Keep Her In The Closet

Bondage S&M

Look, I’m into bondage S&M more than any other slutty sub that I know, but you gotta get me out of this closet!  Sure, it’s your kink, I get it.  But how does getting me all horny and ready to take your cock as hard in my pussy as you want to slam it in there and then putting me away to save for later turn you on?  I’m sorry, but my sopping wet pussy and I just have to know.

It has to be a power thing, right?  Tying up a sexy and willing submissive bitch isn’t enough for you.  You need to strap us down so tightly we can barely breathe, tease us a bit and then lock us up for an undisclosed amount of time before you give us the deep dicking, huh?  Ah fuck, that’s it isn’t it?  You’re going to keep me in here with my hands tied tightly behind my back, tied up to this surprisingly strong closet rod until you finally decide I deserve to please your dick.  That’s your thing, I can tell!

Okay, fine, keep me in the dark and confined here like the rest of your shit that you tucked away for storage.  That’s absolutely perfect for a submissive slut like me, we love to be strung along.  I gotta admit, this is the first time I’ve ever been treated like a fucking item of clothing like this.  I mean, I’ve been worn like a cheap suit before, but I’ve never been kept in a closet until my dom is ready to use me again.  I guess I’ll just think about how big his cock is so my fuckhole stays nice and moist and ready to get drilled whenever he’s ready to do the drilling.  I’m starting to get comfortable in here, anyway.


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