Learning so much this time of year!

Bondage and submission

I got so excited when Master told me that he was going to teach me about a different cultures. He told me that he wanted to show me what the holidays were like in Japan, Germany and Thai land. He told me that we would be going on a trip, and that I needed to know that Li kyuuka wo , Frohe Weihnachten and Suk sarn warn Christmas meant happy holidays, and yoi o toshi o meant Happy New Year, as long as it was before New Year, or akemashite omedetou if it was after. After a long plain ride to Tokyo, Master took me to a traditional Japanese bath house. I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only female. The only phrases that I knew in Japanese were what Master told me. I greeted everyone with “Li kyuuka wo”. Most of them grinned and replied in kind.

Sexy bondage

Master then told me that I was going to learn about another Japanese tradition, bukkake. He told me to strip off all my clothes and to go to the center of the giant bath. Once I was there I was to please anyone to approach me in any way that I could. I was told to get as much semen on my face as I could, and to not let any be wasted in the bath water. I wanted to make Master proud of me, so I used hand signals to beckon over as many guys as I could. I used all of my holes and both of my hands to get off as many guys as I could. Knowing they were about to cum, I directed it towards my face. Every single one said “Li kyuuka wo” after he came on my face. I lost count of how many men I pleased. I didn’t let a single drop in to the bath. Master will be so proud of me. I can not wait till he teaches me about more !

Submissive slut

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