t be a strong-minded girl. My only plead is that you use the both of us so much that you won’t stop yourself from using us as dumb little cum dolls. We will always let you and your friends run a train on us.

Spanking Phone Sex with a Spanking Addicted Whore

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is my favorite. Now, I do not like to tell men what my favorite thing is because then that is all we do and suddenly, it is no longer my favorite. But I have been spanked ever since I was a wee girl. My father was a fan of spanking my bare bottom as a little girl. I would later realize he was not using spankings to punish me. It was more for his sexual pleasure. I hated my father, and I never liked it when he would whack my ass. He used his bare hands primarily, but he used paddles, belts, tree branches and anything in the kitchen from wooden spoons to rolling pins. I think what I dreaded the most, however, was my hairbrush. Those bristles sting. Funny that I am a spanking whore now. It was how I met my master. I was young and married living in New York City. I had a part-time gig in a fetish club. I was a cocktail waitress, but men could pay to spank me or tie me up or whatever they wanted. I was a high school dropout and a runaway. I did not have many job opportunities. Letting strangers give me bare bottom spankings for a fee was the most I could aspire to back then. Now, thanks to my love hate relationship with spanking, I am a paralegal and a subby whore. My master flew me to California, made me his slave and his paralegal. He helped me get legally divorced from my abusive husband. He set me up in a house, gave me a generous salary and supported my son and daughter too. Master loves to spank me too. He says I have the perfect ass for spanking. My father used to say that of my little bubble butt. Funny, how the one thing you hate as a young girl, is the one thing that shapes the rest of your life. Once a spanking submissive whore, always one.

Erotic Stories at the Bondage Gym

Erotic submissive stories

All of the docile dick pleasers I know workout at the same sex slave themed gym and, as you could imagine, we all share our erotic submissive stories with each other while we work on our fuck fitness.  I have plenty of tasty tales to tell but I like hearing about all of the torture and abuse the other bondage loving beauties most of all.  It makes me feel like I’m a part of a crazy, cum filled community, not to mention the fact that they make my pussy get all gushy.

   These aren’t your average workouts, everything is twisted a bit to help train our twats to take the abuse and torture that we’re bound to encounter in our world of sexy servitude.  The trampy trampolines, for example, have a guy at the top of them waiting for an accommodating waif to jump a little too high so he can flog them on the head, neck and shoulders.  Catch on and stay too low for him to hit you and he’ll dump buckets of ice water on you until you jump higher.  It’s a real treat!

Spanking spin class is my favorite.  They give us bikes to ride around a track where we get chased by a masked dom running around with a slut paddle.  If he catches you, and he always does, he pushes you off of the bike, holds you down and paddles you until your butt is bright red and SLUT stamped.  Then he hops up and runs off after someone else leaving you laying on the floor with your baboon whore ass up in the air for everyone to see.  It’s great, you can keep racing around the track for as long as your ass can take it!

The creamy wall climb is hard as hell.  Try scaling a wall while a bunch of weirdos stand on top of it raining spit and cum down on you, I bet you can’t do it.  I’d rather just jizzercise, it’s like jazzercise only with jizz.  I can prance around amongst arcing ropes of jism for hours, I absolutely love dancing in dick juice!  The cardio is great and trying not to slip and slide on all of that semen does amazing things for my core.

When we take a break, we’re forced to sit on a Sybian and ride it the entire time we aren’t working out.  They give us a thick protein drink to sip on while we “relax” and chat with our fellow fuck toys.  That’s where the juicy stuff comes out… of our mouths and our pussies.  We tell each other all of our sexiest and most erotic BDSM stories and help each other have orgasm after screaming orgasm while we grind our gashes into our sex machines.  No shit, this gym is fucking great!


Cock worshiping from Submissive Whore before bed

Year after year Cock worshiping is what I do for my master at night before he goes to bed. He lets me out of my cage, and I make sure to show him how much I love being out.

Cock worshiping

I rub his cock all over my face until it is hard. I then make sure to suck his hard dick just like my master wants. I French kiss the tip of his cock before I take it deep down my throat. Then I make sure to use my tongue on my master’s asshole. He loves a good rim job. He feels my tongue on his ass and it excites him so much. he grabbed my head and rubbed it hard onto his asshole making my tongue go deeper in his ass using it to massage his prostate. He will smack his hard cock on my forehead as I give him a rim job, because he wants me to know he is the boss. I know and I make sure to show it to my master by following the rules and commands he gives just like a Submissive Whore should always do. He kept rubbing my face into his ass. I could barely breathe but I didn’t stop because I was making sure I milked my master. He stopped and pulled me up by my hair. He bent me over his lap and his cock was poking at my face as he started spanking my ass. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock as he spanked me hard over and over. He then spread my ass cheeks and pushed his fingers in my ass. Right when he was about to cum in my mouth, he shoved his fingers so deep in my ass it pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and filled it up. He petted me telling me I did a good job before he put me back in my cage.

Bare bottom spankings and Torture anal sex from master

After an all-night of Bare bottom spankings from my master my ass was red and swollen. He fucked my throat so hard i threw up. Like always I cleaned up my mess and continued sucking his cock hoping he would feed me a big load of semen. But he stopped me before I could make him nut. He bent me over and grabbed my red swollen ass and quickly forced his cock in my ass. He hard fucked my asshole until it was raw and bloody. I could see the blood dripping down my legs. I took whatever my master gave me because that is what a good slave does. Finally, I felt his balls tighten up and he busted inside me. He told me to clean up any mess that was made and crawl back into my cage. Like always he left me sore and horny and after my master left, I started rubbing my clitty. I needed more, so i got on Torture phone sex. I knew there I would find another master to let me finish and cum hard. I will let you torture fuck me and use my holes just like master did until i cum hard. That always helps me when I am rubbing on my pussy. After I cum I get back in my cage and lick my fingers clean.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare Bottom Spankings for the Office Whore

bare bottom spankingsSometimes a woman deserves bare bottom spankings. Other times she just wants them.  I was begging for trouble yesterday when I went into the office. I am in the office once or twice a week, and I am about to have two weeks off for the holidays. I know I will miss my master, but I will have you guys to keep me in line. Spanking my own ass, however, is not the same as some one else spanking your ass. You know what I mean? I know how to push my master’s buttons. I can get punished if I want punished. I guess I was thinking I needed some ass smacking before I go on my winter break. No one in my house is going to spank me or tie me up. I knew it was risky baiting my master now that he is on these new meds. His arthritis is not the issue it once was which means my ass could end up so sore that I cannot sit right. I was not sure what to expect. He has never hurt me, but lately, since he began these new meds, he has been kinkier than in the past. I love being his submissive whore, but he is not as gentle as he once was. When he came into work, I did not have everything ready on his desk like he wants. I rarely fuck it up, so I was not sure he would believe it was on accident or not. He summoned me into his office. He called me names first. Told me I was incompetent. I do not let that get to me though. He had me pull down my panties. I was in front of him just in my garter belt. I bent over the desk as instructed and he gave me the belt. I was crying. I have never cried from spanking phone sex with him before. That is because he has never spanked me that hard. I guess his arthritis really prevented me from knowing just what kind of damage he could do to my ass. I asked for it. I got it. Got more than I bargained for too. Now, I will be sitting on an ice pack for days. Be careful what you ask for.

Bare bottom spankings got me a wonderful gift

Master wanted to start the holiday weekend trying to see how many Bare bottom spankings I could take before I begged to be put back in my cage. I loved being by master’s side, so I was going to take all he was going to give me. It started with him putting me over his lap and using his paddle. He hit me and I didn’t give up even when my body shook. Master smiled and left so I could make him breakfast. After he ate, he wanted to have a morning workout. Today would be different. He tied me up to the spanking bench for his work out. He used his paddle and spanked me switching arms with every 5 sets.  I didn’t want to give up. He gave a break after every 3 sets and kept going again. He started getting tired and he told me that he was done with his work out. He gave me some after care and his fingers would graze my cunt. It was making me wet, and I was hoping the master would rub my clit, but he didn’t. It was almost the end of the night, I thought master was going to give me the spanking of my life. But instead walked in naked and told me as a gift for being a good slave I was going to do some Prostate milking. He sat on my face facing my feet. I right away licked his asshole, pushed my tongue inside him. My ass was so sore, floor was making it hurt more but all i could think about was milking master.

Bare bottom spankings

I love pleasing master and when i felt his cock leak pre-cum on me it excited me i could feel my pussy start to water. To my surprise master started smelling my cunt and gave it a lick. That sent my body into shock, I started cumming all over the place. I kept licking  master’s ass until he turned around and came all over my face. He didn’t put me into my cage, i slept at the foot of the bed.

Pulled Submissive Whore out her cage for Bare bottom spankings

I was in my cage waiting for my master to come use me like a good Submissive Whore.  When I was let out, I crawled around my master wagging my ass like a happy pup. Hoping he would play with me or punish me, anything from my master makes me happy. He smacked my ass so hard it left his handprint and a sting that sent shivers down my body and down my pussy. I opened my mouth and sir knew I wanted his cock in my mouth, so he slapped me with his hard cock teasing my mouth making my pussy wetter. Once he shoved his cock in my mouth I just laid back and let him fuck my mouth. He hard fucked my mouth pushing his cock down my throat. I was barely able to breathe but his bare bottom Spankings just made me take his cock down my throat even more. When I was about to pass out that is when I felt my master’s cock start pumping his seven inside my throat. I swallowed all that I could, and I passed out. I woke up to my master giving me a golden shower making me wet and warm. He put my back in my cage wet from his piss and pussy gooey from my excitement.

Submissive Whore

Now when my master is away, I will sneak out my cage and use Golden showers phone sex to get my pussy off after master uses me.