Kidnapped And Fucked

I was used and made into a filthy whore, I blinked and the next thing I was being pulled into a van with something over my mouth. My fear got worse when I felt the car pull over and door open, by now I was blindfolded so I couldn’t see anything. I felt hands pulling and ripping up my clothes, didn’t stop until I was naked. With my push I felt 2 fingers digging into my pussy. I tried to scream but as soon as I opened my mouth a big fat dick got shoved in there, pumping me hard and making me gag. I heard him moan and telling me to be good and suck it and he might not kill me, so I did as I was told and I started sucking as my life depended on it. I sucked on his balls and licked all his pre-cum, took it deep in my throat with the thought that if he came in my mouth, he would not fuck my pussy. I sucked it slow and hard tightened my throat around it and when he moaned and I felt burst after burst of cum flowing down my throat I was relieve, but to my surprise he was still hard. Before I could run away or anything he stuffed my pussy with his fat cock while sticking a finger in my ass. He pumped me and pumped me until I felt the rush of his cum filling me up. He left and the car started moving, just like that I was shoved out the car and I ran as soon as I hit the ground.  

Submissive slut

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