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Submissive Whore in an Uber

submissive whore

I am even a submissive whore for an Uber driver. I was in the middle of a ride when he told me my card declined. I figured it was bullshit because they authorize you before you even get picked up. I think he was hoping I would play along, and I did. I guess I just give off the subby bitch vibe. I was horny. This stupid pandemic has hurt my sex life. I have a few married masters and they struggle to get away from their lame wives to punish me properly. If this young stud wanted to skull fuck my mouth, why would I say no. I am down with cock worshiping. He pulled over into an empty parking lot, pulled his cock out and said, “Suck it bitch. No one rides for free.” I did as I was told. He had no idea what a subby whore I really am. I crawled into the front of the car, got in the driver’s seat and sucked him dry as he stood outside the car. He called me all sorts of names and my pussy got wet. He pulled my hair and slapped my tits and I came. It was an Uber ride I will never forget. I don’t think he will either because no one sucks dick like a subby bitch.

Submissive whore is tormented

bondage whore

I can’t think straight I squirm around as i am held down. Master pinched my nipple with some clamps. I scream out in a little of pain it was muffled by the gag ball! His full weight was on top of me as i squirm and wiggled about. Masters’ hand came down and slapped me across the face. I felt my pussy get wet i love when he is rough with me. The clamps were on tight my nipples tingled in pain and pleasure. He reached between my legs and smacked my pussy, Once twice and then three times really hard and quick. I felt my pussy lips swell up as he pushed in and toyed with my clit.  Soon he pushed his cock in me and Fucked my little sore pussy silly!

Family’s Essential Whore

My daddy and brothers love making me their submissive sex humiliation whore. It started many years ago and now I am essential to their needs. The term essential is tossed around so much of late that they just started to call me their essential whore. I guess it fits me. I am, after all, their property and am residing in my dads house now, as are my three brothers again. We decided to move back to the family home during these hard times and I am essential in keeping them sane and their anger under control. I’m the essential whore for my family. My mother laughs about it and is pleased to make me her pussy licking whore also. Mom loves to take a strap-on to me and spank me when she needs to. She gets to have my brothers and my fathers cocks to please her. The thing is, though, she really prefers making me eat her pussy and be her urinal in the way that my brothers and dad make me their urinals and cock suckers. I am a very essential member of my family, and even as the worthless xxx bondage whore, I am a good sex slave for them. I do my best to please them all.

Submissive sex

Whipping my Little One for my Master

Bare Bottom SpankingsI am trying to be totally submissive; I really am but there just seems to be part of me that won’t relinquish control. My Master sees that and has been having me do thing to prove my obedience. To show that I am totally his. The public humiliation, the control of all my holes for him to use or allow others to use. The beatings, the isolations and the asking of permission to orgasm and use the bathroom. Still he can sense that I am not 100%. So, as a test he decided that he will bring my little ones into it and see how far he can push me. He has never liked the way my daughter talks back or rolls her eyes when disciplined so he decided that she needed to be physically disciplined. I have never spanked any of my young ones and he knew this would be hard. I so wanted to please him and show him that I totally belong to him. So, I called her into my room, pulled down her pants and laid her on the bed. I lifted her butt and began whipping her with the strap he had picked out. I was not to stop until he was satisfied. My daughter was not pleased but she laid there as I whipped her over and over. Her little butt becoming crimson red and tears running down her face. I started out softly as I didn’t want to do this but with each stroke, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and was hitting her harder. My Master was so turned on by my submission and her little pink ass that he whipped out his cock and was stroking it. This made me hit her even harder. Finally, he said she could be dismissed, and she ran out of the room. He then grabbed me, removed my clothes and threw me on the bed, raising my ass and pounding me hard from behind. I was so close to orgasm and I whispered, “Master please let me come”. He chuckled and told me that I had been such a good little pet he would allow it. As my Master filled my pussy with his warm, hot cum I orgasmed, and the mixture ran down my leg. He said I had done very well today and soon we would be including the little ones in our play.

Spanking phone sex

spanking phone sex

I had a wild and kinky session today with one of my favorite callers. He knows what a wild little thing I can be and he knows what I like. I love to be spanked and treated like a whore! Spanking phone sex is so fucking hot! The sound of the whip slapping my skin makes my pussy instantly wet. The sensation is like no other! He loves to hear me spank myself with various whips, paddles and even belts. Hearing a loud crack, feeling the burning and watching my skin turn from bright pink to dark red are the things that keep my pussy soaked. The only thing I love more than these calls, is getting fucked after a kinky and intense spanking. I would love to be tied down and spanked and then fucked. Taking a huge hard cock in my already soaked pussy as my ass and legs tingle from being spanked would be the perfect ending to my day. Maybe stop stroking and pull your cock out to spank me some more. That will get my pussy even more wet for you to keep fucking me!

I am my master’s pet

Slave trainingMy master wants to teach me some new tricks. I love it when my master wants to teach me anything new. I love to please him in anyway possible. Showing my master I can learn how to please him makes my pussy wet. Anything to put a smile on my master’s face not only warms my heart. but also warms my pussy. My master likes to call me Kitty because he says I am his sex slave and also his own personal fuck pet. He makes me crawl around the house with a leash around my neck. I am to wear no panties. My fat juicy cunt hole exposed as I crawl around the house on all fours. He like me to purr and lick my hands and titty as if I am a real live kitten cleaning myself. One of master’s favorite things that I do is  purr while I am sucking his fat white cock at the same time. The sound of my pur makes my throat vibrate and feels so damn good to his dick. When master is about to cum he pulls out and cums all over my titty and down my body. Then I am  to lick is off just like a kitten would do while cleaning herself up. Master wants to teach me how to lick cum off my whole body just like a kitten. That is his new trick for me to learn. If there is anything my master wants to teach this slave whore I am willing to learn and get beaten if I do not learn quickly.

Bukkake Phone Sex Humiliation Cum Well

Bukkake phone sex humiliation fun is how you are meant to use me. Of no worth do I hold other than to be used by you and made into a receptacle for any of the liquids, excrement, cum, piss, scat that you wish to expel onto me I am fine with. Just make me the thing of your use for pleasure. It’s my main desire to offer you great pleasure at my expense. I am not made to be one of free thought nor a chance to have a choice in how I am treated. I am here for you to gain pleasure off of, completely and solely. Take out that hate of women that you have on me. I do what is expected of me, well as long as you are my client. I am your servant, Master of fat wallets. If you can not pay for a session, you are of no control and I have complete control. My Masters must afford me, I may be a submissive whore, but that doesn’t make me a dumb cunt. If you wish and can afford it, I am more than happy to dish some humiliation out on you as well. I am a stern Switch, yet my role as a Submissive is my main position in my real life lifestyle.

Bukkake phone sex

Spanking Phone Sex for Being a Naughty Slave

spanking phone sexSpanking phone sex is what I deserved. I do have a great ass for a hand, or belt. I didn’t want to be spanked, but Master was not happy with me. His dick doesn’t get hard like it once did or I would have received a hardcore ass fucking. Instead, he stripped me down to nothing but my pantyhose. He loves the feel of nylons on his hands as he whips me hard. I never knew what angered him so much. Perhaps he found out I have been masturbating every chance I get or perhaps I misspelled a world in a legal document. It doesn’t take him much to get pissed off. I am his slave, which means sometimes I am his punching bag. When a master gets stressed out or pissed off, a good submissive whore is there for him to take out his frustrations on. I was bent over his desk with my hands bound behind my back. He used his hand until his arthritis acted up. That was when he switched to the belt. The leather strap left welts on my ass but it was the buckle that made me bleed. My ass is still raw. I wanted to ask what I did, but I know that would have pissed him off more. I accepted  my punishment. Today, I am sitting on a frozen steak to soothe my sore and raw ass walking on eggshells so I don’t get whipped again.

Torture Phone Sex Slut

I’m a slut for your torture phone sex needs. It’s something I understand, and that is for me to serve you. I want to please you so much that I have my toys available to do all kinds of demeaning things to myself. I will spank and whip my pussy for you and put clamps and clothespins on my labia, clit and outer pussy lips. I will torture and tease my nipples in anyway Master feels would please him. It is my place to take a good hard, open handed on bare ass spanking for Master. I want you to use me then pump my pussy, ass and mouth with your cock. I will suck off and let my four legged beast hump me if that pleases you also, Master. I am the perfect submissive for Master to torture.

Torture phone sex

I Love Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

I love spanking phone sex. It is hard to spank myself, at least as hard as you would spank my bare ass. I try though because many men love to hear me yelp. I have a big round ass perfect for spanking. My master loves spanking me so much, he ordered a special bench and a spanking machine. This way if he is tied up on a client call or in a meeting, I can still get spanked at work. I was not prepared to try out the machine today but master was pissed about some small infraction. I had no clue what it was but I acted like I did to appease him. I bent over my desk and the machine paddled my bare ass fast and hard for 45 minutes. That was the length of master’s call. When the machine stopped, my ass was bleeding. I was extremely raw and could barely walk. I couldn’t imagine sitting. Whatever I did, I know I didn’t deserve the bare bottom spankings I received from a machine. My ass is blistered, raw and swollen. I am sure it will remain this way for weeks.

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