The off duty Police Officer

Cum eating phone sex

He put a mask over my head with the only opening for my mouth. He put a ring inside of my mouth to keep me from shutting it he told me to drool for him like a worthless dirty whore. I was tied up my pussy clamped and stretched open my ass plugged with a giant anal plug. I couldn’t hear I couldn’t see and I couldn’t smell all I could do was wait with anticipation. Was he going to touch me? Was he going to fuck? Was he going to tease me? Was he going to use me like a toilet? Then I felt a cold nose sniffing at my pussy.

Submissive Whore

He brought his drug-sniffing K9 in. “Even an off-duty police officer needs some love” he said. He brought that K9 over to my mouth and put his nasty knotted cock in my mouth and make me suck it. Once the off duty police officer came in my mouth, it was his turn to lick my pussy.  He was licking me with his wide rough tongue.  Hitting all the right spots. Just as I was about to cum my master shoved his cock down my throat.  I can’t cum till master does.

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